How can women use Pee Cups

 Pee funnels are the blessings that every female is grateful for! Women only can understand the fact that how difficult it gets to pee when you don't find restrooms or if you are stuck at a place where you are left with the option of unhygienic washrooms. Sounds disgusting, isn't it? Well, we aren't made in a way where we can openly pee anywhere like in the middle of woods, grass, or at any other open area. Having the pee funnel with you will be a big savior at this point. 

How can women use Pee Cups

I hope you must be now getting a new interest in knowing about the pee funnels. For your sake, we have written the entire article about how to properly use the pee cups to save you from all the embarrassments and emergencies in the public area. 

How can pee funnels comfort you? 

Pee funnels have a lot of benefits that eventually comfort you to the core. Compiling the best of these, we have stated them below - 

  1. Weight - The best thing about pee funnels is that they come in various weights,  sizes, and shapes. Most of these pee funnels are made up of plastic which is extremely rigid. Based on your convenience you can position these inside your clothing. They generally occupy a lot of space on your back as they can't be folded all over. Another kind of pee funnel comes in a silicone shape that further can be folded into a specific shape covering less of the space in your bag. 

  1. The comfort of use - Without having your panties pull down and then sit to pee - these pee funnels provide the comfort of opening comfortably with the standing position itself just like boys. These devices like pee funnels provide a high amount of convenience and comfort to women. For the climbers, campers, and other travelers, it's like a big fortune and never-ending help. Moreover, it's not like big rocket science to learn about using it; you can merely follow the simple 2 - 3 steps and you're good to go ahead with using it. 

  1. Overall cleanliness - The pee funnels are easy to clean and reuse. Make sure that you are cleaning them properly after using them else it can lead to a pathetic smell which is difficult to bear. In the worst scenario, you can end up having a bacterial infection due to not maintaining the hygiene by yourself. Clean your vaginal area along with these pee funnels to stay safe. Also, before packing it all over again, dry it further and light it back to avoid smelling it. Also, take along a breathable bag such that a bit of air keeps passing to it. 

How can women use Pee Cups?

Using the pee funnels is generally easy and comfortable too. You just need to follow certain steps to ensure that it's being done smoothly. 

  • To start with the steps, initially, you need to unzip your jeans, pants or trousers, etc. 

  • Secondly, you need to gently slide your panties to the right side or the left side. You can also pull it down if needed. 

  • In the third step, you need to put across the FUD over your private area region and then highly seal it all over such that it doesn't drip down.

  • Make sure that it doesn't leak. 

  • Afterward, you can smoothly start peeing with ease. 

You also need to take care of one thing that is the flow of the funnel.  Do not overflow the pee funnel device, keep this thing in mind. Afterward, once you are done peeing you need to clean the pee funnel using the water - just put a few drops of it all over and it would be clean enough for further usage. Then shake it a bit and dry it enough. Put it back into the storage pouch easily. Keep it in an area where it's easier to retrieve it further when you need it. 

Additional tips for using the pee cups

Are you looking forward to having some more understanding of the usage of pee cups? Well, here we have covered all the additional tips for using the pee funnels with ease. 

  • It's recommended to practice using the pee cups initially under the shower. 

  • Learn to pee using the right angles. Once you learn the art of angling, you can pee directly without removing your entire panty. You can just slide it to a particular side and you are good to go with it. 

  • You need to trust the pee cups and then use them else you will be tensed all around the time when it comes to practically implementing this step. 

  • Using a wide posture will be extremely beneficial for you to keep your feet dry throughout this task.

  • Make sure not to leave any traces of using the pee funnel. To maintain hygiene, stand at least 200 m away from the water source and then pee. 

  • It's highly advised to avoid peeing during the time of heavy winds or a high flow of air. This might lead to driving your pee into unexpected directions, which in turn, can be highly embarrassing and problematic for you. 

  • Make sure to keep a sound balance over the speed with which you pee. Be gentle while peeing and do not put extra pressure on yourself while doing it. 

Key Takeaways

Pee funnels work like magic for every female. But, yes without prior knowledge on how to use it, the situation can go out of hand. So, read all the steps before using the pee cups for your safety whenever you are in a public place. If you face any difficulty in understanding how to use it, you can schedule an offline discussion session with your friend who has used it before or your family doctor and take their help. Don't use it without knowing its pros and cons. Also, in case you feel any itching or pain after using it, then immediately consult the specialist. 


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