Olympic, Archery and K-pop group TWICE's Tzuyu - What's the connection?

 Olympic, Archery and K-pop group TWICE's Tzuyu - What's the connection?

Olympic, Archery and K-pop group TWICE's Tzuyu ichhori.com

OLYMPICS – Olympics or Modern Olympics is the leading international sporting event featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from over 200 nations participate. The Olympic Games are held every four years, alternating between summer and winter Olympics every 2 years in the 4 year period. 

And like we all know that recently we all had the long awaited 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo just a few days back, and since the start of the Olympics there was a photo that had gone viral on the internet which had left all the K – pop fans in awe and guess that whether the K – pop seen in the photo was participating in the Olympics or not. 

The world of K-pop music is an ever growing full-fledged industry which was worth $578m as of 2019. And even as of today, the K – pop industry is doming the world music industry with it’s music and bands like BTS who is considered to be the biggest boy band in the whole of universe and BLACKPINK who are considered to be the biggest girl group in the world with both of them achieving many feats daily. And ever since the emergence of the Hallyu (Korean wave) in the 1990s the country’s (South Korea) net worth has been growing through the spread of it’s music and dramas. In the year 2018, the South Korean Music market experienced a 17.9% increase in revenue growth, which is stated as the shift from ‘potential’ to ‘power play’. And thus the moment the picture of the K – pop idol doing archery surfaced on the internet, all the K – pop fans couldn’t keep cool and soon wanted to know what the real deal was. So let’s have a quick look at all the details about what all this hype was about.

Who is the K – pop idol whose picture doing archery was surfaced on the internet?

Well, the celebrity K – pop idol whose photo was surfacing the internet was none other than the famous female K – pop idol Tzuyu of the girl group TWICE. 

Tzuyu is the band member of TWICE, one of the most famous girl groups in the K – pop music industry after BLACKPINK and she is also considered to be one of the most talented and beautiful female K – pop idol in industry. Tzuyu is a Taiwanese singer based in South Korea. 

What is the actual scene and why were the K – pop fans excited?

Well Olympics 2020 that was conducted in Tokyo a few days gained a lot of appreciation and coverage for the fact that all the countries that had participated in the games had managed to overcome the struggles caused by the pandemic and yet was there to compete and show it’s sportsmanship. And archery is one such game in Olympics that brings sheer joy to viewers because of the way the archers focus on their targets ahead and shoot the arrow is just like someone hitting the bull’s eye. And this year’s Olympics was even more special for the K – pop fans because of the fact that in it’s opening ceremony, where every country portrayed their three best assets, South Korea had shown BTS the biggest boy band in the universe now as one of their most treasured asset and this incident enough was a reason of joy for the A.R.M.Ys (fandom of BTS are known as A.R.M.Ys) but also for all the K – pop fans in general. 

So when the photo of the celebrity female K – Pop Idol Tzuyu went viral on the internet on 26th of July 2021, all the K – pop fans worldwide and especially the TWICE fans started wondering whether the star had actually participated in the Olympics or not but it seems that was not the case, instead it was an old photo of the celebrity that were clicked while she had participated in the Idol Star Athletics Championship. But although it was an old of Tzuyu that surfaced on the internet people and fans couldn’t keep calm and praised her beauty and physique but it was also this physique of hers that made people believe that she is a part of the Taiwanese Archery team. But now we all know that this was not the case. 

Koreans have done an outstanding performance in the Tokyo Olympics this year and, they won 20 medals in total: 6 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze. And it has been a celebratory function for the Koreans as well as many K – pop and K drama fans as they see their idols country performing greatly at the games and like already mentioned how at the opening ceremony of the Olympics BTS was shown as the nation’s pride which had sent the K – pop fans into frenzy but then when the picture of the Taiwanese Singer based in Korea Tzuyu’s photo of doing archery surfaced on the internet, the netizens couldn’t keep calm and they were filled with joy and happiness thinking that the K – pop girl group TWICE member  Tzuyu was participating the Olympics only to be disheartened later on. 

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