What is the right age for a girl to get married?


What is the right age for a girl to get married?


Always remember, the correct age to get married is whenever you are ready to get married, it can be 23 , 28 , 30 or more, it doesn't matter. You should be mentally and physically prepared to take every responsibility which comes with marriage. You should be ready to give up your single life or maiden life. Once you are ready, just go for it. Life is not planned and everything would not happen according to our plans. Plans do not work when it comes to life and guess what, we all know that life has its own twist and turn. A girl might decide that I would never marry but might end up getting married way before others , say around 23. A woman might decide not to get married until she is 28 and settled , but might end up getting married around 25. These things happen. It can be from family pressure or you finding the love of your life. Marriage is a very personal decision which you have to take for yourself. Getting married because you want to can be a reason but the tag of marriage is not easy and you have to accept the fact that you have to share your life with someone. When someone asks this question, “what is the correct age for a girl to get married?” The answer should be whenever they want to but if you ask for certain reasons like getting pregnant and having a healthy physical relationship etc. then also it is the prospective bride and groom’s matter of discussion. If you are a girl who just turned 23 and is getting marriage proposals from relatives and family, and wondering what is the correct age for you to get married, read the initial lines again and come back and continue reading the rest half of the article.

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Law says that women can marry only after the legal age of 21 , therefore any age after 21 is fine. This doesn't mean that child marriage is completely stopped. The latest report by national family health survey or NFHS-4 revealed that almost 26.8 percent women around the age group 20 to 24 were married even before hitting their adulthood that is 18 years of age. Women in poor parts of the population were married at a much younger age which constitutes around 20 percent than the wealthiest parts of the population, which also constitutes around 20 percent. A woman who didn’t receive any kind formal schooling is likely to get married around 17.6 years. Almost 40 percent of girls do not attend formal schooling. These girls are around 15 to 18 years of age. Nearly 65 percent of girls are engaged in work which is non remunerative.


Things to consider before deciding the correct age to get married -


     Age - make sure you are not too young that is below 18 or are forced to get married by saying that this is the correct age to get married. No, this should not happen and in these cases , it is highly suggested to call for help. The age to get married should be after 21.
     Education and Job - some families might allow you to study even after marriage and some families create a kind of patriarchal thoughts and suppress women. First of all make sure not to choose such people to stay with or even if you are stuck, you should be in a position to live independently and alone. Therefore, completing studies and doing a job for a minimum of 2 years before you can be on your own , is mandatory before you decide to get married. Always remember to be independent in every term and not be dependent financially on someone.
      Mental stability - marriage is a very different kind of relationship than just dating or having a romantic relationship. Even if you are not going for an arranged marriage, instead you are going for a love marriage, still you might notice changes in your relationship. The tag of marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities , and you should be in a situation to handle them. You should be mentally prepared to get married. You have to ask yourself whether you are ready to go to a different house and stay with a different set of people, share your responsibilities between two families, keep both the families happy plus stay with your husband peacefully and any other question you might need to ask yourself. Sounds like a lot but yes they are important to decide whether you are mentally prepared or not. If the answer to the above questions is yes, then go for it otherwise take time and decide for yourself.
     Physical relationship - this is most important in case of arranged marriages because in love marriages, couples might already be in a physical relationship or at least they know what their partner’s thoughts are on this. In either of the cases, just know that a NO is a NO , even if you are married. Still before getting married or start seeing prospective grooms , make sure that you are ready to be physically attached with someone out of your own will. If there are some kind of insecurities from previous relationships or any kind of physical trauma , make sure you give time to heal before you step into a new relationship through marriage. It is very important for you to know what you want.
     Fertility - a woman is most likely to be fertile before the age of 30. After 35 it reduces a bit and by the time you hit 40 , the fertility rate decreases to half of what it was when you were 30. Almost  every woman wants to be a mother and enjoy motherhood. Therefore , it is very important to get married within the fertile years of your life such that you have a proper pregnancy , easy to conceive and deliver the baby without complications.



A woman should consider all the above points and ask herself whether she is ready to soak in everything in her life. Iof the answer is yes to the above questions and the woman has a positive response towards every point mentioned above, she is ready to get married. One can get married at 21 but it is highly suggested to get married only after 24 to 25 years of age because by this time , a woman completes her whole educational degree and enters the professional life for jobs or does one. Therefore , getting married after being financially independent is the best choice. You are your own master. Discuss, analyse,ask yourself questions and decide for yourself. Nobody is going to take the burden of your marriage once you are married. These people who are forcing you to marry or sending marriage proposals , would not take any responsibility for a broken marriage. These people can only say that things didn't work out, sorry to hear that or they might also end up judging you. Be bold enough to talk for yourself, and make your own decisions. Do not think what others would say and Therefore, just decide for what works best for you ,yourself.















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