How to Impress Boys in Chatting Online?


How to Impress Boys in Chatting?


Every relationship or Date is a followup from a chat, isn’t it? Well, chats are a good way to impress people they have interest in and interesting chats take the conversation forward. So, one should definitely make sure that the conversation is amazing such that the other person is driven towards it. A text is interesting only when the other person can’t help but reply to it. Getting a text ignored is definitely not an option.


impressing boys in chatting online

Where can a chat be initiated?


Chats can be initiated over social networking sites as well as dating sites. It is very casual and common for girls to receive random message requests on their social media. But , are they good enough to be replied to? A message request is good enough when it is not creepy. If you choose not to reply to a text and still receive many other messages in the same conversation, it is not a good conversation to reply to. If you like any of those profiles , then you can reply to their conversation  and take the conversation forward. What if there aren’t any message requests or interesting follow requests you wanna respond to but you have some other guy you want to talk to! Go ahead and initiate the conversation but don’t sound desperate. Guys like that!


Statistics -


     According to the okcupid dating site , men send messages first to initiate a conversation.


     14 percent of girls on tinder receive unique messages from their tinder matches.


     A majority of 36 percent of girls receive just Hi and Hello messages. Many girls also receive messages saying “whatsup”


     The rest 50 percent of girls do not receive any messages at all.


     Guys like girls to make a first move






Guys think that they always have to initiate the conversations and get ignored eventually. So if a girl does things which guys initiate every time , that is an ice breaking move, girls!


Let’s look at few pointers on how to impress boys in chatting -


     Take a look at his interests to have an interesting conversation - well, ladies, it is time to use all your stalking skills to dig out information on the person you want to have a chat with. It always works. Guys like personalised conversations on the things they love to do. Well, if the same thing clicks with your interests , then  there’s no going back ! First take a look at their bio, and know about their interests. bio ‘s and profile are the best way to know whether the person resonates with you or not. Well , if you both have mutual friends and you are comfortable enough to share the information you have about the guy and ask more things , you can definitely use it as an advanced technique to get to know more about the person. After you have information on the guy, drive the conversation accordingly and it will definitely impress him. Just keep one thing in mind , don’t make the conversation about the interests too obvious. Try to mix it up with the conversation you are already having.  It should feel like it coincidentally came up in the conversation.

     Start with a good opening line -  This line should be good enough to drive the guy to reply to your text. You might get many opening line options on the internet but selecting the perfect one is a big deal. You can create your own as well such that it is not the same and common as other people. People are tired of receiving the same opening lines again and again because these lines keep on circulating within different conversations. So how to select a perfect opening line? Well, you need to make sure that it is simple and clear! Do not confuse the person with twisted lines because at the end of the day you want a proper reply and not something like “ hey, I didn’t get ya?”  so ladies! Keep it simple and smart! Good opening lines are great conversation starters!


     Praise the guy to draw all his attention - well, who doesn’t like to get praised? Everybody likes it. Some show and some don't. Praise is not a thing to be reserved just for girls. Praise the man you are chatting with. Obviously there was something which drew you towards him. Confess that in a nice and gentle way. That’s the key to go! Talk about his display picture , a good quality about him , maybe talk about how good he looks , his hairstyle or if he has a pet , talk about that as well. Praising a person cannot be taught. It should come directly from your heart. So tell him whatever you like about him but make sure not to sound too cheesy in the beginning itself. Draw his attention towards you. Once he gets hooked to the conversation, you can derive that the conversation is going crazy in a positive way.


     Talk gently and very sweetly to him - guys like gentle conversations. Yeah, they say, they don’t like extra drama but a little bit of attention is all they want. Make him feel that you are close to him and talking to him is your comfort zone. Guys like it when they get attention from girls especially when girls start the conversation. It is definitely a turn on for them. Being arrogant, rough and full of attitude won’t give you the desired attention from him you are looking for. So girls, be sweet and gentle when you talk to them. If you see that the conversation is driven somewhere else where you do not want to go, Creep alert! stop that conversation and step out right away.


     Ask things about him such that he feels you want to know him better - before I elaborate this point, I would like to put forward that Don’t be too personal on the questions you ask. Be limited to his birthday maybe or things he likes. Talking about past relationships in the very first conversation is a complete thumbs down and talking about family also is a complete no. If he starts a conversation regarding any of these then it’s fine, you need not initiate a conversation on these topics because you never know what the person went through in the past. Instead, talking about his hobbies, schooling, hometown , food , drinks, music, artists, books etc. make the conversation interesting and do not limit it.Make use of all the stalking you did on the person. Once the conversation gets boring and you don’t know what to ask each other, the fire cools down and becomes the end of the conversation. You need to keep the conversation going!



Guys get impressed whenever a girl approaches them , talks to them or asks them out on a date or invites them to talk over a call. Guys like to experience things which they always do for girls. If a girl does a thing which guys do generally, then they definitely get impressed. So make sure to read the points and do some healthy stalking online (do not  be crazy enough to follow the person) and you are good to go! Talk about things you know and confess if you do not know anything and ask them to talk about it more. This way you do not make a fool out of yourself plus make the guy feel that you are interested in his talk, which is good enough to impress him! Well, ladies, go ahead and fire up that conversation with your loved one!


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