Curious case of tinder, dogs and right swipe

 Curious case of tinder , dogs and right swipe 


Pets are one of the best conversation starters for millennials on dating apps and their likes increase when they upload a picture with their pup 
Did you recognize that each one in ten pictures on Tinder features a dog? A Tinder survey says that ‘likes’ have a chance of increasing by five per cent once you upload an image of yourself together with your pup. Any e-dater would know that good profile pictures are what matters to the guts. Proving that love has a dog within the race, the study suggests that around forty-five per cent of users claim to urge a way of someone’s personality by their pictures especially those with a man’s ally.
Dogs provide great opening lines; their bark is worse than their love bites. Says Aahana Dhar, Director, Communications, Tinder India, “Who does not love animals! Our data shows that ‘dog lover’ is, in fact, one of the very best ten hottest passions for Gen Z in India. A photograph of a dog is a moment icebreaker and conversation starter. It shows your prospective match that you simply are a dog lover and much of individuals match supported this common interest that they share.”
The pattern seems universal. Honest Paws, a United States Of America-based online pet store, recently surveyed six hundred singles using dating apps within the United States of America. The survey respondents indicated that they use Fido as wingmen to draw in others. Rosie Riya twenty-three years old, a Tinder member, says, “Every time that I see a profile picture with a dog my heart melts. There are instances where the match was cute, but the pup was cuter which was what drove me to Swipe Right in the first place. It is also the fact that somebody who is so affectionate and loving towards a pet has higher EQ. I too have a really cute pup and trust me, taking care of it is not easy.”
Ridhima, a graduate student of Delhi University, swears that seeing a mutt’s picture in a web dating profile gets her interest better. “Profiles with pet photographs cause you to trust the person a bit more. It also gives the impression that the guy features a softer side.”
Dogs are date magnets, the Tinder survey reinforces. Consistent with the OkCupid dating app, eighty-one per cent of millennials would consider dating someone who rescues strays and brings them home. Pets are one of the simplest conversation starters for thirty-one per cent of millennials. And fifty-three per cent of users feel those pet owners who ‘baby-talk to their pets are endearing.
“Potential matches who have dogs are usually warm, confident, outgoing, and responsible all desirable traits during a person. If you are just trying to find someone to hold out with or hoping to satisfy your ultimate match, having a dog might be an honest sign of compatibility,” says Marina, an OkCupid user. The dating app has found that while men and ladies disagree on many topics, most people can see eye to eye on dogs.
Sitara Menon, Senior Marketing Manager, OkCupid, says, “Millennials wear many hats and ‘pet parents’ are high on the list. During the widespread especially, they spent longer indoors with their pets, bringing them closer emotionally. Profiles with pictures with pets cats or dogs are presumably to urge more matches.”
So much so that thirty-nine per cent of users confessed to borrowing a friend’s pooch to be photographed. However, in light of the above revelation, it is probably not surprising that dog-napping even temporarily could backfire. Of these who admitted to posing with a friend’s dog, fifty-three per cent reported that their dates were “very upset” to find out that they were lying.
Bottom line: Dogs can make your dates ‘paws’ in mid-swipe.

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