What is a resume?



Resume or CV is a document which has a list of your achievements , education background , interests etc. it also has a major chunk of your work experience. A curriculum vitae or resume is a very important document whenever you apply for a job. Interviewers judge you by the resume you have. Therefore it is very important to have a very attractive resume. Resume and curriculum vitae are similar but not really same. Curriculum vitae or cv is a list of your academic details along with other details in a very detailed manner whereas a resume is very concise., resume has a very smart view. It is short and crisp. It has details about your skill set and academic background and interests required to be a part of an organisation. Resume is required for every job application you wish to apply for . therefore to make sure to have a resume for yourself. It is not not enough to have a resume. It is very important to update a resume from time to time and make proper changes according to the job requirements. Sending the same resume everywhere doesn’t really work. Resume is the great way to sell your skills without boasting too much about it. Well, if I can put it correctly, your resume should speak or scream louder than your words to increase your chances of getting hired.




The ideal resume length suggested by experts is 489 words and the length of a median resume should be somewhere around 369 words. Longer resumes are not really preferred by hiring managers. Smaller resumes are easier to scan in the primary screening process before scheduling an interview. According to data , 2.9 times recruiters prefer a 2 page long resume for managerial roles and around 1.9 times recruiters prefer a 2 page resume for entry level positions. 77 percent of recruiters say that professional workers have a seasoned 2 page resume. According to 2021 statistics, if a person wants to get hired after an interview , he or she must use a 2 page resume. Every resume must be made according to the requirements of the job. 63 percent of job candidates submit the same resume as if they are free for open positions. 10 percent of resumes invite interviews on an average rate. Those who are invited for the interview, only 20 percent are offered to fill the job position. The success rate of job applications is 2 percent to 3.4 percent. Therefore, it means a person needs to send 30 to 50 resumes in order to get hired. The particular sections of a resume can be - 99.85 percent personal information, 98.33 percent work experience, 97.25 percent education, 89.81 percent skills, 88.75 percent contains the objective. As a part of additional skills, 31 percent people tend to mention the languages they know, 27 percent people mention the certificates they own,21 percent people talk about additional qualities, 19 percent people talk about the interests they have, and last 18 percent people talk about the softwares they know. 5 out of 10mmost common soft skills are communication, leadership, resolution of conflict , teamwork and customer service.



Tips to make your resume stand out from others -

     Look for the requirements of the job - the most important thing is going through job descriptions to check whether you are fit for the job. Once you know you are the correct fit for the job , then the major task is to frame the resume according to the requirements of the job. Include things related to the job and make sure to check the company’s standards.

     Make it according to the industry you are applying in - you may have work experience in various fields but while submitting your resume for a particular job application, make sure that your resume involves experience in that particular field itself. Even if you want to include other work experiences, still you need to highlight the work experience in this particular field and make it evident that you are experienced.

     Always have an objective - it is very important to have an objective or some kind of a header to the resume. The manager's you are responsible for hiring people , see a lot of resumes every day , so it is very important to have a header or objective line such that the hiring manager can notice your resume. It can maximum be three sentences long and not much. It can have a mention of career goals, skills and other interests related to the job. It should be framed in a way that the hiring manager feels like going through your resume.

     Add skills - you might have many skills but it is very important to mention the skills required for that particular job. Your singing skills would not help if you are applying for a finance job. So mention everything , literally every skill you own but limit it to the boundary of the skills needed to do the particular job. Mention only what is related to the job and not anything extra. It gives the resume a more professional approach.

     Keep it concise - an ideal resume is considered to be 1 to 2 pages. It should not exceed this limit. To keep it concise , one must involve the information that is particularly required to be in that position. Providing extra information, which is not at all required, does nothing but increases the length of the resume. So if you want to stand out in the pool of candidates, write things to the point.

     Make it visually appealing - you can take help of various free websites to draft your resume. These websites have various templates to help you out with the designing part. Make sure to have a different kind of font style, font size , a beautiful template, and a good choice of colour. Making it visually appealing doesn't mean that you need to make it awfully colorful. Whenever you try to pick up a font style or font size, template or color, make sure that it looks professional and not childish.  Make it visually appealing in a way that it looks professional as well.

     Cover letters - do not , I repeat  do not ever forget to draft a cover letter along with your resume. Most of the hiring managers prefer cover letters along with resumes and candidates with cover letters are most likely to have a job interview. Even if the job requirement does not have a mention of the cover letter, do mention it. It won’t do harm, it will do good only. If you are attaching a cover letter, make sure that the color scheme matches the color scheme of the resume and yes you are good to go.


Resume is a very important document, so drafting it with care is very necessary. A good resume rather a perfect resume can help you stand out in the primary screening process and will  definitely help you get an appointment for the main job interview. Therefore, go ahead and work on your resumes and make sure to have different resumes for different jobs and tailor it according to the requirements of the job. Good luck girl!







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