Best Health Drink for Women in India

 Best Health Drink for Women in India

Who doesn't want to stay healthy? I guess, everybody! Healthy lifestyles are often difficult to follow where all of our time is occupied with multiple things. Taking care of what we eat is the last thing we prioritize today because of which we end up suffering later. Particularly talking about women, who are under pressure from managing their households to giving birth, to overseeing their period cramps to doing jobs. 

According to the researchers, every woman should take a glass of healthy drink mixed milk daily. Health drinks for women become quintessential so that they can stay energetic and healthy enough to perform all such tasks with ease and mental peace of mind. The right nutrition can be easily passed to the women using these health drinks. 

The article below is intended to help you with providing the right knowledge about the best health drinks that are available for women in the market. 

Why do women need health drinks? 

The notion that only children need healthy drinks has changed today. Not only children, but even women are also badly in need of taking healthy drinks. These health drinks or supplements ensure to fill the lacking nutrition or vitamins A, C, E, etc to your body. It boosts your energy levels improving your overall vitality as it decreases with increasing age. You will see advertisements talking about so many different brands of health drinks which are meant especially for women keeping in mind the necessary nutrition they require. These health drinks help to cleanse your body by removing all the waste or bad toxins. 

Moreover, it keeps the woman hydrated all day where she can smoothly go out and do all the activities without fainting or feeling weak. Most of the women don't like the taste of the normal supplements, henceforth companies started manufacturing these health drinks in a variety of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. If it tastes good, then automatically you feel like having more. This strategy worked well and a lot of women purchased health drinks of different flavors. These health drinks act as a helping backbone to fill in a lot of the necessary vitality items like nutrients or minerals that often go missing from the daily diet. Talking about pregnant women, they need to check with their doctors or health specialists regarding the supplements. Although various supplements are available in the market for pregnant women, taking them with recommendation is going to be highly beneficial for the health of the mother as well as the child. 

Best Health Drink for Women in India

The list of health drinks you may find online or offline is numerous. Each health drink has its pros, nutritional values, and energy levels. Choosing the best one for you as a woman might seem difficult. But looking into the data and statistics, we have come up with the top 6 health drinks for women in India in the beneath section - 

  1. Healthkart Women's Protein with Calcium, Iron

It is the perfect health drink for the woman who is a multitasker - from handling her baby, doing household work, to going out and doing office tasks. It comes in a yummy chocolate flavor that helps to keep your muscles and bones strong. It is also beneficial to keep your eyesight 6/6. It has amino acids, calcium, proteins, and iron. Moreover, it consists of the DHA that helps control cholesterol levels. 

  1. Ensure: Complete, Balanced Nutrition

Ensure is also one of the most purchased products among women. Overall this product has 40 supplements. Ensure health products help to reduce osteoporosis-related risks. It consists of iron, Selenium, minerals, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin E, nutrients, Manganese, folic acid, etc to provide your body full support. It is best to take this supplement after crossing your 40's. 

  1. Bournvita Cadbury Health Drink for Women

Bournvita frankly needs no introduction, it's so popular among kids as a health drink. Now, they have come up with a variant for women. It comprises folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium, and iron. This drink helps in earning a good amount of energy to perform your daily tasks without any hindrance. Moreover, it also reduces fatigue and strengthens the bones. 

  1. Oziva Protein

It consists of a lot of medicinal herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Oziva Protein powder for women is entirely free of gluten. Moreover, it also improves the skin & hair texture and hair growth of women. These herbs are mixed with protein powder and keep you healthy. It is the most sold item because of its good nutritional value and the benefits it offers. 

  1. Women's Horlicks Health and Nutrition Drink

It consists of vitamin D that helps to absorb all the calcium. The major purpose of this drink is to strengthen the bones of women giving them enough stamina. It is meant for women who are above 30 years. It helps to lower down the osteoporosis risk. Vitamin K2 helps to keep your bones strong. 

  1. Protinex Mama- Chocolate

The protein Mama health drink is specially meant for lactating and pregnant women. It consists of necessary vitamins and minerals. The flavors of this particular product come in vanilla flavors and chocolate flavors. It has 100% vegetarian proteins. This particular supplement is rich in the DHA ingredient. This specific edition of the ingredient is highly beneficial for the mother's overall health as well as for the overall growth of the fetus's brain. 

Key Takeaways 

Health drinks are more important for women today than ever. Our poor and hectic lifestyle has increased the need to intake more health supplements today. These health drinks contain vitamins helping your body to fight against various diseases and to be a multitasker without exhausting your energy. You should start taking healthy drinks. If you have any health problems you can take advice from the health doctors and then start the recommended health drinks. It will boost your full health that in turn will improve your daily productivity. 



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