Initiatives by Indian Govt for Mental Health

 Topic: Initiatives by Indian Govt for Mental Health

Initiatives by Indian Govt for Mental Health

Mental Health: Mental health care is a right of every individual. The number of people who are suffering from the mental health is increasing day by day. When we talk about mental health it includes emotional, psychological aspects. It is totally related to how we act, think and feel. It is also related to how we handle our stress, how are we related to others and our choices. Mental health is an important aspect through every stage of life child, adolescence and adulthood. It have a vital role there are many factors that should be count such as biological factors , genes , childhood experience , trauma , family history. Mental health problems is extremely common nowadays but also it is curable. Through medication or through the psychological approach.

Signs you have mental health problems:  Sometimes it is really hard to point out if someone is suffering from mental health problems or not. Because not every smiling face has it all. But there are some major signs to detect this such as eating or oversleeping too much, having low energy , feeling numb like nothing matters , feeling hopeless and helpless , smoking , drinking , doing drugs. Above all experiencing severe mood swings, feeling like lost, highly confused, you are yelling at family or friends, thinking of harming yourself. Not able to the daily task and to cope up with life. Finding it difficult to survive a day.

Government Act: Mental Health Care Act 2017 was passed on 7 April 2017 and came into force from 29 May 2018. This act effectively decriminalized attempted suicide which was a punishable under 309 of the Indian Penal Court. The law was describe in the opening paragraph “An act to provide for Mental Healthcare and services for person suffering from mental illness, to protect, to promote and to fulfill the rights of such persons during the delivery of mental healthcare.” The allocation for the mental health care is also very low 0.16 %.



Right to Mental health care: India made quite good efforts to align with its mental health and disability act with UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities visible in the parallel lines with Rights of Persons with Disabilities act 2016 and Mental Healthcare Act 2017. The right states that the right to access mental health care and treatment shall mean mental health services of affordable cost , good quality , available in sufficient quantity , accessible geographically , without the discrimination on the basis of the gender , sex , sexual orientation , religion , culture , caste , social and political beliefs , class, disability , or any other basis and provided in a manner that is acceptable to the person with mental illness and their families and care givers.

Insurance for mental health care :  The Section 21 (4)A of the Mental Healthcare Act 2017 , states that there could be no discrimination between mental illnesses and physical illness and every insurer should make provision for medical insurance for treatment of mental illness on the same basis as is available for treatment of physical illness. There are many bodies which provide insurance for mental health which allows patient to recover and fulfill the coverage.

Community Level Mental Health Care Service:  There are many local and central bodies organized by government as well as non – government organization which schedule and gather people to the place in their respective zones. People who is suffering from mental health are brought together and they are provided mental health service through counselling, consulting, psychiatric treatments. This are basically the group discussions which helps survivors and strugglers to communicate with each other and let stories be heard by other people in the session.

Helpline and Emergency measures by Government:

Fortis stress helpline: + 918376804102, the Fortis 24 x 7 stress helpline number is for students and parents who may be suffering from stress. A team of mental health specialists who communicate in English as well as Hindi and other regional languages. And also if find difficulty in communication one can write an email at mental health

Aasra Stress helpline : + 919820466726 , Aasra is a mumbai based organization which is available 24 x 7 dedicated free helpline number where professionally trained volunteers are there to answer the call. The usually communicate in English and Hindi.

Parivarthan: +917676602602, This Bangalore based counselling center has a dedicated helpline number for the people suffering from stress and anxiety. The mostly communicate in English, Tamil and Kannada which are trained counsellors. It is operated from 1 pm to 10 pm during Monday to Friday , they also provide online counselling.If anyone find it hard to communicate they can write in a mail at

Kiran Mental Health Rehabilitation Helpline launched:  18005990019, this is launched by Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment to provide support to the people facing anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental health concerns. It is coordinated by the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons and Disabilities (NIEPMD), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation (NIMHR), Sehore (Madhya Pradesh). They cater to the people in distress, pandemic induced psychological issues.

According to the National Health Organization of India mentioned in their article related to the mental health and inspiring stories that were lifted during the pandemic

Rajat Kumar Panigrahi, who is the principal of the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) at Berhampur innovated a low cost trolley to move oxygen cylinders in remote areas with make shift hospitals. The number of cases which were increasing day-by-day it was extremely difficult for people to find oxygen cylinders and hence moving the cylinder was another juggling. To tackle this Rajat Kumar introduced an efficient low cost trolley. Even there are many people who is suffering from pain and agony here are survivors taking a stand during this period.

Sikh Verband Deutschland which is also known as German Sikh Association are helping people by providing vegetarian Indian meals for homeless people in different locations respectively. The devastating virus has topped over million cases across the countries where the entire country is in lockdown here the Sikh Association and other such organizations are helping people from starving. It tells us no matter in which situation you are in, though there are many difficulties but still helping other you can overcome your own fear.

There are many reasons why people are suffering the mental health problems the most important thing to remember is not surrender to the circumstance , though there are many initiatives taken by governments and organizations first thing we must consider is self-care and self-love one of the best measure to improve your mental stated mentioned by the experts. Mental health is a problem one should not neglect, there are many measures taken by the government that help people to overcome their mental health problems. It is okay to be not okay mental health is as important physical health. We must take care of mental health, because good mental leads to the good life. And no matter what this will pass immediately because everything is temporary and when you look back you will think and admire how you overcame the darkness. Be the light for the people. 


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