Should I go for paid Tinder subscription?

                                   SHOULD I GO FOR PAID TINDER SUBSCRIPTION?


Just like any streaming channels or any other editing app or any random app has premium services, which are definitely not free, Tinder too has such an account. Yes, Tinder plus gives its users connection to a few premium features in exchange for a fee. Why do people use tinder subscription? Well, obviously for a premium and better dating experience than others. Should you really go for it? Well, it is your choice.

In this article we will talk about a few things on the tinder plus account subscription , if you feel that tinder plus better suits you, go for it otherwise continue the free version itself. Every app promotes their premium features whenever users login to their account on their app. Tinder plus does it too. The app will definitely try their best to convince its users to switch to tinder premium but it is your choice if you want to get convinced or automatically get convinced with the advertisements . 


A total of 67 Million people use the Tinder app out of which 62 percent are male. 10.3 percent of the users subscribe to Tinder’s premium subscriptions called Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. The worth of the Tinder app is around 10 Billion Dollars and counting. The app gets richer by each swipe. 63 percent of the male users text their match within five minutes which is contrast to girls who do it very less. The above statistics are from a study by online for love dot com.

Now that we have already seen statistics on the usage of Tinder premium, let us look at the pricing before we talk about the advantages such that you can decide if it is really worth it or not.

So, Tinder premium version in India costs about INR 650 per month but there is a perk, there are discounts on long term packages. The six month package costs INR 2,250 which can be roughly estimated to INR 375 per month and the Annual One year plan is priced at INR 3,550 which can roughly be estimated to INR 296 per month. Users choose whatever their pocket suits. 

Should one really spend on Tinder plus?

The experience on any dating app is definitely subjective. Some may like the free version , some might fancy the tinder gold and plus version but can’t buy or some only like to use the premium versions. Experience matters, but talking about a good experience , tinder gold and tinder plus definitely has a lot to offer and spending on a premium account definitely has its own perks. Let us look at some of the advantages of using the tinder subscription before you can decide if it's worth it or not.

Advantages of Tinder subscription 

  • Countless Swiping of accounts you like - well yes, there is no limit to the number of swipes you do the entire day! The app is not gonna track and warn you about the number of swipes in a day as the swipes are not restricted to a certain number. Isn’t it amazing? All doors open to try on your favourite swipes! The dialogue box would not pop up to show and remind you about the limited number of swipes and that you should switch to the premium versions! How cool is that! All you need to do is chill and swipe! What if the next swipe is your date match!

  • You can unswipe / cancel your previous swipe as well - we all look for options whenever we eat something or buy something. Well when it comes to dating, we want to swipe right for every profile we like , right? With tinder premium that is not even a problem but what if the next swipe is better than the previous one and you don’t want to match with the previous swipe anymore! Happens with a lot of people. People wish they could rewind their last swipe and undo it but can’t do that. With paid Tinder subscriptions , the users can actually do this and save themselves from the regret of choosing a wrong match. So next time if you regret swiping right for a profile, simply just undo it.

  • Special passport feature - we use passports to travel all over the World , right? Well , why not spice up your travel a bit? Tinder plus users can use the passport option to change locations and swipe people from any place and meet local matches of that area. It is definitely amazing. Next time you are on a solo trip or a business trip, use the passport and meet new local matches anytime , anywhere.

  • Infinite likes - Paid things have more advantages than free ones for sure. In the free version, the moment you start running out of likes, Tinder gives you a warning, in terms of switching to premium for unlimited likes. With a paid version of tinder, we know exactly what to do. Just like you can never run out of swipes, you can give as many likes as you want and never regret losing out on likes. Premium users can give their heat out in giving likes and have a hustle free and bump free experience on the paid app.

  • 5 super likes per day - yes, to increase your chances of finding a match, tinder plus provides 5 super likes per day to increase visibility of your profile. If you put a super like on someone’s profile, there are higher chances of matching with the person you like. Well, the person actually gets impressed when you do so. Super Likes show that you are genuinely interested in that person’s profile. In the free version they provide provision for just one superlike per day. Here you get 4 extra to increase the chances of matching with the profile you have higher interests in. you also get many options to select from.

  • Boost your profile with tinder boost option - we all have used the boost option in every video game to increase the potential of our lives in the game. Well, to boost your chances of standing out in the entire dating game, tinder boost is an amazing option. This is one of the most amazing features which comes with Tinder subscription. Tinder premium subscription users generally get one boost per month. So what does boost do? Once the user selects the boost option,  the user’s profile is pushed to the top of all the profiles in the selected location for 30 minutes. This way the profile gets higher visibility and they can find a number of potential matches because yes, for the next 30 minutes, the potential profiles in your area will find your profile on the top .Therefore, It is definitely a steal deal!

  • Advertisement free experience - free version comes with full of advertisements. Why not? They are giving you the app for free but the ads are a source of revenue. Once you pay them their subscription , you can have a very clean and ad free experience. This is also an amazing feature for sure. This feature would not come in between your conversation with your potential match! So enjoy the dating experience without any hurdles and advertisement free!

Tinder plus and Tinder Gold definitely has premium features to offer to amp up the dating experience. Trying the paid version is definitely worth it. If you want to experience the qualities of a premium dating, then go for the Tinder Gold or Plus paid subscriptions. It would not fail your expectations, rather give you lot of choices, options and extra settings to choose from.

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