How to cure headache naturally?

 How to cure headache naturally?

Are you experiencing a headache and don’t know what to do in order to stop it? Well, we do have some home remedies up our sleeves for you all to try and shoo away your headaches. But before we get to know about all these home remedies to cure headache, let us know what exactly headache is scientifically and what can cause a headache?

How to cure headache naturally?

Headache – Headache is one of the most common conditions that we all might have experienced in our lives, sometime or other. Headache is the condition where one might experience pain in the face or head. This pain can be different for different people, some may experience a throbbing pain, while for some it may be a constant and sharp pain but for some it may constant and dull pain. 

And one important fact about headaches that not many know headaches is that, there are 150 different types of headaches and each person might experience a different kind of a headache depending upon the situation and their body types. Although some of the common types of headaches are: Tension headaches, Migraine headaches, Cluster Headaches, Sinus headaches, Ice pick headaches, Rebound headaches, and many more.  

And now that we know what exactly headache is let’s see, what are the causes that can lead one to have headaches?

  • Constant use of phones, laptops, computers and TVs. Continuously using these devices can affect your eyes, which in turn becomes dry thus causing headache.
  • Incorrect prescription of eye glasses or usage of wrong eye glasses. If you wear specs then make sure to wear the correct ones as usage of the wrong ones can cause you to have headaches.
  • No usage of eye glasses, it is seen in many cases that people often who are recommended to use specs for a better vision, fail to do so, thus causing them to experience headaches as it puts strain on your delicate eyes. 
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Tight head wears or loud noises can also cause you headaches.
  • Dehydration – Yes you heard that correct! Dehydration can also cause you to have headaches. 
  • Excessive stress and anxiety.
  • Diseases like Migraine, Sinus, etc. can also cause you to have headaches. 

Now without much delay, let’s have a quick look at how can we cure headache normally or at home, what are the remedies that prove effective when it comes to curing headache without visiting the doctor and gulping down some Crocins or Paracetamols. 

  • Hydrate yourself – Dehydration can cause you to have headaches, thus when you start feeling the pain, make sure to have plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Use essential oils – Essential Oils seems to have many therapeutic benefits and help out to release stress and relax. And when it comes to headaches, peppermint and lavender oils seem to be very helpful. When using peppermint oil, apply it on your temples and massage it, while for lavender oil, apply it on the upper lip and inhale it. But if these aromas seem to be too strong for you then, you can use it while taking steam as well. 
  • B – Complex Vitamin – If you seem to have frequent headaches or have migraine, then one of the reasons why you could be having migraine or frequent headaches is because of Vitamin B deficiency. Thus, you can try taking a complete course of B - Complex Vitamin as they prove have all the B Vitamins in them and help reduce the frequency of headaches.
  • Use a cold compress to soothe your pain – Using a frozen or cold compress may prove to be an immediate relief to your headache, as applying cold compress on your neck and forehead will reduce the inflammation, slowdown nerve conduction and constrict blood vessels. While using a cold compress make sure to wrap it in a soft towel and then apply it on your neck and forehead. 
  • Drink Tea or Coffee – Consuming drinks that have caffeine in them like Tea or Coffee, proves to be a helpful remedy for your headache. When you take drinks with Caffeine, it improves mood, increases alertness, and constricts blood vessels that helps reduce the symptoms of headache or the headache itself. 
  • Relax yourself with Yoga - As we all know that yoga has some excellent benefits and keeps you healthy. Doing yoga relieves stress and increases flexibility which in return reduces pain. According to a study, doing yoga regularly decreases the frequency and intensity of headaches and this seems to a very helpful method for those who are suffering from migraine. 
  • Ginger Tea – Ginger Tea seems to have a lot of health benefits attached to it. Sipping on some Ginger Tea can help you with the headache as ginger roots contain antioxidants and anti – inflammatory substances that help reduce the pain. Ginger Tea also helps you with symptoms of headache like nausea, vomiting, sneezing, and so on. Thus, Ginger Tea proves to be an all-rounder. 
  • Do some exercise – Exercising seems to be one of the best ways to reduce headache or get rid of them. Engaging yourself in some kind of physical activity regularly reduces the frequency and severity of the headaches. There are various methods to increase your activity level as it may be difficult to work out for more than 15 minutes on day one but the simplest step to increase your activity level is to increase your daily step counts.
  • Take some steam – Taking some steam will help you with your headache instantly, as it clears away all the nose blockages and helps your muscles relax, which in turn reduces your headache. It also reduces your cold if you have a headache as a side effect of being affected with the cold.
  • Try some herbs – We already saw that essential oils prove to be effective in treating headaches, similarly herbs like feverfew and butterbur are very helpful in treating headaches. Feverfew has some inflammatory properties that help reduce the pain. 

These are some of the top and best remedies that you can try out at home when experiencing a headache, but like I already said it that not everyone’s body is same, thus what might work out for one might not do for you. Thus, if you not happen to get any relief even after trying these remedies make sure to get some medicines like pain killers or paracetamols, that will help reduce the pain and one of the best way is to sleep it out. There is nothing better than sleeping when it comes to headaches, as sleeping helps your brain, muscles, nerves and eyes relax and the thus reduces the pain.

Although make sure that if the pain doesn’t subsides or you happen to experience such pains frequently then get yourself checked up. You might have eye sight problems or have migraine or sinus or many such diseases or problems that is leading you to experience frequent headaches. And one of the best way to keep yourself in check is to follow a healthy lifestyle, have a balanced diet and have a proper, adequate and good sleep. And this itself may prove as one of the remedies to cure your headache naturally.

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