Love is Love, it’s meant for having butterflies in stomach 

Teenage is a time when most people start falling in love. Yeah, it is said that love sees no age , no number , it just happens but teenagers are most likely to fall in love. Research says that teens are the people who just start having relationships. So if you and I fell in love at 20, that doesn’t really matter anyway. It is just that teens and love go hand in  hand. At this point , love feels different, it feels more good than the usual one. One feels like spending the whole life together and start imagining their future together and what not. 


Really. People go insane when it comes to love. They feel that their life revolves around that one person. They give up every happiness , every plan and other things to make the other person happy. Sometimes, teens have the tendency to put their family below and put their partner first in their priority list. Any weird conversation about their partner makes them annoyed and they go beyond limits to safeguard their thoughts and emotions. Yeah love is not just bound to emotions , it also has physical impacts. 

Some people tend to use the term LOVE just to sleep together and run away. Trust is the foundation of a relationship and it comes with time. Trusting someone in just a month or so is stupid. 

The Internet is full of memes surrounding NIBBA and NIBBI, yeah these are terms to address teen or preteen couples by netizens and members. It might sound harsh but these nibba nibbi reside in late 20s couples too. Love is afterall love. Love is a beautiful feeling. All of a sudden your heart feels lighter, you feel good and your imagination takes flight to a different level. Finally, you have authority in someone else’s life. Even if for a short period of time or a lifetime, you are still a part of their life and share yours with them.It’s just a beautiful emotion. But teen girls tend to make some mistakes in order to save the relationship or just out of insecurity. I know “men will be men” and from that point these insecurities and space for suspicion comes but there is a way.

Statistics -

Many people who start dating in high school end up being together but not all high school love lasts long. Research says that high school love, which ends up in marriage , lasts for approximately 10 years. People who wait for each other to turn 25 to get married have only 78 percent chance of having a stable relationship for a longer period of time, which means the marriage lasts for max max 10 years. Only 19 percent of people marry their high school love. Almost 14 percent of people meet their love of life in school. Less than 2 percent of people who marry their high school love get a degree in college.  According to some research , couples who met in school are less likely to divorce than the couples who met through arranged settings. According to fogartly, people who date at 16 are most likely to stay together for just 2 years. According to Melanie Greenberg , a PHD says that teens mostly date. 

Top problems teenage girls face in relationships -

  • Difficulty to say NO - yes , girls are most likely to have a deep relationship, as in they tend to have more emotional attachment to a person than the other partner. Therefore, they don’t want to say NO to something even if they do not wanna give it or do it. It's just that they do not want to hurt the person but that is wrong, don't do something which you don’t want to.
  • Self respect and self image issues - there can be cases of fighting or cursing using worse swear words, still teen girls tend to be in that relationship, just to save the relationship. They forget about their self respect when their partner apologizes to them. Girls , if the guy loves you, he would not disrespect you or use swear words on you or put you down. Grab your self esteem and move out. If you think that you should look perfect for the guy you love, and every little extra inch of fat in your tummy or a pimple in your face or you have insecurities selecting the perfect dress for you just  to be perfect for that guy, don’t do that. Be yourself and if he loves you, he will. No need for that shape wear if you are wearing one. Come on , body image issues can be serious and these things lead to that. Trust yourself , be yourself and yes, do not compromise your self respect. 
  • Giving space and expecting to receive some - this is very important. Your partner is not the only thing in your life. You should give him some of his personal space and let him breathe out for himself, you deserve the same thing as well. That is the sign of a healthy relationship. Girls tend to be dominant, that is completely fine but making room for useless suspicion from your side would make the relationship worse, trust me on this. 
  • Having sex - okay, so sex is very natural and I am not against it. Girls, let me tell you, men have the desire to be physical more than we have. Teenage is a time when they explore their body and have more chances of getting aroused when they see a woman. This is the same for women but the trait is more dominant in men. So they tend to ask you to have sex with them. Take time before you actually trust that man with your body. Say NO if you do not want to and do not have sex just to save the relationship. If he loves you, he will stay. Trading your body against your desires is not the way to save a relationship. Even if you have sex, have protected one and if you do not want to have sex just say NO and sorry is not required here. It is your choice. Sex isn’t the oundation of a relationship.
  • Phone addiction - teens tend to chat all day long, talk over calls every time and get diverted from family, friends and their studies. Teens tend to receive very less sleep because they are awake the whole night chatting and continue the next day as it is. Limit the usage of phone girls, you have other things to do. Don’t bound yourself!
  • Teenage Pregnancy - due to lack of information on sex education and protective measures, people tend to have intercourse and might end up being pregnant because they do not know about their ovulation chart. They might have sex on their fertile days and end up getting pregnant. So know your chart.
  • Blackmail - there are times when girls send nude pictures to their partners to make them happy, or from their own wish. These pictures remain fireproof safe on their boyfriend’s phones and they might end up blackmailing girls for sleeping with them or revealing something very private or leaking those pictures online. This is very harmful, so girls, be safe.

If you are a teen girl and you are reading this, let me tell you, do not do anything which you do not want to and read the list carefully to avoid such mistakes. Self image and self respect above all. Be independent and not dependent on your partners. Love is a very beautiful feeling but not above your emotions. Share your heart but do not give up on your will!

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