PCOS occurs in women who are going through their child bearing age. Which means , any woman who has the ability to bear a child (in terms of age and not fertility) can get PCOS. PCOS occurs when the ovaries overproduce androgens (e.g., testosterone). Androgen overproduction frequently results from overproduction of LH (luteinizing chemical), which is delivered by the pituitary organ. Yes, pcos can literally be severe and it requires medical attention. It can result in high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, various kinds of heart problems and it can also result in the cause of endometrial cancer. Yes, PCOS can also cause such problems. PCOS can also lead to infertility in some cases. Overproduction of androgens can really be a threat to the body. Anything which is not normal is not good for our body.


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Almost 5 to 10 percent of US women suffer from PCOS in their child bearing age. Almost 5 Million women make PCOS  a severe disease. It is the most common hormonal endocrine disorder of any woman in her reproductive stage.

 According to The Hindu , almost 1 in 5 Indian women suffer from PCOS. which is around 20 percent of the female population. 

According to leading doctors (gynaecologists) almost 80 percent of the women who suffer from PCOS are obese. This could be a result of poor day to day habits. 

Existence of pcos in India varies from around 3.7 percent 22.5 percent, according to IJMR.ORG. women from 15 to 44 years of age are likely to get PCOS because this age is the reproductive age.  

According to new indian express, 9 to 22 percent women residing in urban areas are most likely to get PCOS. 20 percent of women face growth of acne. Whereas 45 to 70 percent females notice unusual hair growth. 

Dr. Hemi Soneja also says that 1 in 5 Indian women suffers from PCOS which is about 22.5 percent. Almost 70 percent of women have problems with insulin levels. 

Doctors say that even 5 percent reduction in weight can result in relief from such symptoms.


10 signs that you have have PCOS are as follows -


  1. Irregular periods or no periods - it is very important for every female to keep a track of their periods. When is it coming, whether it got delayed or not. Every woman must have a period chart which can help them understand if there is any problem as such in their period cycle. If there's any change in the chart it means that the period pattern is changed and it is irregular and if it happens continuously , one must go ahead and visit a doctor immediately. These conditions require medical supervision. one must also consult a doctor if they are having no period at all. So one of the major issues is the period cycle.
  2. Not getting pregnant - a woman with PCOS has irregular ovulation or no ovulation at all. Therefore, she might have difficulty getting pregnant. PCOS changes bits and parts of the female body. Females with PCOS have the higher chances of miscarriages. This is harsh to hear but it is true. So if you are a woman , and you are facing difficulty conceiving, kindly seek expert advice from a good gynaecologist and do not give up on yourself.
  3. Hirsutism - hirsutism simply means excessive hair growth. Female body does not support excess hair growth but a person suffering from PCOS can see unusual patterns of hair growth which are not very normal.This can usually be noticed on the face, chest , back or buttocks, armpits ,legs etc. If you notice this in your body, it is a warning sign given by the body to you.
  4. Obesity - As we already saw in the statistics part, people with PCOS have the higher chances of getting extra weight on their body. Patients of PCOS gain extra weight which is a very significant symptom. If you see an unusual change in weight and your period chat , consult a doctor immediately.
  5. Hairfall - PCOS leads to an extensive hair fall and people tend to lose hair very much. The hair line becomes thin and slowly the scalp starts to show in between due to the thinning of hair.
  6. Acne - many people might notice the growth of acne on their skin. As a result of PCOS the skin becomes too oily and becomes the resident of unwanted acne and sometimes in very large numbers.
  7. Dark folds of skin - PCOS can be a result of dark folds of skin. It can primarily be noticed around the neck, groin , under breast areas etc. this situation can be termed as Acanthosis Nigricans.
  8. Heavy flow of period - earlier we spoke about irregular periods and now we will talk about unusual and heavy menstrual flow. Heavy menstrual flow is also a warning sign.
  9. Very light flow - now few females get their periods but the menstrual flow is very slow . they need not change their sanitary napkins every now and then because they might face slow flow or just spotting anything.
  10. Ovaries - the ovaries might enlarge or might have a lot of cysts . This is the ultimate signal that yes the female has PCOS. These cysts are not at all good and need medical supervision.




     Ladies with PCOS can't get in shape: Not completely evident. Weight reduction might be more enthusiastic for ladies with PCOS, however it's anything but incomprehensible. Numerous ladies with PCOS have brought affectability down to insulin, a chemical that controls sugar in the blood. This is known as insulin opposition, which is a danger factor for type 2 diabetes and may make it hard to shed pounds, regardless of whether you are following a sound way of life. Looking for the assistance of a dietician and endocrinologist can help.


     You must have ovarian growths to have PCOS: Wrong. It's anything but a chemical awkwardness which might be related with little follicles in the ovaries.


     Unpredictable periods are brought about by PCOS: false. PCOS is one reason for an unpredictable feminine cycle, however there are different reasons. A typical cycle goes from 21–34 days. Factors like pressure, thyroid problems or other endocrine conditions, fibroids, or outrageous counting calories can likewise prompt a sporadic cycle.


     You can't get pregnant in the event that you have PCOS: Not altogether obvious. Numerous ladies with PCOS can consider all alone or with assistance from richness medicines. Way of life changes and a better eating routine can improve shots at imagining.




Don't fall for myths and just go by the symptoms. PCOS is not an ailment. It can be treated for sure. Just seek medical advice whenever you see unusual changes in your body or period cycles. Women are strong and they can fight it! All the best!


















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