What are the major causes of Depression ?

Depending on the person to person, the effect and the causes of depression usually vary! Depression doesn't see your age, gender, ethics, morals, income, or outer beauty before attacking you. It can come in unknown ways and take time to get cured in some cases.

Depression is generally considered as a mood disorder arising due to a high amount of sadness, traumatic events, hopelessness, and emptiness. It can lead to mildly to severely interfering in your daily work. 

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According to the researchers, - 'Almost 20% of the reasons for getting depressed may remain unknown for a long time.'

Once you know the four different majors causing depression, you will be in a much better state to deal with it. 

Which existing diseases can get worse with depression?

  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes

Facts about depression

  • A strong relationship exists between the disorders related to depression and anxieties. More than 50% of the people diagnosed with depression were also diagnosed with the disorders. 
  • Women hold the double capacity to have depression symptoms as compared to men.
  • Approximately 264 million folks faced at least one of the depression symptoms in 2017 Worldwide. 
  • In the United States, at least 1 dominant depressive symptom or depression wave was experienced by 17.3 million adults. 
  • People between the age group of 15 till 44 in the United States have got the highest number of depression cases and is considered a common disability for them.  

What are the 4 major causes of depression?

Numerous things can give birth to depression in a person. But the four most important causes of depression are mentioned below -

  1. Brain related risks

A person is at the risk of depression due to the imbalance figures in the Neurotransmitters chemical substances which are responsible for the frequent mood changes and its regulation. They contribute by helping the multiple brain areas to communicate well among each other. 

According to the researchers, - 'The shortage or excess of the Neurotransmitters in our brain might lead to clinical depression.' 

Main Neurotransmitters responsible for the mood regulations are - 

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • Norepinephrine

Medications used to improve the level of Neurotransmitters in our body are -

  • MAOI - Monoamine oxidase inhibitors
  • SSRI - Serotonin reuptake inhibitors 
  • TCA - Tricyclic antidepressants
  • SNRI - Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors 

  1. Existing Genetic Disorders

Depression never knocks at your door directly. It, in most cases, gets passed on to you through the genes of your family line. If any single person ever has faced depression in their lifetime in your family background, then you are at a higher risk of developing its symptoms sooner or later in your life. 

According to the researchers, - 'Almost 40% of the depression is determined by genetics.'

As per the mental health specialists, - 'In a family line, if a parent and a grandparent have ever suffered from depression, then the risk of their upcoming generation getting into depression increases.'  

Factors related to genetic depression can't be taken as fun! But mental health researchers acknowledged that such problems can be healed and stopped from passing onto other upcoming generations if it gets treated on time. This is because genetics deals with multiple environmental factors and once these environmental factors become less toxic and largely positive, then the depressed person starts to heal.  

  1. Body Related Risks

There isn't any denial of the fact that our mind, body, and soul are connected. That means, if one of them suffered, sooner or later the other would suffer too. 

You might have noticed how falling feverish or going through menstruation cramps gives you sudden mood swings and spontaneously changes your mood. 

Body illnesses can contribute to depression in two major ways -

  • Ist Case: Short span curable disease like mild liver infections, kidney stone, thyroid problem, sleeping difficulty can lead to some of the depression symptoms.

  • IInd Case: The pressure and tension caused due to having the chronic disease that will undoubtedly take time to get cured fully of the roots can give you MAJOR DEPRESSION. 

Existing body illnesses increase the risk of depression in a person. It's because the medications you are already taking for severe illnesses might contain some strong drug or chemical in them which can further cause mood alterations ultimately leading to depression at some time in your life. 

Even in females undergoing the phases of pregnancy, perimenopause, conceiving the baby run abnormally, menstruation problems can lead to hormonal disbalances causing major depressive episodes in them. 

Who is at risk? 

  • Diabetic patients
  • Heart disease patients
  • Patients having any chronic illnesses
  • Thyroid patients
  • Patients suffering from Sleeping disorders
  • Numerous sclerosis patient
  • Patients undergoing cancer treatment 

  1. Poor Lifestyle Associated Risks

Several ways of living a lifestyle can prove to be the largest factor causing depression without your awareness. Although, these habits once controlled within time, can prove out to be highly effective for you. Let's talk out each of the major causes steps by step with all the necessary details below -

  • Unwanted Stress

We live in a hectic world where neglecting stress isn't seem to be so direct. 

According to the researchers - 'When we aren't able to manage the problems in a way we want to, then it might lead to increased stress. This stress then secretes the hormone cortisol at an increased level causing depression.'

  • Unhealthy Eating Habits

A poor and unhealthy diet can lead to depression through unseen ways in our bodies. 

As per the researchers, - 'Deficiencies of the vitamins and minerals in our body can cause depression.'

To bring this to your notice, that even eating a high amount of sugar can also be a cause of depression. 

Researchers also say that 'Lack of Omega-3 fatty acids has a direct relationship with the depression problem.'

Improper and untimely diet might lead to some of the symptoms of depression. 

  • Substance Addiction

According to the researchers, - 'Intake of the Alcohol, drugs or excess of smoking can increase the risk of the depressive disorders by 40% in a human being.'

Also, in addition to this if you are undergoing medications for some existing health conditions along with depression, then get it checked with your doctor as those drugs might give you the wave of depressive episodes.

  • Personal Loss of Loved Ones

Watching the surprising shock of a personal loss of your dear ones might lead to a traumatic event ultimately causing depression for a lifetime. If you get the same affection, and love in the form of some other human then the symptoms of depression might seem to lessen and get better with time. 

Also, the second case might be witnessing a divorce case at a very young age and fights between parents times & again can also prove out to be a major contributor to depression.

No matter how big or small depressing vibes you go through, there will always be a cure and treatment available for it in the market. What matters is how soon you can recognize your depression. Keep yourself up to date with the new symptoms that might lead to depression. This will help you to avoid your situation getting worse. As soon as you feel like getting into trouble due to the symptoms of depression, get it treated and checked! It's always better to cure things on time rather than waiting for long. 




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