Can't stop thinking about Boyfriend’s ex?

Can't stop thinking about Boyfriend’s ex?

Can't stop thinking about Boyfriend’s ex?


Do you find yourself allowing about your beau’s ex a lot? 

 Can you not get her out of your head? Maybe these constant thoughts are skirting on obsession? 

 Would you like to understand why this woman you slightly indeed know keeps popping up in your mind? 

 This guide presents ten possible reasons why you are obsessed with your beau’s ex. 

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 For sure, understanding why you are obsessed with your beau’s ex is a great first step to stopping these feelings. 

 So, let us now explore some of the implicit reasons why you feel this way. 

1. Low self-confidence 

 You are obsessed with your beau’s former better half because you may have low self-esteem issues. Occasionally, you can not believe that you are the girl your man is dating, because you do not suppose you match up to his high standards. 

 Maybe, his former better half was a top employee in a Fortune five hundred company, very pretty and fashionable and here you are, always distrusting your self-worth and you do not indeed understand the word “ sapiosexual”. But you have strengths he is crazy about which you are not apprehensive of. However, you would not be bothered, If you were. 

 So because of this low self-confidence you have, you visit this instability in your relationship. When you realize this issue, stand in front of your mirror and say, I am obsessed with my beau’s ex because I have low self-confidence. Also, do to look for help to break this problem of yours. 

2. Curiosity 

 A certain level of curiosity about your better half is natural. What happen? What was the reason? Why did their union end? Was anything done to salvage the damage which was caused by whoever? Generally, it is normal to talk about everything in the relationship but your better half’s former ladylove. 

 Due to the perceptivity of the content, utmost couples shy away from this content. But it is wise to discuss the history of each other’s partnerships so that you can both learn from your past partnerships. 

3. Worry 

 Your obsession with your man’s ex could be because you are upset that he could run off with her and leave you behind. This is especially so if the ex-girlfriend is a friend of your man. 

 So you come paranoid and begin to stalk her Instagram posts and photographs to make sense of her posts, you keep asking questions like who is she dating? Is she going to the same event as my better half? Where is she staying? What are the chances of my man meeting this girl? And so on. 

 This obsession could also be because your better half spoke admirably about a girl and your thought incontinently goes to his former better half. 

 Also, you start that maybe they have patched their rough ending and you are just in-between them in the relationship. And because of this agitation, you start to go through your man’s phone; overrunning his privacy to read messages between him and his ex. 

4. Guilt 

 Having memories about your past partnerships is extremely normal, but you may not know that. Also, you may not have ended effects so well with your ex-boyfriend, so you are ashamed, and you carry this guilt into your new union. The thing about guilt is once you suppose you be feeling guilty. 

 Maybe, it is logical you think your better half will too, especially when you know the circumstances that led to his last break-up. 

 So, you keep thinking your better half thinks about your beau’s ex. Due to the remorse gnawing at you, you also suppose perhaps your better half regrets his last break-up and also you start feeling your relationship is going down the drain. So you start to obsess over his former ladylove. 

 For case, he tattooed his ex-girlfriend’s name on his arm. You obviously would wonder that every time he looks at his tattoo, you think that the girl may have been very dear to him so he may be feeling guilt and regret over how things ended. 

5. Distrust 

 Your obsession with your previous better half may stem from the fact that you are uncertain about the future of the relationship. Your insecurities may add to that especially when you came into the picture not long after the breakup. 

Any questions about the former ladylove are bound to be avoided. You are likely to suppose that you are being used to cover a certain pain caused by the previous better half of your beau, and you suppose that your man has feelings for her. So, to understand the situation, you go into full-bloated private detective mode on his ex to find answers, and it slowly becomes an obsession. 

6. Comparison 

 Your obsession with your better half’s former better half is because you want to compare yourself with her. So you start to ask, ‘’ What did he see in her in the first place? Does he see the same in me?”. Without notice she becomes the standard, you want to beat her every record. 

 You want to prove that you do everything she does a million times better. So indeed though she is not with your man, and maybe has moved on, you track her through the internet and keep an eagle eye on all movements. You need to prove that you are way better than her in every way. 

7. Fear 

It can be relatively gruelling when you hear of all the events that he would with his first better half. This can produce a certain vulnerability and fear, so you keep obsessing over his ex because you arehysterical that he will go and relive those memories with his former better half. 

 Your everyday thoughts are centred on that girl, and your fear is ever projected in your discussions and conduct in the relationship. 

 So you concentrate this negative energy on his ex, indeed though she is not indeed a problem to be dealt with. And rather than dealing with the situation at hand with your better half, you just can not keep off her socials. You do not indeed fete yourself because you are now an upgraded internet snooper. 

8. Competition 

Society has a way of creating competition amongst its members. And all of an unforeseen, the man is the prize, and you and the former better half are the main challengers, indeed if she does not know it. 

 So the winner is the one who is proper, richer, smarter, has further angles, etc so you try to be that perfect person. Indeed though you have a beau, you are still threatened by the fact that he would a past with his ex-girlfriend. So your obsession thrives on the fact that you are a defending champion of the trophy, which is nothing short of disgusting. 

9. Jealous feelings 

 Everyone has felt a slight tinge of jealousy in their relationship ahead. It is fully normal and speaks of the protectiveness and possessiveness you have for your beau, but when covetousness is constant with you, it means you are getting over-entitled. 

 Being entitled in a relationship noway ends well because you want your better half all to yourself, and love is anything but selfish. 

 In circumstances where his former better half is involved, you could be insecure over the fact that he formerly loved her and it becomes hard for you to not obsess over her. This kind of covetousness leads you to events you did not indeed experience. 

 Former better halves will always have a special spot in our hearts dependent on the impact they caused while in our lives, occasionally it can be veritably delicate for a current better half to do that. 

 For case, a former ladylove calls her swain for a conversion. She says she is stranded in the town and she thinks that your man is the only one hard she thinks can help her get a safer place to stay. 

Your mangoes down and is down for long. Jealousy may cloud your sense of judgment to be reasonable about the situation. This is especially true if you find them drooling and having a good laugh over events only they can relate to. 

 One thing to understand is not all exes come as total nonnatives, when their union (for whatever reason) is over, some people tend to have a good friend in their ex-girlfriends. The case where former better halves are best musketeers is completely not uncommon. 

10. Being judgemental 

 Your constant thoughts about your man’s partner are because you are judgemental. As it starts with covetousness, judgment is bound to follow and you come to the authority on morality because you enjoy the moral compass. You tend to project your negative views grounded on what you have seen and heard about the ex. 

You suppose you know more because your better half shouldn’t have had intimate relations with his ex, and slut- shame her. Why did he choose her? Of all the people he could have gone for, why her?. You ask all these questions because you want to make yourself feel more, being judgemental workshop that trick. 


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