How to cure sciatica permanently?

 How to cure sciatica permanently?

Our lifestyle to our exercise pattern, everything can lead to Sciatica. If you are the one suffering from Sciatic nerve damage and facing immense pain due to it, then you have chosen the right article to get the correct knowledge. Sciatica is a specific condition of the nerve that leads to big lower back pain. This particular pain generally initiates from your backside and moves from the buttock to your legs. 
How to cure sciatica permanently?

The article below will give you a clear insight into how you can permanently cure the Sciatica problem. 

Symptoms of Sciatica

  • The most obvious symptom is the problem that comes while moving from your place. 
  • Weird feeling of somebody inserting a needle into your feet.
  • Sudden irritation, and burning sensation that starts from your hips side and goes till your legs beneath.
  • Gradually you notice that you are losing your control over the bowel or bladder.
  • Feeling numbness in various areas like hips, thighs, legs, lower back, etc. 

Risk factors leading to Sciatica

Multiple risk factors can lead to Sciatica pain. They are mentioned below - 

  • Poor Lifestyle

People who have adopted the poor lifestyle for themselves, who lays back for hours, or even the office workers who need to sit on one seat for 8 to 9 hours are prone to developing Sciatic nerve damage problems. 

  • Smoking & Excess Drinking

Smoking can lead to the weakening of your bones. Excessive smoking and drinking badly affect your nervous system along with the spinal tissues. It further can damage your vertebral disk. All such major losses could manifest or trigger Sciatica pain. 

  • Excessive Physical Activities

Doing physical activity is although good for your body. It keeps the blood circulation in a balanced state. But, excessively going after physical activities can lead to Sciatica problems. It generally happens, when you lift heavy weights or start with big exercises being a beginner without any warm-up or proper advice from the specialist. It can then work negatively for you. 

  • Obesity

Our spine within the body is responsible for lifting all of the body weight. It works similar to a crane. This particular lifting up of the heavyweight can hinder the functionality of the spinal tissues. So, ideally, people having obesity issues or pregnant women are more prone to developing the Sciatica problem. 

  • Diabetes 

People having high blood sugar levels in their body are more at risk of developing the Sciatica problem. It is because high blood sugar levels in the body can destroy your nervous system. 

  • Injuries

In life, if you have ever faced the lower backbone side injuries or in the spine area, then it may increase the chance of developing a  Sciatica problem sometime in the future leading to the nerve-damaging of sciatica. 

  • Lack of Stamina/ Weak Core

If you are the one who always feels drained after moving 20 steps, then you might badly lack stamina and energy in your body. In multiple cases, it can lead to unbearable lower back or Sciatica pains. A healthy core help in providing support to the lower back. Moreover, if you have re-strength, it might end up risking your life to having the Sciatica problem. 

How to cure sciatica permanently?

Researchers say that the inflammation rate and the burning sensation thankfully reduces with time. It might take around 4 to 5 weeks to notice this change but it does works and cures itself permanently with time. It is only possible if you are regularly following the advice provided by the doctor, doing exercises, stretches, and taking your medications on time. 

  • Medications

Scheduling an appointment with doctors and taking the right medications can be extremely beneficial than any other remedies. The doctor will advise you on anti-inflammatory medicine, back creams, and pain killers to provide overall relaxation to your pain. 


  • Workouts

You can do exercises that are meant to heal the Sciatica pain. Moreover, start doing swimming, daily aerobics, normal walks, and stretching to cure the Sciatica pain faster. 

  • Therapies 

The therapies options available for you to treat the Sciatica are listed below -


  • Chiropractic is one of the alternate therapy types to deal with bettering the structure of your body. By visiting a professional chiropractor, you can get help to correct all your spine pictures and thus eliminating the pain. It's the best way to get treated without going through any surgery or operation. 

  • Acupuncture is the most common and widely accepted therapy to cure Sciatica pain. It presses the pinpoints of the lower back from where the Sciatica pain has started and gradually it goes away. 

  • Yoga works like a charm as it is the best way to correct your physical postures and further leading to core strengthening. It can prove to be highly beneficial in bringing forth the necessary changes in relieving the back pain within a week.  

  • Surgery

Surgery is recommended when your back postures have become bad and you are facing unbearable pain. In this state, none of the remedies other than surgery would work out as your bladder and bowel get in the out of the control zone. 

  • Hot and cold packs

To get immediate relief, you can go for hot packs or cold packs. They will instantly provide you relief from the burning sensation. 

Key Takeaways 

Do not take the Sciatica issue lightly. It can badly affect your health, bending abilities, and even a normal walk. By disrupting your daily life routine, this problem takes away your mental peace. Even the smallest of the daily routine activities get affected due to this. Try some instant therapies to get relief and consult a doctor to take his advice. Before directly going for surgery which in the critical case you have to, make sure to try out the other plans for getting relief from the pain caused due to the Sciatica. Moreover, researchers say that when the pain and inflammation initially start than doing some simple stretching exercises can work like a charm to cure this. 


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