is ivf terrifying

What is IVF?

IVF stands for In Vitro fertilization. This technique helps people dealing with infertility to have a baby. IVF is actually a boon for people who really want to have  a baby but cannot have it on their own. This process is initially conducted in the laboratory. After the fertilization process in the laboratory , the rest of the procedure happens in the woman’s uterus itself. IVF is an artificial way to conceive.

How is IVF performed?

Matured eggs are taken from the ovaries of the woman and it is fertilised with sperm in a laboratory. The resulting embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the woman. In this process , few fertilised eggs are transplanted into the uterus , such that at least one takes the shape of a baby even if the other eggs fail to perform.


According to UCLA health , by 2020, almost 15 percent of couples faced trouble in conceiving naturally.

According to reproductive biological endocrinology , in 2015, 48.5 Million couples experience infertility globally.

According to CDC 2013, an office on  women’s health , 2019, around 10 percent women and 9 percent men , registered infertility problems in the United states.

According to a report by the central intelligence agency, Africa followed by Afghanistan comes under 9 out of 10 countries to have the highest total fertility rate.

According to UNFPA 2018, Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe has the highest infertility rate with a data of 1.5 children per woman. 

According to UNFPA 2018, Sweden has the highest fertility rate in Europe with 1.9 children per woman. 

According to WHO 2004, 1 out of 4 couples suffer from infertility problems in developing countries. 

According to the central intelligence agency , in 2017, 1.87 children were born per woman in the United States.

According to UCLA health, 2020, 85 percent of couples are successful in conceiving within the first year of trying.

Around 7 percent couples succeed to conceive within the second year of trying! 

According to CDC 2019, Women in the US aged between 15 to 44 are most likely to suffer from infertility.

According to singlecare , by 2020, around 48 percent of couples who have difficulty conceiving do not consider their condition to be infertile.

According to fertility answers 2020, 30 percent fertility cases are attributed to the females, 30 percent involve just the males and another 30 percent is a combo of both men and women.

According to the american college  of  obstetrics and gynaecology, 2018, 1 in 4 healthy women might get pregnant in their any single menstrual cycle.

The above study also says that 1 in 10 women aged 40 can also get pregnant in any single menstrual cycle.

Is IVF terrifying?

Well, this is an artificial method and the happiness derived from this procedure comes with a price. Yes, the procedure is expensive but it gives people the joy of parenthood. IVF is a very advanced form of reproductive technique. Now, the question is , is IVF terrifying? Well there can be many questions. Some people might wonder whether the injections have side effects or not , some women might wonder if the embryo transplant is painful or not. Most women have questions like , is the whole process painful?  Well, we have answers to all these questions.

Are IVF injections painful?

The purpose of the IVF  injections is to stimulate the ovaries such that it can produce mature eggs. Therefore, one can easily figure out the importance of these injections. 

Pain is a subjective quantity , it can vary from person to person. According to experts, the procedure of injection is not that painful. In most cases, the procedure is bearable.

Do IVF Injections have any side effects?

Injecting injections is very important during the IVF process. These injections are either injected via muscles or via skin. These injections are meant to stimulate the ovaries. These injections do not have any harmful side effects to worry about. In this process hormones are messengers of the body, therefore it has very few harmless side effects.

Side effects of IVF may include -

Bruise on the area where injection was pushed.

Mood swings



A bit of menstrual flow

Tenderness in breast

Is the process of retrieving eggs painful?

This procedure is done by a team of medical experts. This process involves the insertion of a kind of ultrasound probe inside the vaginal tunnel. This probe is attached to a needle which helps in attracting the fluid and the egg follicles from the ovaries. Well, the process sounds painful right? But trust me it is not! Well it is but during the surgery the woman is put on anesthesia so she doesn’t feel anything. After a few days of the process , the woman might experience similar cramps as one has during their periods or menstruation cycle. One can also experience light to spot menstrual flow. These issues generally resolve in around 5 days. 

Pay special attention if you have difficulty in  breathing or experience rapid weight gain. This can be a sign of OHSS. If you face certain circumstances , visit your fertility team right then.

Is the embryo transfer process painful?

Well, this process involves transplant of healthy embryos into the womb and not one embryo. Because even if one fails, the other might pass. This process is expensive and few embryos are implanted such that there are lesser chances of IVF failure. Before this process, the female needs to take oestrogen and progesterone such that her body is fully prepared for the pregnancy. Generally this process does not involve any anesthesia. After the procedure the woman might feel mild to moderate cramping, that's it. Medical experts recommend visiting for the procedure with a full bladder to ensure correct placement of the tiny embryos. This process does not involve pain. It typically feels like a vaginal ultrasound or a pap smear. 

The process of IVF is not at all terrifying. The only fear women have is failure of the procedure. Visit the best fertility clinics for better medical advice. Motherhood is a very special feeling. Give responsibility to only the trusted and best medical experts who are experts in this particular field. Visit the best fertility and IVF clinics. Don’t think about negative circumstances. Think about the moment you conceive , think about the moment of your delivery after which you will have your own kid who will call you mother. The feeling would be divine right? That feeling is out of the world and that happiness is ranked above all others. Just close your eyes, have faith and go for it! It is just a procedure to have the little  love of your life! You are strong and brave, you are beautiful and divine, you can do it! All the best. Lots of love and good vibes to you!

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