That feeling of butterflies in the stomach increased heart rate, and sleeplessness has been felt by each one of us. It occurs from teenage till the day we survive. In scientific terms, it is tagged as an Adrenaline rush and in layman’s terms, it is Love. This feeling brings people to cloud nine and makes everything look perfect and beautiful around them. Love does not occur overnight; it’s not like you’ve seen fault in our stars or the notebook that you realize suddenly you are in love. It is a process; slow, full of patience, affection, and care.

Love sees no boundaries, it can occur between opposite genders and even the same genders. Accepting and appreciating each other’s feelings is the biggest sign of being in love. Many series and movies have raised the standards of love. According to them, the declaration of the three magical words only marks being in love. It is not always necessary to utter the three words and confess love for the other side. For example, we never say these three words to our parents until and unless we want a pocket-money raise or permission for a night out or a trip. This does not mean we do not love them; it exists but isn’t uttered.

Love is a mutual feeling and begins with affection. It is not a compulsion or rule that everyone has to follow. When both individuals show affection, care, trust, and belief; a bond is formed. To keep the bond alive, regular communication, lunch or dinner plans, FaceTime if is a long distance, etc. helps. Even the smallest efforts count when a bond exists between two individuals. Being in love does not mean giving up individuality and following the things your beloved says. Love means assuring freedom of speech and expression to both partners equally.

Both partners are in love when they confess their love for each other without any pressure and high expectations. Usually, the female counterpart is more emotional and sensitive in matters of love, friendship, and relationship. Everything gets very easily affected by women more than men. They tend to create their own little world of fantasies and dreams for the partner which will arrive or has arrived. Men usually like to keep it simple and sophisticated.

The book by John Gray, “Men are from mars and women are from Venus” is an entire bible classifying the traits of both Genders in a lucid manner. This New York bestseller book takes us on a tour covering all the aspects one needs to know about the opposite gender. Most of the serious topics are covered in a glee manner in this book, which helps both the genders understand, implement and become gender tolerant.

Men and women differ not only in physical aspects but also in psychological, emotional, and physiological aspects. Men usually tend to go inside their caves when they face an issue and usually refrain from opening up. Whereas women tend to indulge in other’ problem or pain to overcome their own problems. Men usually avoid sharing certain things until and unless it is very necessary. Women already have an intimate group of people where she pours their entire day. Men do not compare their love life with others, they remain happy, content, and satisfied. Women believe in getting one step ahead of their Instagram followers to showcase how much she is loved by their partner.

DEFINITION OF LOVE IN WOMEN–here are a few points jotted down that highlight the women's side of love. This can help many male readers as a guide of what to do and what not to do, the way his partner is thinking, and the expectations of his female counterpart.

·         Love should remain all seasons–it’s always good to have a partner whom you can return to‌. Women usually take everything ‌seriously; from cleanliness to wardrobe collection, everything should be to the point for her. Whenever a woman falls in love, she requires an ample amount of time, respect, and attention from her male counterpart. Love, friendship, and relationship are a few elements that are serious topics for her. To be in love with a woman means having an all-weather partner and not just a fling.

·         Career and care–being in love does not mean giving up one’s identity, passion, and dreams. Every woman is creative and talented in all spheres. All she requires is the wind behind her wings in form of her partner. When a woman receives love, respect, care, and freedom of thought, she becomes unsurmountable. The role of her partner in her life is the most important source of energy.

        To be heard, and respected–the most valuable thing a woman carries is her self-respect. She can adjust with fewer clothes or shoes, but she cannot put away her self-respect for anyone. When in love, the biggest factor that keeps the relationship alive is giving each other the same amount of respect and attention. No matter how rough a day it would have been for the partners, a simple talk or a cup of tea can mend things the right way.

·         Love above lust–it’s the industrial revolution 4.0, where people are now finding soulmates and love online. In this online lifestyle, meeting a total stranger and trusting one’s instinct to go forward is an enormous task. Women have been smarter in all areas, but love is emotional and can sometimes lead to nightmares. It is always good to trust your instincts and have a word with your pals before going on a blind date, but it’s equally necessary to put love above lust.

·         Love means equality–it is not always a guy’s duty to plan surprises, do something special for his partner, etc. it is a woman’s responsibility too to make her partner feel special. Men to have emotions and rely mostly on their partners for emotional and mental peace. Love brings equality and responsibility to both partners. It can be very special for the guy if his favorite meal is cooked for dinner or you book tickets for his favorite Marvel movie. Little things in love have a profound effect.

In the world of technology and getting everything at your fingertips, the ICHHORI website is keeping up with readers' needs. The gender-neutral information is creating a space for gender equality addressing women's issues, spreading awareness about certain diseases, likes and dislikes of women, etc. It’s creating a platform where a na├»ve can also get proper and correct information. 

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