Tinder being the most popular dating app , contributes to the dating culture of many countries across the globe. Everything has a rank, right? For example , we know every cuisine is good in terms of food  but we still read articles on top food items to try or the best street food of Mumbai. Not just this , we ourselves were ranked since school days. Through this article, we are going to see the most tinder crazy countries of the world. 

Statistics -

According to a study by verevelogic, 38 percent of Tinder users are between the ages of 16 to 24. 45 percent of users fall in the age group of 25 to 34 and final 50 percent fall under the age group of 18 to 24. In the apple app store, if we consider International ranks of countries, Germany ranks 53rd , Canada has the 55th Position and the UK has the 61st position. The ratio of men vs women tinder users is 2:1. 

Tinder is a worldwide popular app which is available in many countries and in various languages as well. It is one of the best International dating apps which has more than 66 Million active users in around 190 countries. Out of these 190 countries, which country or city uses the most dating apps in the world? Let’s find out ! 

Top 10 Tinder crazy places in the world - 

  1. London - It is not surprising to know that London is a Tinder crazy place as well. London is an amazing place and people from different backgrounds stay there. It is definitely the financial center and therefore people with different interests , sexual preferences, stay there. The dating scenario in London is by far the craziest. Dating is available for all. You have a hell lot of money? Well dress up and head out for a fancy dinner , you don’t have much money? Probably just continue the conversation on Tinder and head out to a cafe for a cute date. Swipe, chat and meet is all you need to do.

  1. Australia - Australia is known for it’s bars and restaurants, so if you need to fix a date there, don’t worry, there are many places you can take your match. The dating scenario of Australia is very open. People use dating apps to swipe right for a perfect match and then take them out on a date. It is not that difficult to find a date there in Australia. St.Kilda beach is probably the most romantic place where one can be with their soulmate. According to a study by Yougov, 35 percent Australians use online dating apps. Another study suggested that 15 percent of Australians use just Tinder.

  1. New York City - New York City is the most amazing city that people want to be in! Many people wanna go there, spend some time at Times Square and feel the magic the city has to offer. Tinder is a very popular app popular in New York as well. Many people use Tinder in New York city. According to a study conducted in February 2019, 7.86 Million people in the US were using Tinder at that point of time. Now imagine it is 2021 right now, how many users will be using it today. 

  1. Italy - Tinder is very popular in Italy as well. Italy is definitely a romantic place to be in and is also a huge dating hub. Talk amidst workdays and hangout on weekends. How about an amazing Friday night or a Saturday night? Tinder is extensively used across Italy and is very popular there. Most people use Tinder to meet many new people or just to have a fun Italian conversation. Italians seem to have a different way of dating for sure where Tinder is more than just an app for them.

  1. Los Angeles - Los Angeles is a very fun place surrounded by casinos and amazing night life full of parties and discs. People are very free and jolly there. There's a saying , what happens in Los Angeles, stays there itself. People there use dating apps extensively and have an amazing fun dating scene.

  1. Argentina -According to Tinder, the most amazing places to find single dates are Buenos Aires , Cordoba, La Plata and Rosario. These are the best places to swipe for a match if somebody is looking for single people to date. The dating scenario is mostly wide in Buenos Aires. The number of dating app users are mostly found here and what else it is a romantic place as well. Tinder helps people match with a large number of people sharing common interests. 

  1. New Zealand - people of New Zealand use dating apps on a large scale. Dating is common everywhere in the world. It is the most common aspect of a youth or any individual’s life. The only thing is who uses the app more or less is the question. New Zealand people are fond of online dating and why not it is not limited to online chat, there are many beautiful places around to match you out on a date.

  1. Barcelona, Spain - Dating apps and websites are very popular across Spain. People love to find dates and dates online. They like to meet people online. Tinder is a very popular dating app used by Spanish people followed by Badoo. The online dating scene in Spain is very different from that of other places. Here people use Dating apps to match with people for casual dating or one night stands, also known as hookups. There are people who look for serious relationships as well. One just has to make their intentions clear before going ahead with something. 

  1. Brazil - Tinder is the most popular app worldwide but it is extensively popular in Brazil. People can easily sign up via facebook , make a profile and start dating instantly. Dating apps are extremely helpful in meeting new people and hanging out and if interested then take the relationship forward. This is amazing. 

  1. Germany - Germany is popularly known for using most online dating websites. Many studies say that Germans are fond of online dating. Germany is the best place to go out on sophisticated dates and have a quality time with your loved one. Research shows that Germans seem to have increased in numbers in terms of using dating apps throughout the recent years. 

Now that we know the Tinder crazy places of the World, make sure to visit these countries along with a Tinder passport. Who knows, you might find your perfect match there! Go ahead and happy dating!




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