How to use Tinder for free?

 Steps to use Tinder for free

Steps to use Tinder for free

Steps on how to use tinder for free

Tinder is available for both the users, one for them who uses it for free and the other one lies with a premier plan. In this topic, we will talk about the first sort of people who are the free users and the maximum in numbers compared to the premium users. So, let’s begin with the steps on how to use tinder for free.


According to Apptopia , there are 66 Million active users on tinder. Around 17 percent of US adults have already used Tinder , 52 percent of users aged 18 to 24 have used Tinder in the US. Approx 72 percent of users in the US are Male and around 28 percent of the users in the are Female. The revenue for tinder stood at $1.4 Billion. Total of 59 percent revenue of the match group was contributed by the Tinder app, which was estimated at $2.4 Billion. US and UK are the biggest contributors to Tinder revenue , with 40 to 43 percent in 2019 to 2020, and 5 to 8 percent respectively. 


The first step is the common step among all types of users: Install or Download the Tinder application on your device. 

For android users, they can go to the play store and download or install the application from there and for the ios users there ain’t required any rocket science to install the application amidst the process is the same, only the platform changes from the play store to apple store and the rest all the process is same. The download process is pretty simple. One just need to search Tinder on the search box and click the install button beside that and you are good to go. Once it is installed , proceed towards step 2 for the rest of the process.


Create an account on tinder

After you have downloaded the tinder application on your device you have to create an account on tinder by signing up or registering your phone number on tinder and as soon as you are done with it you will get in access to tinder and then add your name, age, location and all other details that they have asked for. Fill in all correct information and complete your registration process very carefully. Every detail you add will help you get correct matches according to your needs. Moreover, mention correct details to maintain the authenticity of your profile.


Create a mind-blowing profile.

You must constantly be prepared with tinder because it is all about dating and whatnot. On tinder, the most crucial step is creating your profile, which should be not only good but also smart and memorable. To create a mind-blowing profile, start by choosing an exceptionally attractive photo of yourself, as this is the first step in making an impression on your viewers, or in this case, your future match. 

After you've uploaded your greatest photo, you'll need to write a fantastic bio that briefly defines you. It is not always required to describe who you are; instead, use a one-liner or make a reference to your favourite television show or anything else that will cause your reader to recognise you and evoke a reply indeed. You are now ready to swipe right on the one you choose.


Edit your preference in the setting option 

You can now set your preferences on Tinder since you have an account and have created an intriguing profile with an incredibly dynamic bio. For instance, location, age range, maximum distance, claiming username, updating or adding photographs, altering preferences for seeing men, women, or both, and other fundamental options such as notification, activity status, app settings, and so on.


Start your swipe (right or left)

What are you waiting for now!!!

Swipe your tinder left or right, depending on your preference, to the fire icon that appears on your screen. Swipe right if you like a guy, or left if you don't, and repeat until you find your match. While scrolling through the profiles, you can touch on an individual's profile to see their photos or read their bio in detail. Once you find a match, you have the opportunity to talk and figure out if he is the one you are searching for or if you should try again and find the ideal one. Don’t just swipe for anyone and everyone. Be selective , read bios and match with people who match your vibe. After all, the best match is the person who vibes with you the most. That is what matters the most. People who vibe right are perfect matches to consider. Bios are best place to get primary details or vibes about a person.


Some special features for you

Tinder's free users have relatively few unique features, but those that they do have tend to be highly beneficial since they boost the odds of matching by at least 30%.

A super like is the first feature they provide. They give each person one super like each day, so if you discover a guy who is extremely intriguing and wants him to notice you, you can utilise this function because it will inform the person to whom you have sent this super like, and then all you have to do is wait for your person to right swipe you.

The second best feature that they provide is tinder top picks. Here, you get certain profiles recommended by tinder itself depending on your interests, recently active people around you, and other basic features that match your profile. 

If you are a free tinder user, you will only be able to enjoy these restricted perks. Even if these are the restricted alternatives available, they are still worthwhile in terms of finding a suitable date.

Now that you know the steps to use Tinder for free, what are you waiting for, go and set your date today! Find your date among the suitable matches on the app. Go find your right match!

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