What are Pancreatic cancer symptoms in females?

 Pancreatic cancer among women has become common lately. It occurs in the pancreatic tissues in the abdomen which are located at the lower portion of your stomach. Almost 1 out of 4 women face this health problem. Some of them start seeing the symptoms within a few days or weeks. Some women take around months to witness this problem. 

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Researchers say that not getting the proper treatment of pancreatic cancer in time can lead to life-threatening disasters with time. 

We have compiled the list of symptoms women go through when she is having pancreatic cancer. Understand them thoroughly for your benefit. 

Does the location of the tumor manifest different symptoms? 

Yes, surely! The location at which the tumor has settled down says a lot about the predicted symptoms. The tumor can be formed in different areas of the pancreas resulting in different symptoms. For instance; you may suffer from weight loss and severe aches if the tumor in your body has formed in the tail of the pancreas. In such a case, the entire body of the pancreas gets affected due to Pancreatic cancer in females. 

Researchers revealed that it generally takes unexpected time to get the pancreatic body tumor detected. It increases and fastens up itself till the time it finally is detected and treated. Moreover, in other cases, a person might have symptoms like jaundice. It happens when the tumor is formed in the pancreas head. 


Factors leading to the Pancreatic cancer in Female 

The factors mentioned below are hazardous as it leads to Pancreatic cancer in females. 

  • Genetic Pancreatic cancer manifesting through the history of  Pancreatic cancer in your family
  • Existing diabetes problem
  • Pancreas chronic inflammation 
  • Obesity 
  • Frequent smoking
  • Age more than 65

Pancreatic cancer symptoms in female

More than 40 to 50% of the women have reportedly shown the symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Most of the symptoms it shows are genetic-based. So, to make sure that you are not among the ones who are going through the same problem, you must know the symptoms of this problem as soon as possible to save yourself at the right time. We have compiled and listed all of them below -

  1. Jaundice

The existence of jaundice due to pancreatic cancer doesn't cause any pain in the body. Yet the symptoms it causes can't be ignored. It gets manifested when the bile duct gets blocked because of the presence of the tumor at the head of the pancreas. 

Women might face the following symptoms -

  • Urine darkness
  • Itching of the skin - Pruritus
  • Greasy stools while excreting 
  • Yellowness in the eyes and face

  1. Gastrointestinal Problems

Generally, Gastrointestinal Problems are caused when the tumor formed due to the pancreatic cancer is continuously pressing on the mid stomach area. It further moves to other parts of the digestive system as well leading to pain all over. It can lead to several symptoms which will help you to identify at the right time if it's the cause of some serious illness like pancreatic cancer. The following symptoms you may find yourself in are listed below - 

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Abdomen swelling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting

  1. Back Pain & Stomach Ache

Constantly paining the upper abdomen is the most obvious sign of pancreatic cancer. It usually comes and goes and vice versa. It is often the result of the tumor that has formed itself on the tail of the pancreas. It generally presses directly on the spine which further causes intense back and forth pain. 

Many patients revealed that they initially had pain in the middle area of the abdomen. This pain then revolves all around the area reaching to the backside. It's also said that such pain shall increase while lying down on the backside of the body. The pain generally lowers down while leaning in the forward direction. 

Such signs must not be ignored. With this, pancreatic cancer can widen itself leading to serious problems. 

  1. Fatigue

Feeling the indescribable tiredness all of sudden is a sign of pancreatic cancer although it might be due to several other health issues as well. Researchers say that people who are consistently facing the fatigue problem all of sudden without any major reason, should get consulted and checked up with the specialized doctors. It will disclose if it's due to this problem or some other problem. 

  1. Sudden weight loss

Researchers reveal that 30% of the women faced sudden weight loss which got no explanation in reality. After taking proper treatment and consulting with the doctor, it was said that those women were suffering from pancreatic cancer. 

Weight loss generally is a strong symbol that there is something wrong with your body. So, make sure that if you as a woman are also facing the loss of weight all of sudden without figuring about any specific cause for it, then this is for sure that you might be a victim of some serious body illness where having or facing pancreatic cancer is the common one. 

  1. Diabetes

Researchers said that if the symptoms of pancreatic cancer do not get diagnosed by the doctors at the right time then, they might have diagnosed some other problem that covers this disease like diabetes. 

Pancreatic cancer often leads to a rise in blood sugar levels It happens because pancreatic cancer often demolishes the insulin-making cells in the body. Researchers for this reason state that all diabetic patients must be checked up for pancreatic cancer. 

Key takeaways 

Being a woman, you must be aware of symptoms of pancreatic cancer too! As soon as you find yourself facing any of the symptoms of this cancer, do not ignore it. Also, know that pancreatic symptoms differ from person to person. What one person is facing might not be the case for the other person as well. Eventually, different patients come up with different symptoms which aren't directly related to pancreatic cancer. Visit and get consulted by the doctor in an emergency. Ignorance can be heavy on you without you realizing it on time. 



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