Can post partum depression be treated at home?

Can post partum depression be treated at home?

Postpartum depression is a very delicate problem that needs immediate attention and proper nourishment. More than 70% of the women are expected to have a wave of sadness or anger that goes on within a few weeks. Moreover, more than 30% of the women are likely to face chronic postpartum depression that might take years to get over. Postpartum depression manifests itself for various reasons and causes.  

Can post partum depression be treated at home?

Moreover, various treatments are available in the market for this. But with total care at home, you can get your situation better by 60%. Although in other cases it will demand professional help that will require medication intake and psychotherapy or counseling sessions.    

In this article, you are going to get a brief idea about how you can come up with postpartum depression treatment in the comfort of your home. 

What are the causes of postpartum depression? 

Postpartum depression can be caused due to the following underlying reasons - 

  • Emotional Changes
Hormonal disbalance in the body can lead to postpartum depression. It does so by leading to a sleeping disorder and results in anger, emotional upheaval, and hopelessness. 

  • Breastfeeding 
Many mothers are not able to provide enough milk for their children. This in turn stresses them out and leads to unnecessary worries. Although, these mothers should know that it isn't anything to worry about and they can get it treated by doctors easily by some ayurvedic natural medicine. 

  • Physical Changes 
After the delivery, the mother gets various changes in her physical appearance. From gaining excess fat to looking dull. Postpartum depression can happen due to these reasons as well. 

Can postpartum depression be treated at home?

Although, postpartum depression is a serious problem and you can't fully rely on the home tasks to treat it from the roots. But, to some extent, say by 60% your situation can get better if you start working on the smallest of the things. Rest 40% of the cases might be complicated that would require urgent professional attention. 

  • Morning meditation, yoga & exercises

Starting your day with morning exercise, deep meditation, and yoga is always recommended. It will bring peace, possibility, and a fresh start to your life. You need to stay committed to your daily exercise schedule and do it for at least 1 hour. You will see better results soon. While doing these spiritual practices, you can also play some calm and composed music in the background. It will be the best way to perform these activities and will work to the core. 

  • Spending time in nature

Nature, soil, mother earth are the natural body, mind, and soul healers. Spending time in the sunset, near trees, walking barefoot on grass can increase your chances of healing from postpartum depression faster. Watch birds flying, go and play with water, sand, and crystals. Watch sunsets and sunrises, the peace it will bring you will be enough to treat 90% of your problems. 

  • Doing laughing therapies 

Laughing therapies are the best way to increase happy chemicals in your body. It's like 'Fake it, till the time you make it.' You can also watch some good comedy shows as it is the best therapy for your soul and helps you get natural laughs in your worst days of life. 

  • Working on your hobbies

You need to keep yourself busy so that you have less time to think about the depression problems going on in your life. Work on the things you love doing. It can be anything like writing, dancing, singing, etc. 


  • Socializing more with good souls

Don't restrict yourself to one room. Move out, speak with people who bring out the best in you. You can also join some good clubs talking about women's health, motherly phases, etc. It will keep you in touch with reality without losing your senses. The more you socialize with people the more you will be able to overcome your sadness, anxiety, and troubles. 

  • Going for outings

Preferably you should try taking outings at least twice a week. Go for trekking, eating out, or even shopping. Getting out of your Bed taking the fresh air itself is going to relieve you. But also make sure that the people you are going out with aren't bringing any negative harm to you. For example, forcing you to drink, take drugs, or smoke. Make sure to choose your friend circle wisely. 

  • Reading good books

Books are the best friends for humans. Without books, there exists a different lack in life. Dwell into the beautiful stories and even the spiritual books that directly connect to your heart. It leaves you stronger than ever. 

  • Surrounding yourself with loved ones 

When you're alone, the most crucial thing is to surround yourself with loving and caring souls. Speak to them your heart out and believe that you are not alone in this journey. Spend time with your spouse, mother, and other family members. I'm sure that they will help to accelerate the place of your healing process as they have seen such things in their previous times. 

  • Practicing gratification 

Gratitude is the essence of life! Be thankful for the smallest of things God has provided you with to date. Hold your hands and think about things you are grateful for in your life. You will automatically feel an elevation in your mood. 


  • Professional Treatment at home

If nothing seems to work out, you can proceed with the professional help, go for full-body massages, and psychotherapy sessions, and home counseling sessions to better this situation. 

Key Takeaways 

Postpartum depression needs professional care and home care. With certain remedies at home, you can improve your state by 60% yet not be assured that home remedies fully recover it. Even if you feel like you have got better with home remedies but down the line in say a few months, you will see the symptoms of postpartum depression again. So, it's always to go by professional help and home care side by side for better results. 


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