How to use Tinder for finding True love?

  How to use Tinder for finding True love?

finding true love on Tinder

Finding someone who is your true love, that too through Tinder is definitely a bit difficult and it needs some effort. It is so because true love is not like food that seamlessly gets delivered at our home through the online app. Tinder is famous for making matches based on location since the year 2012. Although it has a record for having a billion swipes everyday, there is no data regarding the identification of true love through tinder. But hey you don't need to get sad because we have come up with some ideas and new features that you can apply for finding the best match on tinder and identifying if this person is the love of your life or not.

 Let's have a look at the following ways through which you can use tinder to find your true love.

  1. Focus over your common interest: 

 As most of your Tinder profiles are linked with your Facebook profile, it is better to make a few changes in your Facebook account for reflecting the exact kind of the person whom you are wanting to attract. But that does not mean that you must pretend to be a person who is someone else rather than your characteristics, but it means to draw out a list of all your favourite things. It includes your favourite books, movies, teams, sports, places etc  . You can go to Facebook and then like the related pages and that's how your tinder algorithm is going to help you in finding matches who also share some of your interests or passions.

  1. Act selectively while swiping

Although we know that the more number of people you swipe right in tinder gives you the better chances for matching with them but no that's not the catch for the long run. If the number of swipes from your side outnumbers the swipes that you get then, as per tinder you become a less desirable person. So, if you swipe more rights then it might not turn out to be productive. That's why it's better to be honest with both yourself and swipe right those guys whom you actually find swipeable.

  1. Having a huge number of friends

Tinder defines love as connectivity at a popularity contest. It means that the more friends you have on your Facebook account, the bigger you will have a pool of potential matches for your tinder profile. That is why it is always better in expanding your friends list and you can do this not only by adding the people who you have met recently but you can also use the feature of suggested friends from Facebook. Through this feature you can actually connect back with those friends who you have lost touch with. There are some friends you have no contact with anymore but it's better to connect with them over social media, because you never know how you can find your true love in this way.

  1. Try to be less superficial: 

Yes we know that it is all about being superficial since it's online dating and it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Even though you can come through plenty of guys which basically heightens the chances of identifying a good guy. But it also means that you are going to have an abundance of choice and with abundance of choice people become lazy. Stop being that woman who is picky while tinder and is that for all the wrong reasons! Some basically try to swipe right depending on the superficial grounds like the looks, photos, social status etc., but knowing nothing about the guy in reality.

So, try to put all the superficial stuff aside, at least during the initial days. Try to look for all the personality traits while meeting a guy to identify if he is the right one and understand if he is confident, kind hearted and loyal. 

  1. Going out for a group date:

If you are someone who is really worried about safety then you can opt for the tinder social groups, that are especially designed for helping you in arranging some get together in a group. For using tinder social, you have to plan with the group of friends whom you are planning to go out with to have some fun and then you can swipe for matching with some other groups who are also wanting the same. After that you can chat with the group matches of yours to identify their status and you can know where are they going and what are they up to!

  1. When you really like someone literally:

As you grow likings for a person then you have to like them virtually giving them the super like. Then they will get notified regarding your extra interest so that they can swipe right on you. Actually it has a better chance of them to swipe right on you. Tinder users get one option for a super like everyday and the user of Tinder Plus gets 5 options for super like. You can use this super like either for swiping that counts up or you can click over the blue star given on their profile.

  1. Using Instagram for connecting in a better way:

More likely you can get the interest of someone by sharing more details about yourself on tinder. By this we mean regarding your personal choices, that is to live and to let the person know how you are actually in person. For giving an idea of how you are as a person you can connect your Instagram account with tinder. You will find the option in the menu. We know that some of your Instagram accounts are private but the people on tinder can only see the recent posts of yours and this can be done by not changing the privacy settings of your account on Instagram. Event tinder has an option for the music fans to connect their profiles with Spotify which can be a great option for the music lovers.

  1. Getting another chance for the one which got left swiped:

We understand that it is one of the worst emotions and if you ever regret swiping up a person on tinder by accident or you actually wanted to swipe them right but by mistake used by the left, then you can get over your regret by using Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus gives you an option to go back to one of your last left swipe. However the tinder plus needs to be paid and the charges differ from country to country.

Lastly, you have to trust over your own instincts. Try to connect with that person and go out on dates, be it real or virtual, in order to know more and have a clear picture of each other. Even some demographic research that has been carried out in Switzerland shows that people meeting through dating apps are much more interested for living together compared to the ones who have met offline. So, nowadays tinder is actually helpful for finding a person who can be your true love since it has the base on matching people having similar interests so it is more likely that you can find a person who has similar interests like yours. 





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