How to cure thyroid forever

 The thyroid problem being a chronic illness is one of the most common issues found among people having age between 35 to 65. Apart from the medicines, you intake to cure thyroid problems, the food you intake can also have bad effects on your body which further might lead to problems like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. 

How to cure thyroid forever

Reports stated that more than 15 million Americans have hypothyroidism I.e, underactive thyroid problems. Moreover, adding to this it is also revealed that 60% of them remain unaware about this big problem. 

In this article, you will get a clear picture of curing the thyroid in a way that doesn't come back. 

Foods that help to cure thyroid faster

Generally, doctors recommend food that can help you build up your immune system faster. As there isn't any direct food in the market that's wholly purposed to cure thyroid. With strong enough immunity power, you can beat thyroid issues. Some of these best foods are listed below - 

  • You can eat protein-rich foods like beans, chicken, and nuts. 

  • Taking up dairy products at least once a day is going to be extremely beneficial. 

  • Even eggs or salmon are rich in calcium and highly recommended to take at this time. 

  • You can go for the Cruciferous veggies or goitrogenic foods. These foods work in the best manner to lower down the production of thyroid hormones. It includes reddish, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc. 

How to cure thyroid forever?

According to the research, people who have the Hashimoto issue, have a 90% chance of curing the thyroid problem forever. It can be done by taking a vitamin and mineral enriched diet, along with doing exercise daily. Taking up probiotics, and curcumin and iodine can work like a charm to cure thyroid problems permanently. Even with the help of peptide therapy, you can cure this disease to a large extent. Peptides are like proteins only. This therapy generally targets some large health issues of your body. Another way to cure your thyroid issue forever is to take your medication on time. You can take levothyroxine for thyroid hormone replacement. Also, you need to pay special attention to your sleeping time, having a sleeping disorder can also lead to thyroid issues. Lower down on your stress part, meditate and walk barefoot on the grass to feel soothing naturally. Patients who have thyroid cancer can go for surgical treatments or radioactive iodine treatments. Both are highly beneficial in curing the thyroid cancer problem with the permanent effect. But, in such cases, although the thyroid cancer problem here fully gets cured it leads to hypothyroidism. Here, you need thyroid hormone replacement throughout your life and juggling around this. Graves’ disease can also result in the hypothyroidism problem. In this case, too, doctors advise you to go for surgery, Antithyroid medication, or radioactive iodine to cure your thyroid problem completely. The procedure of thyroid hormone replacement often helps to tackle the issue of thyroid in the best possible manner. Although, what happens is that the small antibodies which are anti-thyroid, still stay in your body. The most important part here is to understand that in the world out there, much effective treatment is provided to thyroid patients which helps their thyroids to function normally. Although, getting cured permanently is possible only with strict treatment for a few years. But, since it is a chronic disease, it might come back after years even if you are completely cured today. Henceforth, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with this respect has become highly important here. Your lifestyle should include morning walks, supplements, exercises, protein-rich food, and timely sleep. All this can help you stay away from the thyroid problem. In most cases, patients might need to have medical follow-up now and then till their lifetime to ensure that their thyroid functions in the best possible range. 

Medications that can interact with thyroid medicine

In case you are going through any chronic disease and taking up the medications for it, then it can interact with the thyroid medications. Further, it can worsen your health and current situation. The names of such medicines are mentioned below - 

  • Medicines meant to cure depression problems. It includes sertraline I.e., Zoloft

  • Anti-seizure medications, for example, phenytoin sodium I.e., Dilantin & carbamazepine I.e., Tegretol 

  • Taking high doses of cancer curing pills. It includes tyrosine kinase inhibitors

  • Testosterone problem medications

  • Intake of excess amount of estrogen and Birth control pills 

If you have been taking up any of these medications or others for any severe chronic diseases, then tell your doctor immediately. He will provide you the timings or schedule when you can take thyroid medication that doesn't react to other medicines. 

Side effects of taking Thyroid medicine

Curing thyroid problems might take time and the daily intake of its medication dose may lead to several unseen side effects. Overdose of thyroid medication can lead to an overactive thyroid. In case you get encountered with any of the following side effects, then get advice from your doctor immediately. He will change your medication chart and lower down the dose meant for curing the thyroid. Understand the side effects from below -

  • Pale skin and frizzy hairs

  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain

  • Heat Sensitivity and getting allergic reaction in too much hot temperature

  • Too much Starvation as compared to your normal diet

  • Uneasiness, anxiety, and stress

  • Heartbeat beating too fast

  • Precariousness

  • Sweating in the cool temperatures

  • Tiredness

  • Sleeping disorder & where you are either unable to sleep or need too much sleep

Key Takeaways

The thyroid is a delicate and sensitive problem. You need to be extremely cautious when you are suffering from thyroid. By changing your lifestyle and taking medication on time, you can witness a time where your thyroid issue will be cured forever. Moreover, by sticking to the ongoing treatment and going as per the suggestions provided by doctors, your hormone level will stay in control, and thus it may get fully cured earlier than expected. 


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