How to impress a girl with chatting Online?


How to impress a girl with chatting?


Impressing a girl in chats can be a difficult code to frack but if you know the exact way through, you can definitely ace the game. Impressing a girl through a chat box is different from having a normal conversation. You might ask me why? Well, I have an answer to that. The answer is pretty simple. Girls are tired of creepy DMs full of love messages , obscene pictures , and messages full of sexual thirst. So if you wanna stand out , make sure to avoid sending messages like these to be answered. A girl wants peace when she talks to a person. She doesn’t want to receive the same set of desperate messages again.

impress a girl with chatting Online




    In an article titled “rating my creepy DMs” , Rebecca Moore talks about how much she felt bad about being on the internet receiving creepy Dms from guys and how it changed the way she looked at guys forever.
     According to statistics by business apps, 21 percent male use tinder whereas 13 percent female use tinder in the US.
     According to the same study, 18 percent male use Bumble and females are just 13 percent.
     The same study also proposed that 15 percent males use and 10 percent male use e harmony.  Talking about the percentage of females on and eharmony, it is just 16 percent and 10 percent respectively.
     According to a survey by Daily Sabah, many girls reported being harassed online. The majority of votes went to Facebook with a percentage of 39 percent.
     The same survey claimed that 23 percent of girls polled said that they were harassed on Instagram followed by 14 percent on whatsapp,  followed by snapchat , twitter and tiktok with 10 percent , 9 percent and 6 percent respectively.
     According to the same survey by daily sabah , 19 percent of girls started using social media less and 12 percent girls have completely stopped using it.



The above statistics clearly defines that the percent of males and females using different chatting websites are different and therefore the platform should be chosen accordingly. The above statistics also define the cases of online harassment faced by girls , so to impress a girl, make her feel comfortable enough to talk to you. The girl might eventually feel comfortable with you but then after this point don’t consider her friendship to be something else and cross your line, many guys tend to do that after a few minutes of conversation and this makes the girl to be helpless enough to ignore the chats. Many guys still don’t stop bothering girls, so if you have self respect, please don’t bother a girl if she stops responding. Don’t show that you are desperate.


Few points to keep in mind to Impress a girl in chatting -

     Be decent enough in whatever you type in the chatbox - Girls definitely like decent boys and they fall for them. So make sure to be decent. Don’t do anything to portray that you own a part of her life and have rights to control her. No! Do not do that ever. You met her recently , treat her like that. Don’t talk about things which she does not like to talk about. Well , now you might question me, how would you know whether she likes that topic or not? The answer is simple, the moment she replies hesitatingly to any of your texts , change the topic right away. Make sure not to be too cheesy with her. Do not talk about sexual fantasies or any other thing related to that until you reach that point when she is okay with it. Don’t force her to do anything like sending pictures or videos of her. You don’t have the right to ask for it. You should not have any concern about what she is wearing and how she looks at that point. Bottom line is be simple and do not even bother her. Try to be as decent as possible. Girls like it because all they receive is creepy texts. So if they receive a decent one, they feel good and impressed.

     Pay good attention to the opening line you use - well opening lines are amazing icebreakers. If you use it correctly , you won the game, else you suck. Which one is a good pick up line? A pick up line is good enough to impress a girl if it makes her smile. Use lines like “people say amusement parks make them happy, well for me, nothing is happier than chatting with you!” use such lines after having a little bit of conversation. It is definitely a game changer. Do not use creepy sexual pickup lines. You would lose the battle , the moment you use such lines. So make sure about the lines you use and be judgemental before you use any line on a girl. Be careful guys!

     Don’t cross the line when she talks sweetly - guys tend to think that she is accepting to cross the line of friendship the moment she talks sweetly. Do not ever do that. Take proper notes of the conversation and do not take any HINTS just like that. Chances are there that it might not be a hint. So take it slow. Don’t cross the line. Always remember slow and steady wins the race. Yes , take your conversation slow and don’t show your desperate nature. It definitely impresses a girl. Girls like guys who are not desperate. They are highly impressed with them.

     Asking to call/ video call/ meet or send pictures - girls strictly hate when a boy she doesn’t even know asks for her picture or starts flirting in a limit which he was not supposed to cross. Remember you are still a stranger which she doesn’t know personally so be in your limits. You will slowly know what to do when. Also, she might not be comfortable for a video call, so please don’t ask for it in the very beginning or blackmail her to do so or call her randomly. Respect her decision and her. Girls like to see a different man. They are anyway tired of creeps. So be a man she wants and there you go, you have the way to impress the girl in chats. One ground rule - don’t be desperate enough to ask for pictures (it can be any kind of pictures), chat about meeting her immediately after you start talking, and avoid doing random calls and text about calls if she isn’t comfortable. Bottom line is don’t be desperate , girls hate that.




Now that you know what girls like and don’t like, keep these points in mind and then drive the conversation slowly. Don’t be desperate, that is the main fact. Being kind and decent enough can impress a girl easily. Asking questions like - “what do you like in me?” “Am I good enough for you?” can really annoy the girl because she barely knows you. Don’t keep on asking the same questions or talk about a topic she doesn’t want to talk about. Take some time before you call yourself her friend. If a girl is impressed, it is felt on the chats but as I said do not cross any line after she starts accepting you. Haste is not good, being desperate is definitely not a good sign. So keep calm.




















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