Why don’t I get matches on Tinder?

 “Why don’t I get matches on Tinder?”

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It's not easy to find matches on Tinder. There are numerous profiles that appear to be bots or fakes. Swiping right may appear to be a never-ending task. There is no secret recipe or method for finding Tinder matches. Whether you have dark hair, light hair, short hair, or long hair, everyone has their own preferences. Swiping right is influenced by skin tone, facial features, and even body types.

Those 'no matches on tinder' moments are a great opportunity for personal development and self-awareness. Sure, you'll discover which aspects of yourself you're unwilling to change for anyone. Any modifications you make to your profile are solely your decision. You should not put your true self on the line only to be more likeable.

You may enhance your odds by making a variety of changes. It entails a great deal of tinkering with your profile, images, and how you react to the tinder matches you do receive. It's a lot of fun to play around with your profile, and it's also intriguing to see how Tinder's algorithm works.

Tinder Algorithm explained

Tinder's users are sorted according to an algorithm. Elo is one of the components of this algorithm. Elo determines when your Tinder profile shows in the "queue" of profiles that users must swipe through to get to you. The higher you are in the queue, the better. The Tinder Algorithm will also determine whether or not you will appear in a queue.

When Tinder feels like it, it hides your account. Even if you've paid for a premium membership. The software essentially employed an Elo rating system, which is the same system used to determine chess players' ability levels: you progressed in the ranks based on the number of people that swiped right on you, however this was weighed dependent on who the swiper was. The more right swipes that individual had, the more your score was affected by their right swipe on you.

Tinder is learning about you when it comes to your Elo score. Swiping right all the time communicates to the system that you have no standards. Tinder penalises accounts that consistently swipe right, flagging them as fake.

Reasons why you don’t get matches

Tinder is a chance game, so no tinder matches is simply poor luck. That couldn't be more untrue. You do, however, have the power to affect the outcome. You can get more tinder matches by avoiding or doing certain things.

  1. Poor first profile picture

A bad first profile photo is one of the primary reasons you might not be receiving matches on Tinder. The user will build the remainder of your profile on the first photo that shows in the card stack. If your initial profile photo is grainy, has a group of friends in it, or doesn't showcase your greatest features, it could earn a fast swipe to the left.

There are just too many users on the site for the user to have to work hard to figure out who you are. If your image is blurry, there's a good possibility they'll go on to the next one. It is recommended that you have a clear picture that emphasises your best features. If you have a great smile or dazzling eyes, for example, make sure the user can see them clearly.

In terms of body parts, if you want to draw attention to the fact that you workout, we recommend doing it in a tasteful manner. Posting revealing images of yourself in a mirror will not help your cause. To attract the opposite user, simply post a photo that highlights your greatest physical features. 

Never start with a picture of a group of friends. It makes the user work twice as hard to figure out who you are. If you have to force the user to work, they will almost always swipe left. You must ensure that you capture the user's attention as quickly as possible.

  1. Less pictures

If the user has made it through your initial photo, they will eventually want to see more of you. A user may be discouraged from browsing the remainder of your profile if you only have 1-2 photos. Users with only a couple of photos are frequently overlooked, as it is thought that they are bots. It's always a good idea to fill up all of the photo spaces.

If you don't have 9 photos, anything from 5 to 6 photos will make the user feel as if your profile is genuine. “More is better than less” is a solid rule of thumb for convincing other users that your profile is genuine. We usually prefer to have more pictures than less.

The more photos you provide, the more likely potential matches are to believe you are who you claim you are, increasing their desire to match up. Another thing to remember with photos is to keep them fresh. That way, if you do get a match, the other person won't be surprised when you meet them. 

  1. Swiping right a little too much

You're hurting more than just your ego if you max out your swipes every day and receive no matches. If you find yourself swiping right on every profile out of frustration, this is the first thing you should address. Think about how likely you are to match with the people you're swiping on.

Swiping right on everyone is a big no-no, and Tinder's algorithm will penalise you heavily, effectively making you invisible. Tinder will expose you to a larger number of quality individuals as your score rises. Take a look at your profile and see what you can improve.

  1. Infrequent use of the app

Tinder matches don't just appear on your app. To activate these matches, you must use the mobile app on a regular basis. Users who don't use the app often will see less and fewer matches as time goes on. Try it for a month to see if you can find any matches.

If you sign in and swipe for at least 10 minutes a day, you'll have a better chance of getting matches. Users of dating apps must invest time in order to get results. If you don't address the fundamental issues mentioned above, paying for boosts and premium features won't assist you much.

  1. No Description or Bio

You'll need a bio that describes you, your goals, and your passions. First and foremost, do not leave the bio/description section blank. Tinder is distinct from other applications in that there are no questions to answer or pre-loaded information (such as height or interests) provided to the user.

This is the chance to say them exactly what the individual who is looking at your profile is up to. Describe yourself in detail, including whether you have children and if there is anything the user should be aware of right away. Clearly state your intentions and what you're searching for. If you’re looking for something casual, make it clear.

Giving out negative vibes in your photos or bio might lead to a lack of matches. If your bio is filled with negative comments, users are likely to scroll past you. To attract pleasant and drama-free matches, stay cheerful and convey only positive vibes through your description.

  1. Location settings

Make sure your location settings aren't preventing you from moving further. Setting your range to one mile may appear to be a smart idea, especially if you reside in a large city.

Instead, widen it so you may choose from a broader pool of potential matches. Tinder doesn't like it when you use third-party applications to change your GPS location to avoid paying for the Plus feature, and it might result in a shadowban. Users have also been able to lock their accounts by changing their location too frequently, as in every few minutes.

  1. Trying to reset your account

You've been shadow-banned because something went wrong. To put it another way, the app seems to be functional to you; you can swipe and send messages to matches, but you are invisible to everyone else.

Tinder will do this if it suspects you're a bot, and bots usually delete accounts and recreate it a few minutes later. Many users have recently been shadowbanned after attempting to reset their accounts, however it still works for others provided specific steps are followed and one does not overdo it.

If you're having trouble finding Tinder matches, work on the things listed above. Getting matches isn't always a science, but there are certain guidelines to follow to guarantee that other users find your profile appealing. If you're still having trouble finding excellent matches after following these tips, you might want to look into some other alternatives. You can also read this article on some tinder hacks. Take a break from online dating and focus on improving yourself if it becomes too frustrating.


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