BLACKPINK and controversies

 BLACKPINK and controversies?

BLACKPINK and controversies

BLACKPINK is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment Company, which debuted in the year 2016 consisting of four members, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa. And the band’s name BLACKPINK usually contrasts to the usual meaning of colour pink which is considered to be feminine. BLACKPINK is group that not only wanted to show their kawaii and pretty side to their audience but also their strong and fierce side, thus bringing in both the sides of women under one roof. Since their debut in n 2016, this girl band has given some amazing hits and their songs have gained a place in the Global chart 200 and Billboard Hot 100, thus gaining recognition from RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), BPI (British Phonographic Industry) and ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association). In short they have made themselves a household name and one of the biggest K-pop girl act thus also gaining huge international support from fans all over the world. 

They also have a huge global fan base known as the ‘BLINKS’, who support and love the girls and their MVs (music videos). The word BLINK is a combination of the two words ‘BLACK’ and ‘PINK’, thus forming ‘BLINKS’. And below let’s have a detailed look at the BLACKPINK members:

  • Jisoo – is the main vocalist and the third member who was introduced in the girl group and also an actress.
  • Jennie – is the vocalist and rapper of the group and also the first person to be selected as the member of the girl group.
  • Lisa – is the dancer, rapper and the vocalist of the group and also the second member who was introduced in the girl group.
  • Rose – is the vocalist and dancer of the group and also the last and fourth person to be introduced in the girl group.

BLACKPINK is considered to be one of the biggest girl groups in the world right now and as everyone knows, bigger the fame, bigger the criticism. Whenever a person or group is at the top of their career, haters are ready to pounce on them and defame at every chance they get and BLACKPINK has faced the same. They have been laughed at, criticised and backlashed for their acts or behaviours that they might have either committed by mistake or might have never done it.  So, now let us have a look at some of the biggest controversies surrounding the girls, thus bringing them up in a negative light in front of the fans. 

  • The MV (music videos) controversy – A K – pop music video consists of a lot of props, and beautiful settings, high lightened with the help of cinematography, thus enhancing the music, lyrics and choreography done or performed by the K – pop group or artists. And same is the case with BLACKPINK’s MVs, but the girls had to face some backlash from some of their fans and critiques for hurting some religious or professional sentiments. Like,

  • In BLACKPINK’s ‘How you like that’ MV there is a scene where there is a picture of Lord Ganesha lying on the ground, thus clearly hurting the Hindu sentiments, and making the fans sad.
  • Followed by their ‘Ice Cream’ rap by member Lisa, where she mentions the name of Moses thus questioning or most probably hurting the religious sentiments of a lot of people belonging to different religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and many more.
  • And last but not the least their, ‘Lovesick Girls’ music video where Jennie was criticised for her nurse outfit by the medical staffs in South Korea. This incident lead to a protest from the medical staffs stating that the outfit worn by Jennie in the MV leads to portrays a sexier character of the nurses, rather than anything else. And to stop from making matters worse, YG Entertainment cut out the scene from the official MV.

  • The Panda Cuddle Controversy? – Pandas are considered to be the national treasure and pride of China, and they are often handled with utmost care and respect because of the fact that they are a vulnerable species and thus also making people overprotective of them and because Pandas are considered as the national treasure of China, it is quite natural that they will get angry when their national pride is not handled with care and the same happened with girls. Their received a huge backlash from their Chinese fans when a video of them holding a baby Panda surfaced on the internet, although later on to make matter clear, the agency had to step in and give a statement that the girls were wearing mask, aprons and gloves while holding the Panda.

  • The controversy of Lisa’s Du – Rag – Du – Rag: According to, a du – rag means a tight close fitting headscarf especially worn by African American men.

Band mate Lisa had performed a dance cover and had absolutely slayed it for her YouTube channel  Lilifilm, but unfortunately she found herself wrapped in a controversy for hurting the sentiments of the black community or the African American community, even if that wasn’t the case. And later the company had to step in favour of the idol and issue a statement that the head or hair accessory used by her wasn’t a Du – rag but just a piece of cloth or a scarf. 

  • Jennie titled as a lazy dancer – Yes ! You have heard that right, member Jennie was titled as a lazy dancer as her performance was not as power packed as her other members, although the idol had a reason behind not delivering a power packed performance and that was her ankle injury, which made her dance cautiously even while on stage and concerts. And even after knowing the truth there are some haters, who have made it as their motto to still call the idol as a lazy dancer. 

  • The dating scandal of Jennie – It seems that haters have a special connection with Jennie, as they happen to bring her up regarding some or the other scandal or controversy time and again. And Jennie has been judged and have received a backlash from many fans and haters for her dating life, where first she was said to be dating Kai of the boy band EXO, while later on she was said to be dating G -  Dragon of Big Bang. And although dating is something very personal, even if it is regarding a celebrity but people happen to not understand this and passed on many negative remarks against her dating life. 

And all the above mentioned cases show how, the BLACKPINK Girls have been a centre of many controversies and scandals over time, sometime the controversies made sense, sometimes not, although not making it a reason because of which they should receive hate. And this also shows that how much ever hard the idols try to maintain their clean and perfect image without an ounce of dirt, but it becomes next to impossible to do that there are haters and the media is waiting for them out there to backlash them reprimand them of their mistakes, even if they had committed none or by accidentally without knowing the real consequences. 

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