Why Do Women Have Extra-marital Affairs At Work place/Office?

Every seven out of ten married women cheat on their partners. The traditional approach of India towards the term 'Commitment' has seemed to be changed today! Earlier, people had this norm that marriage commitment is all about staying by each other's side in the bad and the good phases of life. With the emerging technology and openness in society, people are following more and more western cultures. 

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According to one of the surveys conducted by Gleeden, an extramarital dating application - 'the volume of folks looking to get into the third party relationships has increased tenfold. The current number of the app users is 6,00,000 falling between the age group of 34 to 49 years of age.'  

Women nowadays seem to have extramarital affairs at the workplace, which in my eyes is a big CHEATING AND DISLOYALTY! But, everybody has their priorities and preferences - even the data from the verified sources reveal that more than 77% of the women get into the office or workplace-related affairs after marriage because of their monotonous married lifestyle. 

With the help of this article, you will get a clear picture of why women cheat on their husbands at the workplace after getting married. 

Statistics - Economic Times

  • According to the Economic Times, most disloyal women are located in the metropolitan cities of India - the top three in the list are Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. 

  • More than 77% of the Women in India cheat on their partners because of the boredom they feel from their regular married life.

  • Almost 57% of men and 52% of women have betrayed their spouses and cheated on them during business outings.

  • Married people showed more than a 45% increase in extramarital affairs with the same-sex after section 377, which stated that 'having affairs with the same-sex after marriage is considered criminal offense' was eliminated by the Supreme Court of India. 

  • Almost 31% of the women had cheated on their partners with one of their neighbors.

Why do women have extramarital affairs at a workplace/office?? 

Having an extramarital affair has given a new definition to commitment today! Understanding the reasons for having extramarital experienced by the married women at a workplace/office has been mentioned below -

  1. Suppressed Sexual Needs

According to the P.V. Vaidyanathan, the Author and the Counsellor, - Needs of women must not be suppressed; instead, they should be honored and taken care of as today's women are open to speaking about their physical need more than ever before.'

Often the sexual need of women is neglected in a marriage. The night sexual intercourse takes place only when a man is interested in doing so. Here, it leads to discontentment and displeasure among women. She keeps on suppressing her physical needs. But a time comes when she is unable to do so, because of which she unknowingly gets into an extramarital affair at the office. 

  1. Domestic Violence

The increasing household negativity, abuses, and physical violence can lead to depression among women. 

To overcome these areas, various women look for love in the other men at the office who can respect her, make her feel special, and take care of her emotionally or physically. 

  1. Irresistible Desires

Some women even in a happy relationship with their husband and other family members might feel the need for another man to satisfy them physically. 

Such a kind of woman doesn't fall under the category of one-man women,' - they look up to multiple men having certain physical features of her choice that can satisfy her.  

According to the reports, - 'A modern app platform supporting the extramarital affairs named Ashley Madison, 2014 leads to having more than 2.75 lakh users within the one year of its launch.' Its motto was - life is short, have an affair.

  1. Career Growth

As per the reports, - 'more than 40% of the women compromise with their office managers with the return gift as a promotion.' Women find it as the simplest and the direct shortcut to match the income of their husbands and live the life of their dreams. 

According to one of the marriage counselors named A.R. Tulalwar, - 'Such hunger of growth-seeking opportunities leads to extramarital affairs in the corporate sector.'


  1. Boredom Marriage

Things look attractive and lovable till the time it glitters! The moment the spark of marriage gets dull, the interest in the current romantic partner or husband at home gets minimized with each passing day. 

To overcome this boredom and maintain the excitement and thrill of life, married women search for romantic relationships with their office mates. 

  1. Increased Pressure and Stress

Living in the posh tier-1 cities can lead to increased expenses which causes pressure and stress. To overcome this pressure and to maintain the quality of living standard, women get into a physical relationship by having an extra-marital affair at the office. 

Studies say that it's like an escape from reality for them. Additionally, it helps them to build a good rapport with the office people to stay in the company for the long term.

  1. Lack of attention from the husband

Husbands' curiosity and attention towards their wife might deteriorate with time! It might lead to frustration among the wives feeling hopeless, unloved, and unwanted from their partners. 

When this feeling of negligence and unworthiness reaches a certain level, a man decides to look for a third party at the office who can provide her attention and satisfy her by all means. 


The way people perceive things today is changing shockingly! Married Women, for the sake of their happiness, are finding partners in the workplace for persuading their physical, financial, and emotional needs, which is pathetic. I believe that proper counseling should be provided to these people to maintain a healthy relationship without getting distracted with the sick options available. 

Please understand...whatever the situation is - cheating must not be an option! If you are not satisfied with your married life, there are multiple ways to confront this situation. Speak with your partner, go and visit the relationship counselor instead of choosing the options of cheating! 



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