What happens if boyfriend made a tinder profile for girl friend?

 What happens if boyfriend made a tinder profile for girlfriend. 

What happens if boyfriend made a tinder profile for girl friend ichhori.com

We all know that dating applications are way better for females than males. Why? Well, because first of all, there are way more males on them than females and the ratio is quite off. 

 So, when a man who was considering that he could” do better” than his better half got his ass handed to them after he jokingly created a Tinder profile for her. 

 He made a Tinder account for his girl with her pictures and let’s just say he immediately regretted the decision. His better half’s profile got around one thousand three hundred likes in an hour, according to a viral social media network. 

“ Attention men, if you are feeling like you can do better than your girl, create a Tinder profile with her pictures and see how many other men would be interested to be in your shoes. I did it as a joke and my girl has one thousand three hundred likes in an hour,” he wrote. 

He added, “I am about to run her a bath, cook dinner, fold the laundry and rub her feet you all tripping. I am one man, I can not face off with one thousand three hundred beaus.”

 He also posted updates on how many males were interested in her. 

“Update, she is at 1865 now, I am painting her toenails and buy her a pony,” he said. 

 He then shared another update, saying, “2252 likes, anyone has any connection to buy a baby cow?”

Individuals took to the comments section to express what they were feeling about the hole deal. 

 One user wrote, ‘Joey, you are not supposed to face off with anyone if she loves you and only you, such.’

 Another jokingly commented,’ Should not take all that to tutor you to appreciate your woman. I do that for all three of mine because I got a lot of love and appreciation to give.’

‘I love how it turned to a work (business) at the end,’ wrote a third user. 

Are you valuing your woman? Well, you better do. 



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