How to go Viral on Facebook in 2021?

Getting viral on Facebook has either become a matter of luck or a case of strenuous efforts! A post goes viral when it reaches the set number of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook and other social media platforms by the general public. Such viral posts gain a lot of fame, name and interest from social media users. 

How to go Viral on Facebook in 2021

A post that goes viral spreads like air to millions of viewers on different online platforms. The term 'Viral Video' came into India after 2009 when the 'David after Dentist' incident took place. 

With the help of this article, you will get a fair idea of increasing your chances of getting viral over Facebook. Make sure to read each point so that that you aren't missing out on any strategy. 

How many views are needed to make a Facebook post go viral?

According to the YouTuber's famous personality, Kevin Nalty - To get viral on Facebook 10 years back was only a matter of gaining 1 million views within a week of its posting. But, now, ten years later today, getting viral has become more competent than ever. 

With the booming technology, the use of social media has increased to a great extent. To get your video viral today on Facebook, you require a minimum of 5 to 10 million views within 3 to 7 days of its posting. If you are smart enough to achieve this, then your video will be marked as viral on Facebook. 

How to go viral on Facebook?

By paying attention to the following tips, your video can go viral on Facebook. Learn each direction from the section given below -

  1. Viral Photo Finder Tool

One of the easiest ways to get viral on Facebook is to use the photos that have reached the maximum number of likes, shares, and comments on social media. You can use the tool named Post Planner’s viral photo finder to find out the best picture that went viral at some time and is going along with your post as well at the same time. 

Based on the size of your community, you can find better engagement for your posts. The likes and shares will eventually increase once you repost these pictures on your Facebook page engaging a lot of audiences. 

  1. Facebook Advertisements 

Many a time you will be required to spend from your pockets to get the desired number of fans following sharing your posts. It is so because facebook is very stringent with its algorithms and policies, so getting viral in a couple of days with this isn't a babysitting task.

You can pay only for boosting the posts that you feel are the most important ones which can drive good traffic. You need to be smart enough and invest if required to engage your targeted group and get the desired number of audiences. 

  1. Caring is Sharing

We have a lot of loved ones from our friend circle, families, and others we know somehow. Most of them have a caring attitude towards us. It is the right time to seek help from these people. Why? Because caring is sharing. 

If they care, they will share! The more they share, the more visibility of your posts will be there over Facebook. You can even request them to ask their known ones to share your post, this entire circle of sharing will increase your chances of going viral in the shortest possible time on Facebook. 

  1. Personal Attack

You need to attack people personally that will lead to the audience getting engaged. The post thus should be capable enough of driving the interest of the general public, by making them feel the benefit of sharing and engaging through such posts. You can make a post having your accomplishments, a job promotion, your wedding, specific skills, college or school memories, your baby, etc. 

All of this will make your Facebook friends comment, like, and share your posts. As part of this, you can create a certain post where you can enact a certain character with strong storytelling. You can take ideas related to - how college teenagers enjoy in a canteen, how every household mother is like, how the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend has changed today, etc. This all will create a sense of relatability and will engage your audience. It will draw them to share this with as much crowd as they can. 

  1. Take Care of the Timing 

Simply posting quality content isn't going to ensure your success on social media. You need to be smart and calculative enough to post the right content at the right time. But a new question arises: what is the right time to Post On Facebook? 

To get a solution to this, you can deep dive into your Facebook Insights Section. This section will let you know that at what particular timings your audience is largely active, at what timings most of the sharing has taken place in the past. All such information can be a great help in finding the ideal time to post your content on Facebook.  

Now, all you need or do is post your different content at those timings. It will engage a large pool of audience and help you determine what type of content is getting more liked by the people. Looking into these insights, you will be able to design and create your future posts accordingly. 

Key takeaways 

You are required to be highly patient with yourself. It is because the algorithm of the news feed of Facebook works very strictly. So it takes some time for your post to go viral. With consistency and perseverance, you will get through this with flying colors. You will be able to go viral if you follow the tips mentioned above with the least scope of error! Make sure to check and study your targeted niche, understand their preferences and accordingly design the layout and content of your post. 


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