“It is a sisterhood.”

According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer but they don’t have to go through it alone.

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“You go through all different types of stages when you have cancer. You know, it is quite like grief and this group is in a position to be there for you in every single stage,” said Katie Haught.

Katie may be a member of the Young Survival Coalition in Bakersfield.

“It’s a sisterhood,” she said.

Katie has diagnosed with stage three carcinoma in 2018.

“There [were] many, repeatedly in my life where I used to be just very angry and upset about it,” she said. “But getting alongside the women has just completely turned that around. There’s no way I might be angry and upset about being a neighbourhood of a gaggle like this.”

YSC may be a support group for ladies diagnosed with carcinoma.

“When my treatment ended and I was diagnosed as triple-negative, there’s [no] treatment after. You have the very best recurrence and death rates among all the breast cancers, so that was scary on behalf of me,” said Nena Thornburg.

Nena said the group may be a place where she will get support and mention anything.

“Things that you simply would not ask people because they only would not understand. You know, it is just an area to vent sometimes,” she said.

Jamie Barta joined the group in 2018 after finishing treatment. Jamie’s family lost her mom to cancer so her kids were scared when she was diagnosed.

YSC has given her whole family an area where they are understood.

“They were with me every stage but this is often the higher part to ascertain that we are getting together and we’re celebrating our lives,” said Jamie.

Several of YSC’s members are participating in the Tour de Pink Bike Ride this October in Ventura. Each rider raises a minimum of $1,000 to participate.

“This is my way of just beating cancer everywhere again and that I want to try to do it in remembrance of the sisters that we have  lost,” said Katie.

The ride will mark three years since Nena’s diagnosis.

“What better thanks to celebrating this milestone than to assist raise money for YSC that has meant such a lot to me,” said Nena.

Jennifer Heatherly joined YSC in January. She drives up from San Diego for his or her monthly get-togethers.

“It is often isolating and desire people just do not get what you are going through and when you are during this community, [they] catch on,” said Jennifer.

She said the group has made all the difference and she or he encourages others to hunt out the support too.

“Life does not end. Life continues to travel on so you just [have to] hop on the carousel and ride it,” said Jennifer. “Live life and enjoy it. This group will show you ways .”

If you are curious about donating to their Tour de Pink fundraising, click here.


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