Are IVF babies more intelligent?

Do babies born through IVF process have higher intelligence levels than natural-born babies? This is the most trending question among parents today. Numerous research and studies have been done to determine whether IVF procedure leads to higher IQ among babies. Even 40% of the parents question the doctors if you add anything 'special' while doing the IVF treatment since their child grows out to be more intelligent than expected. 

IVF baby

According to the researchers, DNA analysis can help the parents in making the choices like choosing the right IVF embryo for implanting. It can be chosen based on desired characteristics. Studies reveal that following such practices has got least to do with the actual intelligence of the born child. Even multiple other genetic variants can be chosen while performing the implantation like the height, and color, etc. 

Adding the relevant studies to this article gives more clarity than anything else. 

Relevant Studies; Are IVF babies more intelligent?

Different studies have made different interpretations about babies born via IVF process. To get more clarity into this subject, read the facts revealed by the multiple studies presented below.

Study 1 Source: Nursing Times

Under this study, the scientists held the data analysis for almost 2.5 million baby births. The observation showed the following information - 

  • Birth through IVF affected a significant number.
  • More than 50% of the IVF babies faced an IQ below 70.
  • The briny disorders increased from 0.062% to 0.092%. 
  • Almost 51% of the IVF babies faced intellectual impairment.
  • American medical association-based Swedish study revealed that they were the first ones to perform the analysis and comparison of the IVF babies in comparison to the normal babies. 
  • More than 31,000 babies took birth via IVF between 1982 to 2007. 
  • Almost 180 babies born via IVF got diagnosed with intellectual impairment out of overall 16000 babies having the same problem. 
  • Overwhelming autism was found in almost 7,000 babies. Among this number, 103 babies were born via IVF procedure. 
  • Almost 18% of IVF-born babies had a lower IQ.
  • Another study was conducted in 2014 by Melbourne IVF to detect the overall health and mental development of the babies taking birth via IVF.
  • After the analysis of approximately 500 children born through ART or IVF, the results stated that the babies born through infertility treatment techniques are as normal and healthy as the babies born naturally without any infertility treatment. 

Study 2 Source: NewScientist

A study was held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by the Shai Carmi along with his other companions. The major motive of the study was to reveal the real-time effect of the chosen embryos on the features, IQ level and the characterizes of the child. The inquiry demonstrated the following truths -

  • Studies revealed that using the relevant embryos can increase the height of the newly born child by only 3 cm.
  • The IQ level and the overall intelligence cannot be increased by more than 3 points. 
  • Shai Carmi revealed that the overall ideal changes are not guaranteed; they may or may not work. 
  • The projection of the polygenic scores wasn't as predictive as thought.
  • Almost 1000 individuals were chosen for performing the analysis of their genetic data.
  • Results revelation states that the individual who has the biggest height doesn't necessarily have the highest polygenic scores. Instead, people having a shorter height than usual were found to have the highest score of the polygenic.

Study 3 Source: IVFAustralia

A study was recently conducted by the Danish University to examine the IVF-born children's intelligence level and the natural-born children. The analysis disclosed the following facts -

  • ART and IVF babies are as normal in activities, intelligence, and mental functioning as naturally conceived children.
  • The research was carried out at the Copenhagen University Hospital for the children born between 1995 to 2000. 
  • The total participant in research was approx 8000 who took birth via ART procedure, in Denmark. 
  • The results revealed that the overall performance of the children born by the infertility treatment procedure was neither worst, best, or average in their academic performances or IQ levels. It was exactly as obvious as the naturally conceived babies.
  • The study also revealed that singleton or twins' birth has got nothing to do with giving birth through IVF treatments. 

Study 4 Source: San Diego Fertility Center

According to the above source, a study was conducted in the Brussel, 'Free University.' The research indicated the following truths -

  • According to the study, babies taking birth via the IVF treatment which utilized the  ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, have bigger IQ levels in comparison to the babies who take birth naturally. 
  • Almost 151 children born through the IVF process having 8-10 years of age were examined by this European study. 
  • The IQ of the babies born through IVF procedure is 112 on average.
  • The IQ of the babies born naturally is 107.
  • Couples giving birth via IVF treatment alternatives take care of their children by 60% more in strength as compared to those couples who conceive naturally. 

Bottom line

Overall we can conclude by saying that, the health and the academic performances of a child have got least to do with infertility techniques like IVF. Yes, there exist some born gifts and some based on genetics, yet the way a child is getting conceived either naturally or via an IVF treatment isn't a relevant enough topic to describe the intelligence or IQ level of any child. Researchers say that the in-depth knowledge about genetics and more invention into this field will eventually be a big help for dealing with such questions. Henceforth, the babies born via IVF process and naturally born ones are similar in types having the least effect on the route chosen by their parents to give birth to them. Stay in touch with the trusted doctor. 


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