How can PCOS be treated naturally?

One of the most commonly seen health problems in women nowadays is PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It's a type of syndrome which causes an enormous amount of hormonal disorders among women. 

PCOS can be easily treated at home by adopting a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. 

According to the researchers, the major cause of PCOS which is a bit typical among all the causes is - Hormonal regulation and Insulin Resistance which plays a major role. 

The main effective ways to treat PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at home are provided in the below section of this article to help you understand the concepts in a much better way. 

PCOS natural treatment

Facts and Statistics - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Almost one out of five women in India suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
  • According to Oziva's founder and Ceo named Aarti Gill, more than 80% of the women remain aware of PCOS despite having themselves suffering from it.
  • The majority of women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome had the Obesity issue as one of its common symptoms. 
  • As per the researchers, Women with PCOS are twice likely to face sleeping disorders.
  • According to one of the studies from the NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information, almost a percentage of 40 to 80% of the women are reportedly found to suffer from the overweight problem.

How to treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome naturally?

Listed below are the alternatives to get rid of the PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at home naturally without taking in medications or undergoing a big treatment.

  1. Regular Exercise

Want to feel fresh? What's better than the morning and evening exercises? Wake up early and do certain exercises to improve your blood circulation and other things. A meeting with the doctor can help you understand better the exercises that can be harmful and beneficial for your health based on your existing body problems. 


  • Maintains a healthy weight
  • Gentle exercises should be practiced if you are a beginner
  • You can also practice aerobics
  • Swimming exercises can even prove to help cure PCOS by some amount

  1. Ayurveda Products

Inculcating good habits like intake of plant-based foods for example tulsi and Ashwagandha can work tremendously to treat PCOS problems. Moreover, green tea is the best remedy to treat PCOS naturally as it has got anti-inflammatory properties. The best time for drinking green tea is in the morning with an empty stomach. 

Apart from this, researchers also advise the intake of curcumin and cinnamon for providing soothing and beneficial effects to the body. It also helps to control the trigger of insulin resistance in the body. Whereas, curcumin is generally the active pigment found in turmeric - because of which it carries all the anti-inflammatory properties along with it. It all can be highly effective if you want to treat the PCOS problem in the comfort of your home. 


  • Helps in keeping the Well balanced weight 
  • Beneficial for timely menstruation
  • Controls the blood sugar level
  • Keeps you away from the obesity issues
  • Treats the infertility issues
  • Reduces the cortisol levels in your body 

  1. Stop Dairy Products

Dairy products are often seen as good for the body. But, if you are suffering specifically from the PCOS problem, then excess intake of dairy or related products like ghee, milk, curd, butter, etc can worsen the case by increasing the insulin level in your body. 


  • Enhances the testosterone and insulin level in the body - so avoid it
  • Causes acne issues
  • Avoid coffee if you have a PCOS
  • Dairy products worse the PCOS condition in patients
  • During menstruation, it catalyzes estrogen production causing hormonal unbalances

  1. Balance Your Diet 

Intake of the right diet can help you to control or completely get rid of the PCOS symptoms from the roots. It promotes a good menstrual cycle and hormonal balance. High intake of wrong foods like processed, frozen or packaged foods usually increase insulin resistance and inflammation in the body.


  • Eat fresh fruits, herbs, and, vegetables 
  • Intake protein-rich food like whole grains and nuts
  • Consume anti-inflammatory foods like tree nuts, tomatoes, and fish
  • Take iron-rich foods like eggs, spinach, and broccoli
  • Take fiber-rich food like avocados, sprouts, and pear

  1. Set Sleeping Schedule

An untidy sleeping schedule will not only lead to hormonal disbalances in the body but also can destroy your health unpredictably. In your life, you eat daily at least three times a day, you must sleep daily on time for at least 6 to 8 hours. 


  • Wake up early
  • Sleep on time
  • Avoid fatty food or heavy foods before going to bed
  • Don't sleep just after having dinner, wait for at least an hour
  • If possible, listen to good affirmations or slow peace, useful and soothing meditation music while sleeping
  • Sleeping reduces the side effect of PCOS

  1. Stop Stressing

Let me tell you one secret - 'Problems have no escape, but Stress has!' Problems - will come in our life without our invitation even if you are the richest person on this earth. But, we can control if the problems are worthy enough of our stress or not. 

So..stop ain't a foremost solution to tackle things. Maintain peace and calmness within yourself to lead a better way to life. This way your PCOS issue can be treated naturally. 


  • Read books
  • See motivation videos
  • Watch standup comedy
  • Go for a walk 
  • Have dinner night out
  • Meet friends often
  • Speak good affirmative lines to yourself daily
  • Take time for your hobbies
  • Find happiness in small things


PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome doesn't have any one-step solution! All you need to do is get tested and under the guidance of the doctor, you can start your medications if the case is severe. But, more than 70% of the PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome cases hold the potential to be solved naturally at the comfort of your home. Here, you need to adopt all the mandatory precautions at home from waking up to sleeping. Your healthy routine and dietary intake can work miraculously in this case helping you treat PCOS by natural means. 


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