How many injections for IVF treatment ?

 Reportedly more than 60% of women have a phobia of needles which develops since their childhood! During the ovarian stimulation phase, a woman is required to inject multiple fertility medications injections. The entire topic of having injections scares the women as it can leave scars and body aches for no estimated time. The dose of these infections ain't get over in a day or two - it generally can end up for more than 12 days with 12 to 24 injections straight away.

How many injections for IVF treatment


According to the CDC, more than 12% of women face difficulty while getting pregnant naturally. There might exist a woman who isn't much used to taking injections in her prior life and suddenly the bombardment of IVF injections can overwhelm her. On the other hand, there is a woman who is not afraid of the IVF injections at all but she must note that taking all of the doses of IVF simultaneously each day can be exhausting and a grilling task for her. 

Understanding the entire schedule and requirements of the IVF treatment by women in advance can prove out to be highly beneficial for her. Get to know about IVF injections today with the help of this article.  

How many injections are needed for IVF treatment

Generally, the time duration for which you will be responsible for taking in the injections isn't fixed for every woman out there. It depends on the protocol or the in-vitro fertilization treatment style that has been chosen by the woman or her family to regain fertility. Based on the type of treatment a woman chooses initially and her current health situation states that how many injections are required. 

Although on average, women reportedly intake injections for between 8 to 10 days. This number usually varies with the women-to-women case type. For other women, the dose of these injections might be a bit high in number. 

Who will be responsible for giving IVF injections?

Taking a full dose of IVF infections is quintessential for women. These subcutaneous injections need to be taken from time to time according to the advice provided by the doctor. 

IVF treatment isn't meant for only women but all the people associated with her. When it comes to providing injections, your spouse or family is specially trained on giving the injections to you. 

What is the type of IVF injections?

Women will go through either of the below two injections during her IVF period ongoing treatment -

  1. Intramuscular Injections

In the Intramuscular Injections, the IVF fertility producing medication is given directly into the muscle of women. Such a needle is quite long in size. The perfect examples of Intramuscular Injections are HCG trigger and progesterone in oil. It's generally injected on the topmost area of your hips. It can also be taken up by yourself but many people find it difficult to do so. Henceforth, they usually take in their partners or the doctors help to get injected with these medications. It leaves a tingling sensation in your body. 

  1. Subcutaneous Injections

It involves treating yourself with IVF medications via a needle that has a smaller size. Such injections usually happen on the thighs area or the belly side. This IVF needle is similar to a needle taken by the diabetic patient which he takes in to treat diabetes. It gives you a quick pinching experience that lasts for seconds. Such injections can be taken up by yourself with ease. The examples of subcutaneous injections are Gonal-F, Follistim, Lupron, and Menopur. 

Are these IVF injections painful?

According to the infertility specialist and the ob-gyn named Tiffanny Jones, the IVF injections aren't as painful as one might have read about it. Most of the time you will feel very mild or no pain, having said so that it is injected with all care and practice. These injections are intended to help women with comfort. 

As per the Nevada Fertility Institute's fertility specialist named Cindy M. Duke, the needles used to treat women with IVF medications are made with precautions with being as painless as they can. He said that these injections are aimed to get inserted within the core fat area of the skin. This is the right way to take an injection to experience minimal pain. The course of taking in the injection of a minimum of two doses a day in continual mannerism for 12 days in a row makes women habitual of the mild pain that might come from the injection. In reality, these injections aren't as painful as it is projected over by the media.

How to make the continuous intake of IVF injection easier?

Undoubtedly, each woman experiences different things. Still, some of the basic tips can help to make the entire injection process much simplified for you than your expectations. 

  • Bend over one side in bed with your entire weight being put forward on the one side of the leg.

  • Perform icing on the surface where you are going to get injected to make your skin go numb. 

  • Make sure to get injected quickly and confidently at one go rather than twisting your gestures. 

  • Adopt the use of finer gauge needles. More is the number of needles, smaller is the size of it. Ideally, needles having 25 to 27 gauge size should be considered preferably. 

  • Use the heating pad on the injected side for 10 minutes.

  • Get yourself some reward the very next moment you are done with taking in the injection. It will cheer you up.  

Key takeaways 

Intake of IVF injections is the fact of life - even if you like it or not! Henceforth, make sure that is not something you call the laceration period. Get mentally prepared for taking 8 to 15 doses of the IVF medication injections with no gap or a gap of 1 or 2 days. It can manifest body ache for few days but that goes away faster than you can understand. Acceptance is the key - accept that it is a part of the process and you'll get through it. Consult your doctor before and after taking the IVF injection. 


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