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The  age old stereotype , “ girls don’t study science “ , need to get a break now. Subjects are gender neutral and its high time we get this fact straight. 

For those who believe that a particular subject or stream is not for females then hang on, let me clear the fog from your lenses , the history is evident , that females are at power with males at every step of life.

Ada  Lovelace , who was a mathematician was regarded as fist ever computer programmer , long before modern computers were invented.

Marie  Curie , Physicist and chemist , amongst  the  major  achievements of her includes discovering  radioactivity  and inventing mobile X-ray unit.

Janaki  Ammal , Botanist , she was known as india’s   first  female  plant scientist , she developed several hybrid  species  which are still grown today.

These are only a few names of the thousands of the female achievers in the field of science.  Women are capable of reading and excelling in science  is after soo many years is being recognized by the government. 

Women and science has always been portrayed as something which do not  gel together.  In this patriarchial society , the freedom of studying a particular subject by females is restricted as men of the society gets to decide  what females ought to study.

In order to  break this stringent chain of patriarchy ,  india’s first ever women’s college was being inaugurated  on  2nd july , 1916. Named as SHREEMATI  NATHIBAI DAMODAR  THACKERSEY WOMEN’S  UNIVERSITY. The college was started by the enrolment of 5 students with the objective of educating women. The present statistics says that around fifteen thousand  women graduated from the university this year which has a heterogeneous  mix of women both from Mumbai and pune.

Thus , females are  gradually  climbing up the steps  of education, little steps each year. So to encourage and to climb one more step in the field of science education ,

And  also  to encourage more female enrollment  at IITs , government and CBSE( Central Board Of  Secondary Education ) has started the scheme , UDAAN.

UDAAN  under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)  aims to address at the low enrolment of girl students in prestigious engineering institutions and bridge up the teaching gap which is there between school teaching and entrance examinations.

The objective of this scheme is to empower the girl child to study science , give wings to their aspirations of joining prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs so that girls can also be the base of a strong foundation of India in the near future.

The  effort here made by the government and CBSE is that to teach and learn science and mathematics more by females. The scheme aims of addressing the 3 dimentions of education -  curriculum design , transaction and assessement 


  • The programme is elegible for all the residents of india
  • All the female students studying in classes XI of KVs / NVs/government school board /CBSE affiliated private schools in india are also elegible
  • The selection is absolutely merit based and will be considered against the city chosen by the student for weekly virtual contact classes.
  • The girl student should be enrolled  in  class XII  in the PCM( Physics , Chemistry , Mathematics ) stream.
  • Minimum 70% marks in class X overall and 80% marks in science and mathematics. For the boards which follow CGPA , minimum of 8 and GPA  of 9  in science and mathematics is required.
  • Reservation as per  JEE Advanced :-  OBC (NCL) – 27%, SC-15%, ST – 7.5% , PWD – 3%  of  seats in every category.
  • The annual income of the family should be less than 6 lakhs per annum.


The  benefits of this scheme is that the enrolled students will be provided free offline or online courses through various virtual weekend contact classes and study material while they are in class XI  and XII , this would help them prepare themselves for the entrance examination of the various prestigious engineering college.

Also, the interested  applicants  would need to fill the UDAAN  application form by visiting the official website which is 


Also , UDAAN  inorder to give access to quality education and good preparation , it organises  virtual  contact classes to its  students at around   60  designated  city  centres.

They  also  design  assessments   which  are  aimed to  give  useful  feedback  to  the  students  on  how  far  their  learning  has  been.

UDAAN  scheme also  has  been  designed  for the students  who  are a bit weaker ,  they  provide  remedial  classes  to those  students who need it. And  also  for those who  wish  to  improve  their  learning.

The  scheme  also  has  been  designed  keeping  in  mind the meritorious  students.  They get peer  learning  and  monitoring oppurtunities  which  helps  them to grow.

A  “ STUDENT  HELPLINE “  service  has also been  started  by the  UDAAN  scheme  to  clarify  the  doubts  of  the  students  ,  to  monitor their  learning  and  to  provide  them with  technical  support.

The  provides  their  candidates  constant  monitoring  and  tracking  of  their  progress  along  with  some feedback.


It has been seen that uptill now, under this programme , 14,575  girls has  so  far  applied  and  among  them  946  have  been  selected . it has  been seen that  all these students were majorly of  impoverished  backgrounds, it has  been observed  that  they  have  shown  impeccable  performance  after  being  enrolled in  this  scheme.

The  government  have  provided  the  students  enrolled  in this  scheme  with  tablets  which  are  specially  designed  and  have  all the  content  in  the  form  of  text,  videos  and  ebooks  which  would  help  these  students  in the  future  to crack  the  entrance  examinations  with  ease.

The  scheme  also  has  aimed  to  provide  financial  support  to their  students. This  has  been  designed  in such  a  way  that  the  student  has  to  earn  reward  points  while  doing  the  assessment  provided  in the scheme, these  points add up  to  give  financial  support  to  their  students.

The  scheme  provides  absolutely  free of  cost  and  a  comprehensive  study  material  in  an online  and  offline  format.

The  keeps  in  mind  the  mental  health  of  its  candidates, therefore it provides  periodic  counselling  sessions  to  motivate  parents  and  students.

This  scheme  focuses  on  providing  quality  education  of maths and science  at  senior  secondary  level  and also  to  support  thousand  selected  disadvantaged   girls  per  year.


UDAAN   scheme  which  aims  at  covering  the  syllabus  of  JEE  entrance   examinations  along  with  the  syllabus  of  senior  secondary  level, they  generally  open  their  application   during  the  month  of  JULY  or  AUGUST.

The  last  date  to  apply  for  CBSE  UDAAN  for  2017-2019  fell  on  the  last  week  of  august.


The  CBSE  UDAAN  scheme  is  a  step  taken  by the  government  of  India  to  bridge  the  gap  of  the  dipping  ratio  of  female  students  enrolment  in  prestigious  science  and  mathematics   institutes.  This  scheme  aims  to  give  a comprehensive   study  material   to  enhance  the  quality  of  education   for  science   and  mathematics  at  senior  secondary  level  as well as  prepare  for  the  entrance  examinations.  Under this  scheme the students  are  also  given  financial  support  inorder  to  encourage  more  enrolment  of  the  students.

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