Things no one tells you about IVF?

IVF is the alternative considered when a woman faces infertility issues. During this process, the donor eggs are being fertilized in the labs. Taking the IVF process ahead is critical in itself! We understand the struggle that mothers go through. Especially, how infertility leads to takes a toll on her mental health with the ill societal comments. 

Things no one tells you about IVF

The article below is intended to give you the right knowledge about IVF things that are mostly left hidden from you. It will help you to make the right choice of what to choose and what not to choose. 


  • In the US, on average the IVF process costs around 10000$ to 15,000$. 
  • In the US, almost 4 million birth annually happens via an IVF process, confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • According to the research, the success rate of an IVF in India is almost around 30 to 35% by numbers. 
  • Reports state that by the financial year 2026, the IVF market in India will grow by 1 million $.
  • By 2026, India will witness a good growth rate on the fertility specialist jobs requirements and the fertility treatment centers in the Indian states. 

Things no one tells you about IVF

Many things are left hidden from the women undergoing the IVF process. They either never get to know about such things or experience these things once the process has already been completed. To make sure that your entire IVF journey is smooth, we have mentioned the pointers to grasp knowledge on before and after IVF things that nobody would discuss with you. 

  1. Time Consuming 

Choosing by hiring the right egg donor requires patience since it's not a matter of a day. It is usually a time-consuming process. In the initial step, both the partners write about the most important thing they look up to and accordingly they see each other's pointers. The best example to demonstrate this is that - if the couple belongs to a particular caste or a religion, they might expect to have the egg donor from the same religion. 

Apart from this, multiple other characteristics can also be predefined before choosing the right egg donor. These characteristics include eye color, weight, diet, hobbies, income status, society, etc. It helps to make the overall judgment of the donor's profile. 

  1. High Expenditure

Although based on the geographic area, the per donor pricing differs. But, still, it is not affordable for every couple. You need to be ready in advance to have an additional investment of 2000$ to 6000$ for each donor egg retrieval. 

Eventually, the entire cycle as a sum-up would cost you around 25,000$. It is pretty much a high amount, a lot of initial planning is needed on this specific point as well. Comparatively, the cost of the frozen egg is lower. It shall come around 18,000$ approximately. It would consist of a bundle of  5 to 7 eggs. 

  1. Long Treatment Time

Generally, the IVF process isn't a matter of two or three days. It takes months to get the entire process done completely. For the couples opting for the fresh eggs cycle from starting will take around 3 to 6 months overall for the process completion. Mind it, that the IVF process doesn't ensure a 100% success rate. 

Women in this process will be required to undergo multiple screenings and processes to finally achieve what she is dreaming of. It includes egg donor choosing, the egg provided by the egg donor is then stimulated, egg retrieval process, injecting them and further process. It's quite a time-consuming process, to be honest, but it's worth the wait in case it's successful.

Couples using the frozen eggs are required to commit less time comparatively. They can get the entire process done within 1 to 3 months. Here, in this case, the process is comparatively fast and effective. 

  1. Cancellation of Egg Donor Cycle

Researchers say that more than 25% of the egg donors hold the chances of cycle cancellation in response to the stimulation medication. It is natural and has got nothing to do with whether the egg donor has gone through this entire cycle before this. The reason for this situation is that the ovaries aren't able to produce the required number of eggs to move a step further with the egg retrieval process. It is heartbreaking for couples to see this happening in front of their eyes after investing the initial fees in the process. 

  1. Future Availability of Egg Donors

Proper planning is required at the time of an IVF treatment. This planning should include that how many children you and your partner plan to have in the future. Having said so, the same egg donor's availability in the future might not be possible. Henceforth, knowing your infertility state and the fact of being unsure about the egg donors in the future, you must plan something about it. 

You can freeze the leftover embryos for future use. Have it as much as you can, this will ensure that in the future you have a smooth child giving procedure. 

  1. Unseen Depressive Episodes

Women are undoubtedly emotional about the fact of not being able to give birth to their biological child. It is a big matter of concern to create depressive episodes among women. According to the researchers, 64% of women go through grief and take some time like a month or more to get mentally prepared for an IVF baby. 

Researchers also revealed that 40% of the women go for the right counseling from the health expert. This makes them Calm and helps them to overcome the depressive episodes arousing due to infertility. 

Key takeaways 

A woman should know a lot of the aspects of what an IVF shall lead to before going ahead with this treatment. Now, since you have good clarity about it, you are mentally prepared to step ahead and make the choice of whether IVF is going to be the rightmost decision or not. 


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