What should I eat or avoid in PCOD problem?

PCOD is a medical condition which is caused because of some metabolism issues along with hormonal imbalances and it also affects the same. Every 1 out of 10 women experiences PCOD especially during their childbearing age. As PCOD is capable of leading to some other serious health issues like depression, cardiovascular problems and diabetes, it is very much important to reduce the impact of PCOD. All over the world research has shown that diet plays an important role for reducing the impact of PCOD. So let’s take a look that how diet is helpful in PCOD. There are significant ways through which diet can affect PCOD. Like insulin production and resistance along with which management, as the insulin levels plays an important role that controls diabetes.

Why is managing Diet the primary step in PCOD?

 Several women suffering from PCOD are capable of insulin resistance and more than 50% of the patients suffering from PCOD tend to develop diabetes prior the age of 40. That is why it is important to follow a diet that meets the urgency of nutritional needs besides maintaining a healthy weight to promote good insulin levels for keeping the patients better.

Foods That PCOD Patients Needs To Avoid

Red meat

Red meat like beef, mutton and pork are full of saturated fat along with cholesterol and are responsible for increasing the tendency of cardiovascular disease. It contributes to weight gain and the existing hormonal imbalance in your body.


If you are suffering from PCOD then you are having a higher risk of having diabetes. Since the levels of glycemic and insulin are already high inside your body that is why consuming complex carbs or additional sugar tends to make your situation worse. Even the excess sugar will be adding on in your PCOD weight. So, it is always better to avoid packaged sweets, artificial sweeteners etc. 

Processed or junk foods

The processed or canned foods are full of high amounts of preservatives and salts which makes them totally unhealthy. The  trans fat, species and artificial sweeteners further contribute to the growth of the bad cholesterol level which is harmful for your blood pressure.

Oily or fried foods

Some fried foods like that of fritters or roadside snacks are usually very oily which makes them rich in hydrogenated or saturated fats. As they are unhealthy fats, it increases the production of estrogens that makes the PCOD symptoms go worse.

Gluten foods

It’s very important to have a gluten free diet and that is you need to avoid foods like that of pasta, wheat based bread or cereals like rice that are commonly used on an everyday basis. The gluten foods are responsible for increasing your glucose level in blood which as on to your weight gain.

Dairy products

Even though you can have milk and dairy products which have nutritive values like toned milk, paneer or tofu, it is better to avoid some dairy foods which are especially processed. Excess consumption of the dairy foods add on the carbohydrate which increases the blood glucose level and that stimulates the symptoms.

Foods That Are Good During PCOD

Consuming the colors present in the 'traffic light'

Having dark, leafy and green vegetables are always helpful. So you can include broccoli, lettuce and red fruits like berries in your diet because they are densely rich with antioxidants and nutrients. Plant proteins like that of legumes, dried beans and lentils must be a part of your daily diet.

Following a diabetic diet

The patients suffering from PCOD are insulin resistant that is why it is important for them to maintain a diabetic diet. The diet needs to be rich in fiber besides being low in carbs and processed foods. You can choose foods having low glycemic index and they are made out of whole wheat, whole grains, and wheat flour. So you can have poha, wheat pasta or brown rice.

Consuming Seeds and Herbs

Eating some daily seeds and flax seeds can always do wonders for the PCOD patients, although it’s not better to consume more than 20 grams of seeds per day. You can also include some herbs in your daily diet as it is helpful to keep the hormones in check. It is better to consume herbs like flax seeds, cinnamon and methi dana.

Cereals and Pulses

It is better to have some cereal like bran flakes, multigrain bread, oatmeal, and whole wheat porridge and barley. You can consume it daily in your breakfast along with some fresh fruits like apples and cucumbers. Pulses like yellow moong , green moong, beans whole pulses and chana dal are also very helpful.

Elaborate Diet Plan

One of the experts named Dr Seema Khanna, a Consultant Nutritionist has prepared the following plan for the patients suffering from PCOD to stay healthy. If you are suffering from PCOD then you can also opt for the diet chart given below.

Morning food

  1. Early morning

The day needs to be started with a glass of water which is around 250 ml . If you want you can even at 6 to 7 mint leaves, 2 grated gooseberries and a pinch of cinnamon powder in the water

  1. After 20 minutes

Consuming 15 to 20 soaked and peeled almonds along with one tablespoon of flax seeds mixed in 200ml of milk but the milk should be toned.

  1. After 10 minutes

The patient needs to go for a 40 minute walking tour or jogging. After finishing the walk the patient can consume some green tea and it can be mixed with some pudina, Tulsi, a pinch of cinnamon and Ginger.

  1. After 1 hour

Consuming some healthy foods which should include eggs along with sprouts, salad and vegetables. It is always better to include mushroom, broccoli, bell peppers, lemon and pomegranate in the diet at this time. Before lunch if you still feel hungry you can consume some vegetable juice.

Lunch time

The lunch for PCOD patients needs to be simple. So the patient can have a chapatti made from bran, wheat gram, flour and curd without any added salt and it can be assisted with chopped cucumber.

Evening snacks

You can again have some green tea  with or without the addition of Ginger, pudina , Tulsi or a pinch of cinnamon. Then for snacks you can have some peanuts or bhuna chana bhel. 

Dinner Time 

If you are a PCOD patient then you have to consume your dinner within 8 p.m. For dinner you can have some fruit salad mixed in plain card or vanilla ice cream. But make sure to not add any sugar in the card.

Extra Tip 

You should not forget to consume ajwain water and Tulsi water in between and after consuming the meals. As it is helpful for digestion.

Lastly, you must always remember that a PCOD patient should not be starving and it is always better for them to consume their meals in small portions. The PCOD patients also need to have multiple meals in a day in order to make sure that they are not feeling hungry. Also doing some exercises and walking everyday will be helpful in losing some extra weight and providing additional benefits to your health if you are suffering from PCOD problems.





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