Signs of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Females?

 STI - Sexually Transmitted Infections or STD - Sexually Transmitted Diseases has become more common today than ever! It consists of all the diseases that can be spread due to the sexual intercourse taking place between the two people. 

Signs of std in female

Protecting yourself from STDs is of prior importance in women especially when they have been sexually assaulted. After getting detailed knowledge about the signs of these STDs, you will be in a better state to protect your health in the upcoming future. 

In the article today, you will be getting briefed about a lot of the signs of having an STD in women. 

What is the time frame for the STD symptoms to appear in the female body? 

The time frame for the STD symptoms, in general, isn't decided as yet. In some cases, it might take a few days, or weeks to get the symptom highlighted. Many cases even do not involve the symptom ever. A woman will be having an STI but she won't be seeing any ill effects of it which is even more dangerous as its ill consequences keep on building up from inside. 

In multiple cases, it even takes a large number of months or even years to show it up. It all depends on the type of STD, - sexually transmitted diseases or STI -  sexually transmitted infection you are currently going through or at what stage you are currently in! 

The best thing you can do for a while is consulting a Sexual health doctor if you have any clue or hint that you might be a victim of this state. All of this can be analyzed based on your sexual intercourse history with the last partners. You can have a private checkup in case you are shy enough. Speaking to the sexual health specialist is the best way to get your problem diagnosed and treated on time. 

Signs of std in female 

In the section below, we have mentioned the common signs related to the various infections caused by STD in females. 

  1. HPV or Genital warts

Even without having sexual intercourse, one can develop STD symptoms by having close skin-to-skin contact with others. The HPV - human papillomavirus is the main disease that is responsible for causing genital warts. HPV holds the power to scatter in other people who don't have any visible wards. 

It results in genital warts that can be flat, lifted, or small in size. In the genital region, its overall appearance often comes as a small bump or a group of it like a cauliflower. 

  1. Genital herpes

This STD infection is caused due to the HSV-2 HHV-2 virus. Its symptoms are either very mild or no symptoms at all. One of its most common symptoms is fluid-filled blisters that can be easily seen in the legs, hips, anus, and genital area. It often leads to pain and tingling in the legs and hips side. 

  1. Gonorrhoea

The other name of a Gonorrhoea is Clap. It straightaway leads to infertility in women. The common symptoms of Gonorrhoea include irritation while urinating, pelvic pain, and vaginal discharge. 

  1. Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B can easily transfer via sharing of toothbrushes, lipsticks, razors, and needles. It holds the high risk of getting transferred from skin to skin and from a mother to her baby at the time of birth. It often leads to Jaundice, nausea, pain in the abdominal area, and scarring in the liver. 

  1. Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common forms of STD in women. It might lead to infertility if it isn't taken care of on time. Its symptoms generally include pain while urinating, vaginal discharge, and genital burning. 

  1. Pubic lice

The more generic name given to the Pubic lice is Crabs. It's generally parasitic shaped, unlike the body lice. They are often spread while having close to close contact with other people. They are often present on the hairs of women. Once treated with the medications, they can be cured easily. The symptoms of it are visible on hairs leading to Severe itching on the hair and scalp along with the visibility of the lice and their eggs on hairs. 

  1. Scabies

Scabies is also one of the parasitic forms of STDs. It gets transferred to one another while having sexual intercourse between the two people. Its symptoms vary from the scales & Tiny blisters, skin rashes, unbearable body itching, uneasiness, and spots formation on legs, arms, nipples, fingers, etc. 

  1. Syphilis

The severity of the STD can direct to the infection named Syphilis. It can steer to unnoticeable symptoms which can stay hidden for years. It might lead to fever, hair loss, fatigue, genital soreness, rashes in the feet and palm, broadened lymph nodes, nerve damage, poor eyesight. 

  1. HIV

HIV spreads via having sexual intercourse with your partner. Overall it results in a weak immune system. It can be only detected via a proper blood test. Its symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, rashes, soreness in the throat, ulcers in the mouth, and pain in the muscles. 

  1. Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is induced by Trichomonas vaginalias. It is a parasitic infection in general. It is transferred as a whole by coming in a special contract with your partners. Its symptoms in women are the greenish yellowish colored discharge from the vaginal area, itching in the vagina, pain during sex, bad urine odor. 

Key takeaways 

STD in women should not be taken for granted. Once you start feeling uneasy with your body, please note that there is for sure something troubling you. All forms of Sexually transmitted diseases are often treatable if diagnosed on time. The major advice one can give you about the spread of an STD or STI is not getting into skin-to-skin contact with other people. Condoms often used are beneficial in preventing most of the STDs except scabies. To understand what it is - you should get consulted in the shortest time possible as soon as you witness any symptom or, get yourself checked by a qualified doctor. According to the density of your existing problem, you will be guided towards the right treatment which can further lower the hazardous health risks. 


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