Is feminism keeping females single?

Is feminism keeping females single??


“You are the problem. You are surreal,” he is heard telling females in his video.
Entitled and ignorant rants are real, and this user on Twitter is living proof of that. The video of a TikTok user has recently gone viral where he is explaining that women are single due to feminism in a completely bigoted manner. “You are the problem. You are delusional,” he is heard saying to women within the video.
He says, “Why is it that even beautiful women are single today? It is simple feminism. Feminism taught you, ‘You are a queen! You are god’s gift to this earth! You are the prize!’ No, you ain’t. You ain’t a queen. You are never gonna be my queen as you ain’t my mum. You do not love me unconditionally. You love me under conditions.”
The user, “heartbreaknino617” is talking about how he is “dominant and not submissive” and since he provides for the females in his life, they ought to hear him. This is followed by many other bizarre statements that have not sat well with users online.
He goes on to feature, “The problem is, I am a person. When we leave, you expect me to require care of you. I pay for you. But once I tell you to try to do something, then roll in the hay. Do not expect me to chase you, beg you, get on my knees. I am not submissive. I am dominant. You are the problem. You are delusional.”
Others have also acknowledged that videos like these are common for his page, which he has made content like this before.

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