Sleep loss is not a joke : kalki koechlin pens a very similar post on her social media for new mothers.

Sleep loss is not a joke : kalki koechlin pens a very similar post on her social media for new mothers.

 Sleep loss is not a joke : kalki koechlin pens a very similar post on her social media for new mothers. 

Kalki Koechlin, who lately turned author with The Elephant in the Womb, developed on how lack of sleep affects mommies.” It can make us feel tired and missing and hopeless,” she said.

Sleep plays an extremely important part in maintaining overall health. Yet, numerous people are unfit to sleep well owing to their overactive schedules, commodities that can impact their well-being. The same is the case with new mommies. From having to wake up in the middle of the night to feed, to spending wide-awake nights trying to make their new-born sleep, postpartum mommies witness taxing sleep cycles which can, in turn, lead to stress and fatigue.

 Actor Kalki Koechlin, who gave birth to daughter Sappho in February 2020 with a better half name called Hershberg, shared a post that all new mommies and mommies-to-be can maybe relate to.

 “ A little post on sleep. Sleep loss is no joke. It is truly mentally and physically enervating. No wonder it is used as a form of torture each over the world. New mommies can relate to sleep loss,” she captioned an Instagram videotape in which she can be seen trying to catch some shut-eye during her gestation as well as post-pregnancy trip.

 Kalki, who turned author with The Elephant in the Womb, went on to unfold how lack of sleep affects mommies. “ It can make us feel tired and misplaced and hopeless,” she mentioned. In similar times, a helping hand in the form of family support can help, Kalki added.

“ Those around can help by taking over tasks in the domestic realm or being with the baby so she feels confident to switch off occasionally. Here is a post devoted to the significance of sleep for new mommies. May you find the moments and slip into them blissfully,” she said.

 Agreed with Dr Ritu Sethi, Senior consultant, Gynecologist, Cloud Nine Hospital, Gurugram and Apex Clinic, Gurugram, and mentioned how as it is, pregnancy is a “ roller coaster ride of feelings that tends to get exacerbated if there is no patient observance to vent the frustrations”. “ The first thing getting affected in this script is sleep,” she said.


 Fluctuating hormones, dislocation in sleep due to nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, and discomfort due to growing belly each contributes to lack of sleep, said Dr Sethi.

“ All this has drastic consequences on the woman’s health and also impacts her future child. A pregnant woman is more prone to infections due to dropped immunity, increased levels of blood glucose which predisposes to gestational diabetes. Hypertension can also develop in gestation. Indeed preterm labour and baby size being affected in the womb are also noticed,” said Dr Sethi.

 Sleep, experts say, plays a huge part as it tackles mood swings, reduces stress, helps stay at a healthy weight, and builds strength.

 “ Generally, minimal sleep needed is six hours and good sleep is eight hours. But for a pregnant woman, minimal sleep should be ten to eleven hours while for a new mommy it should be six-eight hours. The cyclic release of hormones takes place at the time of sleep which is demanded a baby’s growth during pregnancy, and indeed afterwards for the mommy’s psychological health,” said Dr Sravanthi Gadhiraju, Adviser Gynaecologist, Obstetrician and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad.

 Wakefulness can spark anxiety issues, gastritis as the digestion won’t be good, added Dr Gadhiraju.

One of the ways to deal with postpartum sleep loss is to sleep when the baby sleeps. It’s best to not use the time to complete pending work or watch Television as one might not know when the child will sleep next. “ One should not stress over not getting enough sleep. Divide naps in the afternoon, evening if night sleep is broke,” mentioned Dr Gadhiraju.


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