'Don't think about the 37-year age gap,' says a couple who married after meeting on Tinder

 'Don't think about the 37-year age gap,' says a couple who married after meeting on Tinder

'Don't think about the 37-year age gap,' says a couple who married after meeting on Tinder ichhori.com

After being married in 2019, a lesbian couple who are 37 years apart stated they don't think about their almost four-decade age gap. Julia Sellge Monteiro, a 26-year-old YouTuber and singer-songwriter, married Eileen de Freest, 63, in 2019 and broadcasted their wedding on Julia's channel. According to MyLondon, the couple lives together in Chelsea, west London.

Julia (also known online as Julia Zelg), a native of Sao Paulo, now has over 250,000 followers on Instagram and her videos have been viewed by over 40 million people.

In addition to working as a singer-songwriter, she is productive, posting new content twice a week. Eileen, a New Jersey native, is now retired.

She has her own YouTube channel, but due to popular demand, the couple has opted to collaborate more on Julia's account.

They review one other's attire, record their journeys together, and, most importantly, share the intimate details of their relationship with their fans, from the big moments (their wedding) to the minor ones (their morning routine).

"Lesbian Age Gap Couple" is the tag for the videos.

"I believe we're just happy that we've had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fall in love and that our ages haven't hampered us," Eileen adds.

"What comes over [in our videos] is that we're two individuals who really love each other, not that we're two people who are different in age."

They go on to say that they are at a point in their relationship where they don't even consider the age gap.

"We're so used to it that we don't even notice," Julia explains.

"However, there are a few differences, such as the fact that I will not be taking Eileen trekking. And she is well-versed in a variety of musical styles and eras."

"We're fortunate to have met somewhere in this magical midway," Eileen says.

She admits that there are "clear disparities," such as cultural frames of reference.

Eileen may have the advantage of experience, but she claims that their relationship has pushed her feminism to become more intersectional and challenged her views on gender.

"I learned stuff from [Julia] that I didn't know before," she says.

They claim that their pals are a diverse group of ages, with some closer to Eileen, some to Julia, and plenty in between.

"We've never had any problems in public," she continues, "though people sometimes stare a little bit, but it could be our hair."

On Tinder, it was Eileen who made the first move, swiping right and starting a "intense" message exchange with Julia before finally asking her out on a date. "We were scheduled to go out for dinner, but Eileen's knee was bothering her, so she asked if I wanted to come over to her apartment," Julia explains.

Instead, they settled for pizza and a glass of wine. Julia explains: "We hit it off right away. We had an instant connection... Eileen made me feel completely at ease."

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