Tinder happens to be the cupid in many people’s life. It is a platform which was formed to bring all the singles and eligible people together so that they match on the basis of their likes and dislikes , interact and thus start something epic with tinder. 

Red flags on tinder ichhori.com

It is a beautiful place on the internet which celebrates the joy of making a bond and celebrate the power of love. Also, many a times tinder couples are only short lived , donot worry , there are many fishes in the pond out there, keep up the spirit and get going. Tinder , however is not always a place to form romantic bonds, it  many a times helps people to strike great friendships and make some beautiful bonds.

It has been observed that the average tinder user logs onto the app 11 times per day. Also , if we look at the tinder demographics then it has been seen that , there are 62% male , 38% female and only 54% of them are single. So  the stats are pretty clear, the number of singles are less so the cupid game is really tough as the ratio is less and numbers are more. So each move on tinder has to be the best as the bar is really high in this playground.

Tinder profiles happen to be the mirror which reflects the personality of the person on the other side of the screen. Many say that “ first impression is the last impression “ and in case of looking at the tinder profiles the proverb fits in perfectly. The users tend to judge each other or rather know about each other for the first time through their tinder profile only.

So, its actually a peek through the personality of the individual before someone actually steps down in the water to swim across ( you know what I mean here !!!).  tinder profiles can be really deceptive sometimes as one can easily portray themselves as an opposite person from the real themselves. Its very important actually to know the “red flags “ or the signs which comes handy in identifying which profiles speaks what. There are a number of such red flags.


This type of profile owners are the one who are really obsessed with the body type they are going to talk to. This may seem weird but there exist such people who are choosy whom to speak on the basis of their body types for example, they would specify that they prefer only tall men or that only fair girls are my type or only curvy body types are my preference and stuff like that. This obsession is a red flag because the one who believes that a particular body type defines a person is really a shallow personality who is only concerned about your outer self and not your inner beauty.

So next time if you happen to see someone obsessing over the body type, consider it to be a red flag.


This type of profiles are the one which has uploaded a number of group photos. This is a clear indication that the owner of the profile is playing deceptive by putting a number of group photos everywhere on the profile so that the visitor on the profile cannot get a clear picture of the person. This is a clear red flag because this person who owns this vague profile does not reveals much about themselves and wants to know everything about you. This is a big no because such people are not categorized as introvert but actually sly, who manages to manipulate you with your own words. So see the red flag here and donot go ahead


The owners of such profiles donot display their ex’s  photo in their profile though but , when you talk to them they mention about their ex in almost every sentence of their’. They are just not over with their ex or the past relationship. This is also a red flag because if a person cannot empty their past baggage then how can one expect to move forward even. If you happen to move forward with such a person then its pretty clear that the bond will be heavy with the baggage of the past and this load tends to break the little bond which is in its building process.

So consider such profiles also as a red flag because this is harmful for your mental health as no one wants to date a person who is living in the past.


There  exist this category  of  tinder  profile owners as well who demand too much at very early stages of the conversation. Here demanding too much would mean that they would want to know every little detail of your life too soon into the conversation. Would start to expect them to treat them as the most important possession of your life and so on. Ladies this is a clear red signal as one needs to know that every good story takes time. Remember, Rome was not built in a day !!!!


Now  these are the type of profile owners who have set a background music for themselves “ I a jolly good fellow “ which plays in loop in the back of their minds. They are pretty much in love with themselves so much that they donot ask about the person’s like or dislikes to whom they are talking to. They keep jabbering about themselves only be it about their qualities or about their hobbies. Its always about “ I” only and never about “ us “ . this is also a clear red flag as no one likes to talk to a person who only wishes to talk about themselves. 


These  are  the  people  who only like to do a big fat flaunt of the money they have, of the car they ride and of the mansion in which they live. They are way too materialistic for the normal world where there are people who wish to have simple and easy life. These are the type of people who  donot look deep into a person’s individuality , they prefer to judge you with your outward look. This is a clear red flag as one who likes to judge a book by its cover are not the pretty decent one’s.


Tinder  red flags are the initial signals which one needs to pick up before moving ahead with the person. One needs to be  alert and scrutinize the profile well to know what are the possible red flags which may indicate that the person is toxic or is not worth the time and efforts which you put in. This is the reason why one always needs to look out for these common red flags which are enumerated above. These red flags are helpful to identity each tinder profile as potential person or not. However if one still fails to pick-up any red flag always the option of walk out the moment you find the bond getting toxic or if it is consuming you.

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