Sadie frost and her depression story.


Sadie frost and her depression story.

Sadie frost depression story

The designer says she still sometimes seems like a ‘broken, damaged person

Sadie Frost has revealed she had “serious” post-natal depression after having two babies but two years apart.

The fifty-six-year-old dressmaker and actor Jude Law, 48, had two children together Iris, born in 2000, and Rudy, born in 2002 before they divorced in 2003.

“Because I had had two children very approximate and my life was going a hundred miles an hour, I got very serious post-natal depression,” Frost said on The Moments That Made Me podcast.

“That is when my whole world came caving in and it had been scary for quite a few years on a day today .”

The Floozie by Frost and French entrepreneur said she believes her battle with post-natal depression “moulded” her into the person she is now.

“It made me more determined to be a strong mother, more career-orientated and help other people,” she explained. “Take out but pack in, and make other people’s lives better and anyone who is in pain, attempt to help the maximum amount as possible.

“For me, it has moulded me into the person I am today.”

Describing how it still affects her today, Frost added: “There will always be that post-trauma or something that can trigger the fact that you are on the edge. You are a rather ‘broken, damaged person’ and you will never completely mend it.

“I take everything, my mental health seriously.”

The NHS reports that post-natal depression affects quite one in every ten women within a year of parturition, but that a lot of women do not realise they need it because it can develop gradually.

While feeling a touchdown, tearful or anxious during the primary fortnight after parturition is normal, guidelines suggest seeking help if psychological state symptoms continue for extended than this.


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