Can you trust your boyfriend?

 Can you trust your boyfriend?

Can you trust your boyfriend?

1. He asks for your viewpoint on important things 

There is a saying that people who trust others tend to be secure, and you should not trust those who do not trust others. This means that if a man trusts you enough to ask for your inputs on important opinions of his life, he is open about his affairs and does not mind you getting involved. 

An untrustworthy man, on the other hand, would have gone ahead to make these opinions without telling you. Such a man does not want you to know the important details of his life. Maybe, he thinks of your presence as temporary and does not see the need to bring you into his world. 

2. He keeps to his pledges 

One of the characteristics of a gentleman is his capability to stick to his words. A gentleman knows that his pledges are binding and will stop at nothing to redeem them. Thus, when this man says he will do commodity, you can go that he will do it. 

Still, that means you should not trust him If you are with a man who does not keep his words and sees nothing wrong in not fulfilling promises. A trusty man does not fail on his promises. 

3. He does not shy away from public display of affection (PDA) 

While not everyone is a fan of public display of affection, there are other ways a person can choose to show physical affections in public, and one of them is holding hands. 

PDA allows everyone around you to know that you are in a partnership. Thus one of the signs that you can trust a man is if he holds your hand in public, pecks, and kisses you irrespective of the crowd. He has nothing to hide and is not hysterical of anyone seeing him because he is committed to only you. 

4. He does not keep away eye contact 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and they can reveal effects about a person indeed before they say it. In the non-appearance of a medically diagnosed condition, when a person avoids eye contact with you, it means they lack confidence, or they are trying to hide a lie. 

You see, as humans, we pay attention to an individual’s body language, so if you are with a man who does not avoid eye contact with you. Rather, he looks at you in the eye whenever he is talking to you. It means he is sure of his words, and you can trust him. 

5. He does not pretend to like individuals 

Are you dating a man who will tell you negative effects about a person moment, but when they see this same person hereafter, they pretend to like them? That is a sign that he is not secure. I am not advocating that we should be mean to people we do not like. 

Still, when you pretend to like someone whose presence you can not stand, it means that you want commodity from them or that you are a coward whose fidelity sways depending on what is accessible to you. 

A trusty man is not scared to say his mind and opinions, indeed when it involves people. They are not two-faced, and this is what makes people admire further honesty. 

6. He respects your timing and does not cancel plans at the last minute 

Being considerate of other individuals’ time is a sign of respect, and a man who is not secure can noway relate to this behaviour. However, it is a sign that you can trust him If a man is always immediate and does not cancel plans at the last minute. 

Sure, people get caught up with work and other effects during the day and lose track of time. Still, if cancelling plans at the last minute has come a habit, and he does not admire your time, these are signs that he has no regard for your time, and you aren’t a priority. 

7. He does not flirt with any other girl 

Without having to point it out, it is enough apparent that dating a man who flirts with other girls is not only disrespectful but is a major red flag. There is always that constant question in your head of how far he can go with his flirty ways. You have these questions in your brain because his actions make you not trust him. 

Still, when you are with someone who does not flirt with other girls, it is easier to trust his feelings and intentions. By not flirting with other girls, he proves that you are the only one who has his attention and his conduct make you trust him. 

8. He treats other people well 

Any man who treats you nicely but disrespects everyone differently is not someone you should trust. It means he is not a good person and is only kind to those who can profit him. 

On the other hand, a man who is kind and polite with everyone irrespective of their part is someone you can trust. It means that indeed when you fall out of their good graces or have an argument, you trust him to remain kind to you and fight fair. 

9. He does not offer you a reason to doubt him

There is a peace that comes with being during a relationship with someone you trust wholly. They seem to understand what is going to cause you to raise an eyebrow and check out to avoid them by remaining transparent in the least time. He picks his calls in your presence, and he involves you in his personal life and decisions.

So while you will be out there looking for reasons why you ought to not trust your guy, it is okay to step back and relax if he has not given you any reason to doubt him.

10. you have got free access to his phone

We sleep in a digital age where our phones hold tons of secrets. It is easy to understand a few person’s life and their whereabouts by browsing their phone.

If you have got free access to your boyfriend’s phone and he shares his password with you, the likelihood is that you will trust him, and he has nothing to cover.

11. He is honest about his opinions

There is nothing worse than surrounding yourself with people that are frightened of disagreeing with you. They will say yes to everything you are doing because they need to stay in your good graces.

A guy who is honest about his opinions regardless of the consequence or how it causes you to feel is someone you’ll trust. While he might attempt to use softer terms in conveying his message, he won’t mislead cause you to feel better. He knows that a constructive bitter truth is best than a gorgeous lie, and your relationship is best off with reality.

12. He respects boundaries and is not manipulative

Irrespective of how long you have got been during a partnership with someone, personal boundaries should be respected. One of the signs you will trust a man is when he respects your boundaries even when he disagrees with them. He does not attempt to manipulate or coerce you into doing something you are doing not want to try to. 

13. you recognize his family, social, and workgroups

I know people in partnerships that do not know where their partners work, including their colleagues. Perhaps, they need to be asked, but he provides a vague response. This can be a window to a way bigger problem – deception.

Guys who are trustworthy are going to be detailed when talking about their family, friends, and work. They do not mind if you would like to satisfy these people or visit their office because they need nothing to cover.


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