Stress and Anxiety in Teens

 Stress and Anxiety in Teens


Our hectic life has made us prone to having problems irrespective of small or big, which further leads to stress and when the stress becomes chronic it converts into anxiety. 

As per researchers, - 'Almost 60-70% of the teenagers faces anxiety and stress due to multiple reasons.'

If the teen is complaining about stress, don't ignore it! Listen to them with your open ears, and help them deal with it instead of acting cold. Stress and anxiety might let them feel stuck in trouble getting into substance abuse and other violent activities to overcome the situation. 

Stress and Anxiety in Teens

The more you try to run away from stress, the more it will follow you! The better thing is to face it, acknowledge it, and let it go! 

Stress can lead to anxiety issues in a person - Where anxiety is like an alarm warning you of the threat that may come your way sooner! 


As per the National Institute of Mental Health, the following reported data was generated by them -

  • Serious Impairment was noted among the 8.3% of the folks suffering from an anxiety disorder.

  • The anxiety disorder was noted in almost 26.1% of the male teenagers.

  • Some or another type of anxiety disorder was noted among the 9% of teens.

  • Approximately, 38% of female teenagers suffer from anxiety disorder problems.

As per the Child Mind Institute, the following reported data was generated by them -

  • Almost 7.6% of the teens are suffering from separation anxiety.

  • The Generalized Anxiety Disorder was recorded along with the 2.2% of the teenagers.

  • Approximately 19.3% of the teenagers were under the trap of a frightening phobia. 

  • Almost 2.3% of the teenagers reported panic disorder.

  • Almost 9.1% of the teenagers were having a social anxiety disorder.

Statistics - STRESS IN TEENS

As per the American Psychological Association, the following statistics was revealed related to the stress in teens -

  • Almost 40% of the folks stay away from the responsibilities of the household due to stress.

  • Almost 10% of the folks weren't able to match their expectations of the school grades due to high stress.

  • Almost 36% of the folks feel drained energy or lack enthusiasm due to stress.

  • Stress is the leading cause of irritation among 40% of the people surveyed.

  • Stress is caused due to keeping a balance between all of their activities, according to 59% of the folks. 

  • Sadness and depression are noted as the result of high stress among 30% of the folks.

  • Almost 37% of the people surveyed felt devastated or overwhelming due to stress.

Causes of Teenager Stress

The teenager is an age where numerous things can cause stress. We have listed them below -

  • Toxic families leading to a stressful home environment

  • Inadequate sleep or sleeping disorders

  • Feeling lonely and shy about sharing their stuff!

  • Sudden hormonal changes

  • Mind not prepared for breakups leading to stress

  • Stressing about grades

  • Stressing about the career choice and which stream to choose ahead

  • Excess homework and deadlines

  • Sudden life changes life moving from school to college universities 

  • Handling family responsibilities

Causes of Teenager Anxiety

Anxiety can arise because of generic daily life things. Understand all of them from the beneath section - 

  • Maintaining likes, views, and comments on social media posts

  • The pressure of hardworking to score good marks and to be a successful person

  • Multiple hormonal changes leading to unwanted misdoings

  • Getting involved in violent activities

  • Becoming the victim of a substance abuse

  • Undiagnosed depression

  • Misunderstood and self opinions getting unapproved from parents

  • Feeling afraid to deal with the public like having people phobia

How does Chronic Stress affect Teenagers?

Stress often ignored as a part of things going around us can lead to drastically affecting the emotional and physical health of teenagers. 

Stress is normal - it's understandable and obvious! But, it becomes severe when it lasts for more than 4-6 months in a row. It's getting chronic at that point where you need to get treated for stress, else it can prove worse for your health. Now, you must understand that how it will affect your health -


  1. Weakening Brain Cells

  2. Diminishes immunity power and its functionality 

  3. Increased Blood Pressure

  4. Heart-Related Diseases Risks 

  5. Leading to Obesity 

  6. Resulting in Fatigue


  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • Feeling unknowingly devastated

  • Grumpiness

  • Brutal or Negative Mindset

  • Severe Depression Episodes

What statistics have to say about different factors leading to stress and anxiety in teenagers? 

  1. Covid Related Stress

  • Almost 1 out of 5 American students faced stress and anxiety along with the deterioration of their mental health due to the Coronavirus.

  • More than 78% of the students feel that covid disrupted their studies badly. 

  • Almost 80% of the students got admitted to hospitals for taking stress due to a halt in their studies.

  • According to UNESCO, almost 9 out of 10 students in varied 165 countries were affected due to the schools shutting down from coronavirus. 

  1. Harassment

  • Almost 24% of the females are worried about the stress caused due to harassment and bullying.

  • Almost 29% of the students in the US get bullied leading to anxiety issues.

  • More than 37% of the high school students and above it have been the victim of cyberbullying which led to severe stress and anxiety among them.

  1. Living Away from Family

  • Almost 74% of the International students miss the sounds of their home towns which led to stress about managing situations on their own.

  • Overall in America, 30% of the students felt homesick due to staying far from families in school/college hostels which led to stress and anxiety in them. The number is even worse for the freshers I.e., 69%.

  • Almost 92% of the students miss their hometown while studying abroad leading to stress.

  1. Student Life Stress

  • Almost 36.5% of the college students felt that stress is the major reason for their pathetic performance in academics.

  • Almost 29.5% of the college students felt that anxiety is the leading cause for their miserable performance in academics.

  • The final examination and the middle term examinations in the US came out to be the largest reason for stress among the 31% of the students.

  • Excess class workload came out to be the third major cause of stress among the 23% of college teenagers.

  • At the fourth number, stands the homework, which causes stress among 13% of the students. 

  • Almost 61% of American teenagers felt excessive pressure on their heads to score high grades in the class. 

Final Words

Stress is real - By no means, we can escape from it! From childhood to your last breath, there will always be something torturing you from within that turns into stress. All you need to do is calm down, and practice the art of managing your daily life and stressful situations. Once you learn to manage your stress, anxiety can no longer touch you! 

Stress is more of like the daily garbage at homecoming because of the use of eatable stuff and mud from outside! The way we clean our house daily, collect the garbage and throw it outside of the home, - the very same way stress-causing reasons will be there each day - All you need to do is detox yourself from stress via exercise, meditation, and, positive thoughts! 


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