How to make Video viral in 2021?

 The success of your content on the internet today is measured by the number of times your video has been shared on the different social media platforms! Making a video go viral might seem to be a task like eating a free piece of cake but it ain't like this anymore! You either go by luck or by your hard efforts to make a video create a buzz in the market.  

viral video 2021

The more it is liked by people, the more chances it holds to get shared by them. Nothing is bigger than our audience. Not only our target market but the video should be made in such a way that it should hit 80 to 90% of the folks. That's how we make a super-duper hit show.  

Although, there isn't any written matrix for a video to go viral in a short period but making sure the basics are right from our end will bring us closer to making our video go viral in 2021. You need to stick with us till the end to grasp knowledge on what shall make our video go wildly popular globally. 

What is a Viral Video 2021? 

We can tag the video as 'Viral' if it gets the most views and shares, and buzz on the internet. It consists of content that creates curiosity and urges people to share it more and more. It can consist of emotional, humorous, entertaining, provoking, or life lesson-giving content. Such videos which go viral in a short period are usually very fascinating, informative, and of a shorter duration. 

It's a bit of luck in many cases to get a generic video to go viral but people can't rely on luck each time. Once these videos get the most shares and popularity on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, - big publishers tend to repost them on their sites which eventually makes them even more and more popular! 

How to make Video viral in 2021? 

Making a viral video isn't a task of a single day. If your video is equipped with a proper marketing plan creating a sense of relatability among people to their day-to-day life holds 70 to 80% chances of getting viral in 2021. Follow the major tips given below to make your video create a buzz not only in your town but globally. 

  1. Depict Brand Image

Make sure to create a thoughtful process that your brand, especially if it's a startup, is providing a solution to customers' problems rather than selling. The more promotional you get, the more the customers lose focus on your brand. 

Nobody gives attention to videos that seem clumsy or hardcore sales-oriented. Rather create something that would put the customer at ease such that he can realize that this brand can support him lead a good life. 

  1. Preplanned Marketing Plan

People can't rely on luck to get their videos to go viral in 2021. You need to have a strong backbone and initiative that shall help you go your videos go viral crazily in the market. To manifest this in reality, you need to have somebody in the marketing team who shall start with sharing the video. The more the video gets shared, the more the video holds chances of getting viral. 

If your video is restricted to a particular niche, there are chances that it will stop getting shared after a while! For this, you must have a strong backup in the form of an effective marketing plan to continue the process for more views and shares on your video content. 

  1. Filled With Emotions

Researchers have found that the videos evoking the emotions and sentiments are more prone to get shared among their peers which indeed results in making it viral. It is the first thing that should be taught to people while creating any video. Looking back into the videos that got viral will give you a glimpse of how they got viral by themselves. 

For example, the Gangnam Style video went viral like crazy because of the jovial and entertaining dance moves. Moreover, videos having the source of relatability like similar school or motherhood experiences invoke the emotions of people. The sense of relativity matters the most to make it go viral in 2021. 

  1. Follow Ongoing Trend

Following the ongoing trend is one of the easiest ways to go viral. Take the example of the Instagram background songs, newcomers use those songs and create reels using the most used hashtags. This makes them have more views on their reels. Now, from this step the more views you receive, the more chances of people sharing your content. Make sure to use the latest hashtags, background songs, ongoing trending content, etc. 

For example, - a video with the background song - "Can you pay my bills, can you pay my telephone bills", has gone viral on Instagram. People are using this song in the background and creating content on it which is quickly fetching them a good number of views. You can similarly manipulate an ongoing trending dialogue as well.

  1. Crisp and Short

Make sure the length of your video is short and crisp as people are busy and they prefer viewing the starting few minutes of the video. The more crisp the content is with a valuable message, the more it is going to recoup the viewers. 

Eventually, videos having longer lengths are hardly seen fully. These videos are beneficial only if they have something extraordinarily invoking a message and hidden entertainment. 

Key takeaways 

Getting a video to go viral is many times a matter of luck but even luck stops working if you aren't putting any effort from your end. Make sure to focus on the latest 2021 video viral trends to ensure smooth sharing and high google ranking on the internet. You need to keep in mind the use of trends, hashtags, video quality, title, and crisp description. Make sure your starting few seconds of the video are capturing the interest of the people urging them to watch the full video.


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