Would people divorce a woman who has developed breast cancer and lost one of her breasts?

 Sudden diagnoses of breast cancer among women, can lead to big emotional distress and depressing episodes. It's not only one-sided but two! A male partner in a relationship also goes through this pain via going back and forth for treatment, seeing her female partner in pain missing a part of herself every next minute. After this struggle, a time comes in most of the cases that make partners start losing their interest in continuing the relationship which can be highly torturing and mentally disturbing for women. They, as a result, end up ruining their relationships. 

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The article below is designed to help you create a good understanding of this situation and how to overcome it. 


According to the National Cancer Registry Programme, India, the following data was revealed for breast cancer patients in the year 2020 -

  • Almost 1 female out of every 29 females developed breast cancer in 2020.

  • Female breast cancer has become one of the common types of cancers in India, as per 2020 reports. It contributes to almost 27% of all other cancer types seen in women. 

  • In a lifetime, 1 Indian out of every 9th person is prone to catching breast cancer. 

  • Breast Cancer among females is among the portion of 53% contribution of all kinds of cancers. 

Do women losing one of their breasts due to breast cancer affects relationships?

Believe it or not - but the harsh answer is Yes! The extent to which it can affect the relationship might vary but it does pour its negativity on the relationship. Adjusting and keeping the spark of your relationship alive after going through terrible misery can be a big troublemaker. It can only be done via understanding, peace, and putting yourself in each other's shoes. You may have a few questions on your mind when such a situation arrives unexpectedly - 

  1. Fear of Partners Reaction

Different male partners are going to react differently in such a scenario. Accommodating this circumstance might either bring minor changes in the way your partner perceives you or it might completely act as turmoil in your happy relationship. We all know, that man's sexual needs are beyond anything. There can be few things he can end up doing -

  • He will understand your situation and take care of you pouring his unconditional love upon you.
  • He might ask for a breakup.
  • He might distance himself and stay while not breaking up.
  • He might cheat on you to fulfill his sexual needs from outside.

What you can do is talk to him with a calm state of mind and try to make your point clear on how you feel from inside and out. 

  1. Relationship not as before

You might feel stuck in a situation where your existing health issue is creating a heavy upheaval. It might leave you highly stressed you which gradually strains the relationship. This incident can lead to positive or negative changes in your relationship. Here, the kind of relationship you both shared before the breast cancer issue happened can also lead to a major impact on the relationship. 

If the relationship with your partner was good enough before you have breast cancer, then there are 60% chances to get through this phase together without much negative effect on your sexual life and other aspects of life in general. But, if the terms with your partner weren't good enough before the breast cancer, then the gradual declination of interest is the obvious prediction. 

  1. Initiating a New Relationship

For single women, getting into a new relationship can be highly difficult. As they would lose all their confidence in themselves and feels shattered. The only thought they would be left with is that they are not good enough to form a new relationship. 

Even after your recovery, sharing your past about breakup due to breast cancer or even getting into a relationship for the first time itself can bring a lot of anxiety issues in you. You might feel ashamed to discuss your past surgery fearing that it can highly affect your sexual life ahead. Such a fear might haunt you forever, the best way to get over this fear is by seeking medical counseling help and by being opened up with your new romantic love partner. 

How to handle the situation by speaking with your partner? 

Following things can help you to handle the disturbance in your relationship situation due to breast cancer in a much better way - 

  • The best time to speak with your spouse is when you are not overwhelmed by your disease else you will feel awkward and emotionally weak at that time. 

  • Be clear about your situation, how you both are going to get over it, also discuss the boundaries and make sure to be on the same page. 

  • Speak your heart out and enjoy time discussing things you both enjoyed together and things you feel tough to get over. 

  • If you feel that face-to-face speaking about few things can badly affect your relationship intimacy, then try writing an email or a text to communicate your point of view. 

Key Takeaways

Issues related to breast cancer can majorly affect the physical appearance of women; however, it's treatable with a lot of options! A real partner who loves your soul won't bother much about your appearance and will love the same way he used to before this misery happened. In case of relationship complications happening due to breast cancer, you both can see a relationship counselor make your relationship stable. This is the real test of a relationship, if a person passes it, believe me, he is the one. If he doesn't pass it, let us say, his attitude towards you becomes Ill or rude or if he starts losing interest in you or ends up cheating you because of this problem, then he ain't the one. Move on from him, you deserve better! 



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