How to activate and use Facebook Dating?, the social media app's dating feature

 How to activate and use Facebook Dating?, the social media app's dating feature

How to activate and use Facebook Dating?, the social media app's dating feature_.


• Facebook Dating is a free dating service available through the Facebook app for iOS and Android.
• You can begin by tapping the Dating button in the shortcuts section of Facebook's three-line menu.
• You can find matches on Facebook Dating by using your interests, Facebook events, and Facebook Groups.


While singles are inundated with dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and a slew of others, Facebook has its own dating service built into the Facebook mobile app.


While it has a small user base, it is an appealing alternative because it leverages the existing Facebook audience and promises to connect you with people who share your interests and activities more easily. Furthermore, unlike almost every other dating app, Facebook Dating is completely free – no premium features are hidden behind a paywall.


1. How to activate Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is only available in the mobile app (Android, iOS), so you won't be able to use it in a web browser or on a computer. However, accessing the dating app is simple:


1. On your mobile device, open the Facebook app.


2. Select the three-line menu option.


3. Look for Dating in the All Shortcuts section. Scroll down and tap See More if you don't see it.


4. Tap Dating.


5. Tap Get Started.


6. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your dating profile. Facebook imports a lot of information from your Facebook profile, but you can choose which items are included in the new profile. Tap the Pencil to change an item, and the X to remove it entirely from your profile.


7. Continue through the profile creation process. You can specify details such as your height, whether you have children, and whether you want to use location services so that Facebook Dating can match you with other people in your area.


8. When you're finished, press the Confirm button to publish your profile.


2. How to use Facebook Dating?

If you've used other dating apps, you should feel right at home with Facebook Dating. After you finish your profile, you can always return to it through your shortcuts in the three-line menu, just as you did when you first created it. Here's how you can use the Dating app:


You'll notice three buttons at the top of the page: Profile, Liked you, and Matches. There's also a Gear icon in the upper right corner.


• Profile: Select Profile to personalise your dating profile. You can change the photos, add introductory text, change your statistics, and add hobbies and interests.
• Liked you: Tap this button to see who else has "liked" your profile, and you can also like or dismiss them from here. If you both select Like, that person is added to the Matches section.
• Matches: If both parties are interested in each other, the other user will appear at the top of this page. Tap a photo to initiate a conversation with that individual, and active conversations appear in the lower half of the page.
• Gear: Customize who you believe to be your ideal match. You can specify your living distance, age, gender, height, language, and other preferences.


The photo of your potential match is in the centre of the page. You can like the profile by tapping the Heart button or dislike it by tapping the X, but if you want more information before making a decision, tap the photo. You'll now see all of the details, as well as additional photos. Like other dating apps, you can tap the buttons to like or dislike, or swipe right to like and left to dislike.




There are a few more options in the More to Explore section:


• Second Look: Click this button to view previously disliked profiles. Unlike most other dating apps, this one gives you a second chance to review and like a profile you previously rejected.
• Events in Common: Facebook allows you to match with people based on Facebook Events that you have signed up for. If you both attended the same event, it may suggest possible matches.
• Groups in Common: Similarly, Facebook can pair you with people who belong to the same Facebook Groups as you.
• Secret Crush: Is there someone on Facebook you're romantically interested in? Tap this button to add a Facebook friend or an Instagram follower — you can add up to nine people at once. If you do, that person will be made aware of their secret crush. Your identity will be revealed if that person also marks you as a crush.












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