How Long Is It Safe for Women To Hold Your Urine?

How Long Is It Safe for Women To Hold Your Urine?

Procrastination is the part of lazy people! While watching your favorite Netflix series, or while sleeping, you are bound to discover laziness that might stop you from further going ahead and peeing on time. But, did you ever realize how harmful it could be for you? If not, then this article will let you know everything about how ridiculous it can affect your body. 

How Long Is It Safe for Women To Hold Your Urine?

Peeing is natural for our body, we are made this way that we need to pee in a short time and again to keep our body healthy and away from harmful bacteria. Going against this natural phenomenon can drag you to life dangers and in rare cases, you can either have forever serious problems or you might even die. 

The article below is intended to make you aware of how safe it is to control your urine and what further could be the consequences. 

How Long Is It Safe for Women To Hold Your Urine?  

Holding urine is never considered a good idea whether safe or unsafe. Withholding urine for 5 or 6 hours, you are commanding your brain to act this way further. Creating some serious problems can lead to a life-taking experience. Our bladder containing around 16 to 24 ounces of fluid is generally deemed to be at its finest state. Here, is when you will get the serious urges of emptying it, and not doing so can further start some serious body problems which further will be hard to ignore. Women can ideally hold their pee for 5 to 6 hours to not encounter serious problems in the body. It strictly should be done only in emergency cases when you have no alternative left to pee and this is the only option of holding it. But holding it for 6 hours can lead to some unseen, unstated, and underestimated issues that can make you go crazy. 

Relation between brain and bladder

The bladder and brains are said to have a direct interlinked connection to each other. The bladder generally has a lot of receptors that further communicate with the brain and let them know how full or empty the bladder is. The bladder consists of a fine line. Once it's a quarter full, the bladder receptors tell the brain to pee, here's when you get your first urge to pee. It means that your first urge to peeing doesn't completely mean that your bladder is filled fully. It has some more time to fill fully and it's like an indication or a warning from the brain side to be alert enough in this subject. The muscles covering the bladder keep the fluid or pee in the contracted state that further holds it from breaking out. It holds it till the time you are finally ready to release it. 

What problems did women face with withholding pee? 

Peeing is natural to keep harmful bacteria away from the body. Women can undergo various serious problems by holding their pee which can be alarming - 

  • More than anything, holding your pee for more than 9 to 12 hours can make your bladder burst which can be life jeopardizing. 
  • You might witness that even after having the strong urge to pee, you won't be able to do it after holding it long enough. It will become incontinence and irregular leading to storing or accumulating harmful bacterias within your body itself. 
  • With the holding of your pee, you are commanding your bladder to adjust to not peeing. With time, you will face problems where you will have a big urge to pee but it won't come out of your body. It can make your bladder atrophy. 
  • Holding pee for more than 10 hours can lead to urinary retention. It makes it hard for the muscles of your bladder to relax and pee inconsistency. 
  • In the most severe cases, when you don't empty up your bladder consistently for a few days, you can end up developing a UTI - a urinary tract infection. 

Can when die from holding pee? 

Holding your pee for a few hours occasionally for example while traveling or if you are stuck in an important meeting that has no escape, is completely fine. But, holding it for more than, let's say, 9 hours can lead to unseen complications. According to the researchers, the overall chances of dying by holding your pee for the long term are less than 1%. Although, as an ill consequence of it you might have some serious health issues but will surely not die by doing so. Researchers also say that when you hold your pee for a long enough time, the chances you have to pee smoothly in the future are very less. You will then face some internal stoppage that won't allow you to pee despite you trying long enough. The ill result would be the bursting of your bladder. One might get an instant necessity to be hospitalized in an emergency case. This situation if not handled within the right time frame can surely lead to your death. It also means that by holding pee you are releasing the harmful life-hazardous bacteria from your body. It further can reach a level where you can face the symptoms of a UTI problem. It can ignite the most dangerous problems like sepsis. So, death isn't directly connected to holding pee but its strings are attached to it indirectly. 

Key Takeaways

Getting urinated time by time is as crucial as taking sound sleep each day! Women - let me tell you one thing, that holding your pee isn't a good idea at all. You may not end up dying from holding pee, but still, it can lead to serious complications in your body which further will be hard to compensate for. Make sure to vacate your bladder each time you feel an urge to urinate. You may hold your pee for a few hours but ultimately you will end up suffering facing the consequences of it. 


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