Do you have the Signs of bad mental health? Read now!



signs of bad mental health


  " A peaceful mind equals a healthy body "


Mental Health is one topic which people always avoid. They know they are not happy but do not try to improve their situation which leads to a distressed mind. They opt for temporary happiness to replace the sadness for some time and again get back to square one. Therefore, mental health is successfully ignored.


Most of the people go to the gym or do workouts at home to keep themselves fit, precisely '' Physically Fit''. Now question yourself ''what's the use of being physically fit, when you are not well inside?'' One of the primary things that affects our mind is depression.


We think that petty things don't affect us but it does. You may get over something or someone but the incident still resides on your subconscious mind, which will disturb you sometime or the other, whenever you are alone or not around many people. Taking care of mental health doesn't mean that you are mentally unfit or need to visit a psychiatrist. It just means to keep your mind stable and not depress it.


A cool mind has certain benefits. It lets you concentrate on your work and other chores without diverting your mind. It helps you to be happy and not let you get depressed so easily. It helps the mind to stay calm and handle situations effectively and in a better way because anger may destroy things.


In today's world, where everyone is busy, nobody has a clear state of mind or some free time to spend time with themselves. After a tiring day at work, they tend to come back, expel all the grudges about their colleagues and boss and what next have food and go off to sleep. Same goes with students. They also come back from college, talk about people and incidents, have food and then go off to sleep or hangout with friends. Hanging out is just a form of recreation and does not ensure your mental health.




Every passing 100 minutes a teenager takes away his own life. 

15 to 24 age group people are most likely to die by taking their own life.

 Almost 20 percent of teens face depression before reaching their adult stage of life. 

Around 10 to 15 percent of people suffer from depression like symptoms  at some point of their teen life. It is sad that only 30 percent of teens are seeking medical or expert help to battle with the depression they have.

 Female teenagers are most likely to be depressed 2 times more than male teenagers. Research says that teens who are physically and mentally abused are more likely to have bad mental health. 2/3rds of teens who suffer from depression have chances of acquiring other medical conditions like dysthymia, anxiety, antisocial behaviors or some kind of substance abuse.  All the mentioned disorders are part of mood disorders.

Around 20 to 50 percent of teenagers, suffering from depression have a history of a family member suffering from depression in some part of their life.

 Teenagers who experience some kind of serious trauma at home , for example, parents going through divorce etc. have more chances of getting depression and have bad mental health. 

Young students with a lot of study pressure also suffer from poor mental health. At Least 13.3 percent teens go through a time of depression between 12 to 17 years of age.70.77 percent of teenagers suffer from major depression with one example of serious impairment in life. 

3.2 Million teens in America are suffering from depression.20 percent females suffer from clinical depression. 

60.1 percent of teenagers did not receive treatment at all. 

Only 19.6 percent of them received treatment from medical health experts. 2.4 percent of people were treated just with medicines. 

17.6 percent people received help from medical professionals plus medicines.

 Students studying in 9 to 12th standard confessed that they tried committing suicide atleast one in the past 2 months.



What are the Signs that  you have bad mental health? 

  1. Feel alone, even if there are a lot of people around
  2. Losing interest in everything
  3. You can not sleep or sleep too much to avoid problems
  4. Avoid conversation with people with the fear of expressing your own mind condition
  5. Want to stay in closed doors to be totally alone
  6. Lose track of time. Either time will pass very fast or very slow (as the case may be)
  7. Are depressed most of the time
  8. Do not care about how you look
  9. Do not care about how you dress
  10. Do not feel much active
  11. Want to run away from home
  12. Have suicidal thoughts in mind(which are always serious)
  13. Have a feeling of guilt
  14. Have difficulty to concentrate on things
  15. Have a feeling that you are out of hope


It is possible that you are on a journey towards bad mental health. Help yourself come out of the extreme situation. Share it with someone you trust. So not leave it like that.


Here are some simple ways in which one can ensure a good state of mind, thus, achieving a good mental health-


  1. Be someone who lets you be happy.
  2. Expectations are your greatest enemy.
  3. Do not hold on to every matter and overthink about it.
  4. Time will heal everything.
  5. Do not lie to yourself, it's okay to be sad, it's okay to cry for sometime. Just do not console yourself with false expectations.
  6. Try to wake up early. Do some exercise or go out for an early morning walk. This will mark a fresh start to your day.
  7. Try and meditate for at least once a day.
  8. Indulge in your hobby.
  9. Do not listen to depressing music and watch only positive videos.
  10. Spend some time with yourself. Do not load your mind with the burden of forgetting things. Give yourself enough time, everything will be fine.


Everybody has some problems or the other. Everyone has crossed a depressing stage. Maybe you are facing it now but trust me everything will be fine with you, very soon. Do not let your thoughts dominate you. Do not ignore your mental health at all. It is the only key to a happy and free soul. Do not step back if you need help. Confess and get help from an expert. Therapies and counselling sessions are worth it. Share and relieve yourself.


Just trust yourself, a little more. This too shall pass! I know you can come out of every bad situation easily and very soon. Good things take time but you will get back to yourself! Amen.


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