How Does PCOD Affects Sex Life?

Even for some women belonging to physically active professionals, having infrequent periods might seem like a blessing. But this irregular period often leads to PCOD. Usually, it is estimated that 1 in every 10 or 15 women has PCOD, which is a symptom of polycystic ovary. Even if this condition is very much common, the exact reasons and impacts of PCOD on women’s sexual life is unknown to many. 

PCOD and sex life

However, if you are reading this article we can assume that you already have some ideas regarding PCOD and that is why you know that a woman has some features like polycystic ovaries, irregular periods and high levels of androgens which is the male sex hormones. For the women who are suffering from PCOD these are the reasons which tends to affect their sex life and there are several methods and even some truths regarding PCOD affecting the sex life and we are going to talk about that. 

Women suffering from PCOD does not enjoy sex

Some of the readers already knows that the patients who are marked with PCOD usually suffer from huge sexual dysfunction and it also applies in terms of orgasms. Because of the hormonal imbalances there are excess androgens present in the female body which whack the female hormones and that is why the sexual function of the females gets affected.

It is not only always about hormones because many of the gynaecologists say that the women who suffers from this disorder may have some other body image issues that can lead to the psychological block during the time of sex. Psychologists specializing in reproductive health issues identifies that women suffering from PCOD tends to feel self conscious for their sex life and beyond that because this is a connection of body.

Women suffering from PCOD just don’t feel like doing sex

Around 60% of the women suffering from PCOD experience sexual dysfunction and this can be seen from a study that was published in the Iranian Journal Of Reproductive Medicine. And every woman who were being interviewed for that study said that they have really cited problems with their arousal and desire for sex. It is already known to us that sexual issues and PCOD goes hand in hand and that is why it causes the women to develop some body issues which might be forcing them to not feel like making love. 

Even your sex drive can also be manipulated much if you start taking birth control pills in order to protect yourself from getting pregnant. Always try to understand that you are already suffering from PCOD and besides that if you are taking some birth control pills for regulating your hormones and to maintain your irregular periods then your hormones start to get on a toll. But there are some birth control pills available in the market which are used for lowering down the testosterone levels in the body that help in shooting up your libido down. So, if you want to have some good sex with your partner you need to ask your gynecologist to provide you with a libido friendly pill. 

Some women are ashamed of their body and that is why they avoid sex

After testosterone levels get increased in the body, it is responsible for growing some extra hair in the body of the female patients where they do not want them to grow, like in the face, chest and even on their back and this condition is known as Hirsutism. But ironically sometimes the strands even tend to fall out from the regions that you do not want them to fall from, like from your head. Also the issues of weight and acne gets added and this makes the confidence of the patient suffering from PCOD to suffer. Showing the women who are conscious of their appearance feels uncomfortable and it directly affects the ability of the orgasm and even negatively impacts their medical and mental wellbeing as well. Because of this depression along with the anxiety, it has also been noticed to be one of the most common health issues for the women suffering from PCOD.

The changes in weight, hair and skin makes women feel less attractive and that is why they start feeling insecure and don’t opt for going on a Netflix and chill date with their partner. It does not want to show up their excess amounts of hair grown and fat body to their partners and this in turn reduces their sex drive. But if anyone is feeling so then there is an urgent need of consulting a sexologist or psychologist for immediate support.

The PCOD patients get stressed about becoming pregnant 

The PCOD patients, especially those who are married and who are trying to have their baby after getting married then, sex  can actually become a chore for them. Sometimes as PCOD is responsible for big turn off, so during those precise time that is at time of ovulation it is not actually sexy for them. Because PCOD actually plays with the sex hormones and keeps them out of whack, so that time of that month during which a woman is going to ovulate is exactly irreegular which means that the chances of becoming pregnant gets reduced. And even if the PCOD patients manage to do the sex at the ovulation time but still due to the for some problems it might happen that they fail to become pregnant even after trying for years and years. That is why the patients becomes sad and depressed which does reduces their sex drive. But don't worry as those cases are rare. 

The PCOD patients get their periods whenever it feels like, definitely it is not possible to have sex after having a sporadic flow of blood and also it can hurt them while carrying out with the process of making love. So, it is something like this that you have planned something for that special day to amp up your date night and you have been getting ready for getting it passed to third base . But when you wake up in the morning on that particular day you get to see dark stains on your sheets and clothes and it really becomes a downer also it is not really cool to ask a random guy that are you cool with period sex and also its become really painful sometimes get it down when the red flag is up. Is also because the PCOD patients face more painful periods because of those stimulating hormones. 

Bottom line: Woman suffering from PCOD should not be hesitant for seeking help while there are facing trouble to have sex.

In this 21st century, more women are coming up to seek out psychological and medical help while they are unable to conceive and it is very much important for everyone to do so because sex is definitely one of the most important part of your life. Also it is very much irrelevant to think of yourself as unattractive because of those extra pounds of flesh and some acne or excess hair in your body. In order to make yourself feel better you should be treating yourself properly and loving your body and yourself for being who you are!


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